Many members and guests filed into the balloon-filled Jackson Room at The Wort Hotel on Tuesday, February 24 to honor the achievements and fun of the last ten years of the Club.  Manager Jim Waldrop and Lauren Armatis of the hotel greeted us at the beginning of our meeting with a bouquet of yellow roses and related the importance of Rotary to The Wort Hotel.  The Supper Club has met at The Wort all 10 years since Jim's first year as manager.  They gathered around the special Rotary cake to assist our first and current president, Rod Everett and Tote Turner, to blow out the candles.  Tote welcomed the guests and former members and offered each of them the microphone for a few short words for the occasion.  Scott Daily conducted a fun and informative quiz about our club and Rotary in general.  Then each president was given a chance to address their year and memories with the assistance of photos put together by Helen.  Even though three presidents were absent (Paul, Patti and Jim W.), Helen's photos and narrative filled in for their years.  Our Club has accomplished a lot over the 10 years and Helen's photos were mostly about the FUN TIMES we have had over the years.