Speaker Date Topic
Mark Thomas, PhD-University of Minnesota, Nov 25, 2019
Treatment options for those struggling with addiction

Director of the Medical Discovery Team on Addiction at the University of Minnesota. He leads a new research program funded by the state legislature to fuel cross-disciplinary collaborations and discover new treatment options for those struggling with addiction. Specifically, his research examines how addictive drugs alter the brain and how these changes can lead to compulsive drug use. His lab is now focusing on ways to disrupt addiction relapse through unique treatment methods made possible at the University of Minnesota. His ultimate aim is to curb addiction where it starts - in the brain. At his presentation, he will discuss the unique research being conducted in our own backyard at the University of Minnesota, along with the potential implications of addiction treatments for our society. He will also discuss the reasons why Minnesota is the perfect place for this research to occur, as yet another example that the University of Minnesota brings tremendous value and pride to our community.