Honduras Pharmaceuticals 2001

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Matching Grant

Burnsville Rotary Club


District # 5950

Rotary International


For International Health Service





The Matching Grant # 15784, for $16,000 from Rotary International, Burnsville Rotary Club, and the Rotary Club of La Cieba, Honduras Central America was given, to the International Health Service of Minnesota for their pharmaceuticals to the people of Honduras in February 2001 for their medical mission.

International Health Services of Minnesota’s numbers for February 2001: saw over 12,000 patients, did over 280 surgeries, had over 50,000 patient contacts. The Matching Grant from Rotary helped make the medical mission a success.

The Burnsville Rotary club helped sort and load the supplies and equipment, which was three, forty foot containers with over 60,000 pounds. The Rotary of La Cieba Honduras helped by unloading the same three containers and also helped in housing some of the volunteers that came to Honduras in February 2001. Lawrence Krakowski who is in the Burnsville Rotary Club helps more by being the Director of Engineering for International Health Service.