Wally Ulrich was our guest speaker for our December 10 meeting.  He got an early start in Wyoming geology as his dad was the "inventor" of marketing Wyoming's fossil fish embedded in natural stone as an art object.  Long involved in Wyoming's endowments, he emphasized that we are a "major bull's eye for energy," producing 34 to 38% of our nation's energy!  He had the big Wyoming State Geological maps posted and showed us where oil, gas, coal, uranium, wind and even CO2 is mined and utlized.  Our members were very impressed with the program and had excellent questions for him.

Our election of officers was presented:  by acclimation, Sadek Darwiche was elected as president elect nominee (2015-16), Scott Daily secretary, Jim Green treasurer, Natalie Jones to take over the board seat of John Farrell, and Kris Allison as the new board member beginning in July.  Also, Nyles Ellefson was elected to the Charitable Board effective Jan. 1st.  In other news, Paul and Laurance delivered 47 turkeys for Thanksgiving!  Bell ringers continue to work on weekends through Christmas!