Rotary Friendship Exchanges are when Rotarians get to travel to each others country and visit.   It is purely for fun and friendship.  As outlined on the below link, a group travels to their Rotary district, and then later a group comes to our district. A  fantastic way to travel the world and make friends with people you have something in common with: Rotary!

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The  countries we are working with include:

  • Poland District 2230 in August 2012 and hosting in July 2012
  • England (Eastern Midlands) District 1220 in October 2012 and hosting September 2012.
  • Sweden – in Summer/Fall 2012 and hosting in 2013 provided there is enough support and interest

Complete details are here:

Rotary Friendship Exchange

We are working on TWO types of exchanges... one with Rotarians kids included.... and the regular "no kids" friendship exchange.  

Rotary Friendship Exchanges can be a fun, inexpensive way to travel and make new friends.   Visit the web site above - then contact the organizers and get on board.