(The following narrative is a continuation of a series of how a member was introduced to Rotary and subsequent memories. If you would like Rotary to be part of your life's story, please contact Alison Proctor at alisonproctor@gmail.com.)  


Diana Schroeder

Joined Rotary October 2, 2019

June, 2022


Community service work was a fabric of my personal life for many years prior to my ever hearing much about Rotary. I worked for 10 years as the San Mateo County jail case manager. Subsequently, I was trained at Jobtrain to be a medical assistant and stayed with them for another 6 years before retiring.

My husband Jeff and I joined Foster City Rotary in October of 2019. A friend, who had been a Rotarian previously, had recommended us. Since we were both retired and wished to continue helping others in need as we had done throughout our careers, it was a natural fit. We were welcomed with open arms as Joyce Cave and Andrea Pond immediately sponsored us.

A few months later Mary Lou Griffin asked if I would like to train for club secretary by Jim Goell, the current secretary at the time. I was then subsequently asked to join the Health & Aging Education day fundraiser by Patricia Player Maxwell which I also excepted.

Our first fundraiser we attended was the Pancake Breakfast followed soon by the annual raffle which we found both fun and engaging. In June of 2020, my husband passed away. Everyone at Rotary was there for me daily with care and concern. As I learned, not only do we help and support those in need outside of Rotary, but we are there to help our club members too.

When Covid hit, things halted, but we found ways to continue to do what we do best in a modified way, serving others. We delivered meals to seniors in their homes, our Ribfest was a drive up only and the latest example was flag planting at the Golden Gate Cemetery for Memorial Day.

Along the way, I started to taking pictures on my own at meetings and events just for fun. I began posting them on our social media sites and website. It turned out to be something I really enjoy doing. The only challenge is trying to get everyone together as a group at the same time for photos. Technically, getting Zoom pictures can also be a challenge for clarity in publishing. 

Speaking from the perspective as a relatively new member, I would like to see more projects done with youth. Possibly the club could consider a few meetings at night or maybe a meeting once a month on a weekend to accommodate younger members. Guests could have more ample opportunities to join us for a few meetings to see what we do and what we are about, They could be invited for one of our many volunteer opportunities to see how we work together and why we do what Rotarians do.

As my time as a Rotarian continues for years to come, there are many more things I would like to do and continue to help others in any way I can. Examples would be traveling to other countries, installing playgrounds, raising funds to help support those in need such as seniors, students, and disaster relief.

We are a service club, but we are very social and like family as we provide service above self.