Tanaznia Medical Reference Books 2008

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Before this project, the Ndologe Nursing School in Bukoba, Tanzania, had outdated medical textbooks for its students and was also unable to provide its graduates with up-to-date medical reference books that they could refer to while working in their careers in the field after graduation.

The Ndolage Nursing School had about 52 students for the 2008 school year. All of their students have passed the qualifying exams of the school for the last five years. The graduates fill nursing positions at two hospitals, one health care center, ten dispensaries, and one town clinic.

The Ndolage Nursing School describes their mission as follows:

“ to establish a conducive and sustainable training environment that allows students and graduates to perform competently at their relevant levels and aspire for attainment of higher knowledge, skills and attitudes in promoting health, preventing diseases and caring for sick as well as rehabilitating the debilitated individuals in all settings”.