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wh-4p-ol-rgb - small Edson Rotary Campground 2017


August 3-7, 2017


The Rotary Club of Edson is pleased to operate the campground next to the Kinsmen ball diamond park.
All proceeds will be used on community and international aid projects.

Check-In is 12 noon on Thursday.

Check-out is 12 noon on Monday.


This year we are using an online registration and PayPal payment system for your security and peace of mind.
Online registration is open until midnight on July 31.




Every camper must sign this Waiver Form before entering the campground.
To speed up check-in, please have everyone in your vehicle sign a copy of the waiver.
Please do not fax or email your waiver to us, you need hand it to us as you cross the gate, thanks. 

Absolutely no refunds!

Same as Last Year

  • Online registration and Paypal payments system.
  • Every vehicle entering the campground must have a vehicle tag.
  • Any visible recyclable in your campsite will be collected by volunteers during the day. If you want to keep your empties, cover them with a tarp or put them inside tent/RV/vehicle. Collecting recyclables outside your own campsite is strictly prohibited.
  • Hot showers

Campground Rules

  • Fires are PROHIBITED
  • Pets are PROHIBITED
  • Glass bottles are PROHIBITED
  • No Fireworks or explosives
  • No Chainsaws
  • No ATV's, Dirt Bikes or other Off Road Vehicles
  • No Water cannons or pools (Eg: Water Balloons, supersoakers etc.)
  • No Children's pools, hot tubs, pools etc.
  • No Liquid fire starters (Gasoline, Diesel, Butane etc.)
  • No Tipping over of portable toilets: The person responsible for committing this offense will be fined $100 and the team will be fined $100 also.
  • Parents or legal guardians must accompany their children to their games;children cannot be left unsupervised.
  • No vehicle traffic allowed within or into the campsite beween 11pm and 6am.
  • Fires must be within the firepits supplied and cannot be left unattended.
  • Please keep music volume reasonable.
  • Please buy beverages in cans or plastic bottles. Glass bottles are prohibited.
  • Please respect other campers. Disaggreements will be handled by the RCMP
  • Campers must remain within the area with mowed grass. Do not go into the forested areas.
  • Campgound staff has final say in security matters. Anyone disobeying campground staff will be evicted without refund.

Terms & Conditions

Rates are posted. Charges are for the use of the assigned site and campground facilities only. The site is for vacation purposes only. The Campground assumes NO responsibility thought loss of fire, theft, collision or otherwise to the trailer or car or their contents, whether due to negligence or otherwise. Use of the Campground and equipment yourself, your family and your guests is solely at your own risk and are subject to the Campground Rules, receipt of a true copy which is hereby acknowledged. The Campground, its employees,servants, or agents shall be saved harmless from any claims whether in contract or my tort, by or on behalf of all those admitted to the Campground pursuantor because of this agreement. In addition, the set charges, any taxes levied on the trailer, any ancillary structures or the rates charged shall be paid onregistration or as may be otherwise required. The signatory, represents and warrants that he/she is responsible for and signing on behalf or his/her family, party, guests and any other persons accessing the campground with his/herpermission or knowledge. Any violation of this agreement, the determination of which shall be  in the sole discretion of the campground operator shall result in termination of this agreement. Upon termination, the camper, his/her family and guests shall be deemed to be trespassers, under the Trespass to property Act and the operator is hereby appointed their respective agent for disconnecting services and removal of their trailer, structures and equipment.


 Click here for the Campground Map.

Campsite Assignments

Click TBA for the site assigned to your team. 

Our Sponsors

The Rotary Club of Edson greatly appreciates the tremendous help from these companies.