RYLA camp & club presentation

Helen Bishop picked up the three RYLA campers and we drove south through the very crowded roads of Yellowstone Park.  We stopped at Mammoth Hot Springs for a break and went on south eventually to Jackson.  The girls napped off and on after a very busy camping experience.  Later in August, the girls shared their individual experiences to the Rotary members and their families.  We were very proud that they each had a wonderful experience.
RYLA camp & club presentation Helen Bishop 2021-07-18 06:00:00Z 0

RYLA campers at camp

On July 15, our three chosen high school members arrived at the Montana RYLA camp south of Livingston, MT.  It was a long ride, but club members Helen Bishop and Scott Daily were proud to be able for the girls to experience the leadership immersion program at the beautiful camp.  The girls are from the Latina Leadership club which we used to choose the girls as we were unable to enter the high school.  Jherli Montiel-Huerta, Yeraldy Gonzalez and Nicole Checker.
RYLA campers at camp Helen M Bishop 2021-07-14 06:00:00Z 0

Rotary Year End Picnic

Club members and guests gathered at the home of Rich and Ellen Tambor to socialize and mark the end of the Rotary year 2020-2021,
Rotary Year End Picnic Helen Bishop 2021-06-26 06:00:00Z 0

Outgoing President

Outgoing Zach and Amanda Padilla receiving their Paul Harris fellowship pins.
Outgoing President Helen M Bishop 2021-05-25 06:00:00Z 0

Turning Point with Carolyn Warziniack

Carolyn Warziniack, the Director of Turning Point, spoke to the club at our in-person meeting March 30,2021.  Turning Point is a local non-profit that was begun in Jackson 7 years ago.  It advises persons on pregnancy education, having had 242 visits, and recently has become a resource for hopeful pregnancy. Carolyn feels her experience of writing a Rotary grant for a milk bank got her interested in this position. It has a board of directors of five and a staff of volunteers.  The services are free, confidential and are supported through fundraisers such as the upcoming one on Monday.  TP offers free ultrasound for women, and the word is out as "customers" are coming from around western Wyoming and even Idaho.  
Turning Point with Carolyn Warziniack Helen Bishop 2021-03-31 06:00:00Z 0

Jim Rooks City Councilman 

Our newest City Councilman, Jim Rooks, gave a lively talk to our in-person and a few Zoom Rotary attendees on March 9.  He is proud of the historical legacy his family has to Jackson, going back several generations.  Both his father and grandfather were Rotarians!  He spoke of his 25 years of school teacher and administrator background.  He is saddened of the degradation of our democratic values.  On the council level, he was successful for pushing for the return of the snowmobile Hill Climb at the end of the month.  He can be reached at wyojrooks.gmail.com.
Jim Rooks City Councilman Helen Bishop 2021-03-09 07:00:00Z 0

Check Presentation to Latina Group

The Club presented a check for $1,800 to the Latina Leadership Middle School Group at our in-person meeting March 2.  Accepting the check was Piper Worthington, advisor of the High School Latina group, as the Middle School teacher advisors, Jessica Davidson-Lynch and Carli Lyon, were in parent/teacher meetings that evening.  The funds will be used for the rest of the school year to finance their monthly dinner meetings and community outreach projects.  The teachers have been personally financing the clubs to date.  We discussed our commitment with Piper to fund two of her sophomore girls to attend the RYLA camp in Montana this July.  Helen Bishop, treasurer of our Charitable Association of the club and champion of the RYLA program, presented the check.
Check Presentation to Latina Group Helen Bishop 2021-03-03 07:00:00Z 0

Trevor Bloom with Nature Conservancy

Our Feb. 23, 2021 meeting was by Zoom with Trevor Bloom, a local area botanist.  He works full time with the local Nature Conservancy organization, but also advises Guides of Jackson Hole, No. Rockies Conservation Cooperative and the Teton Botanical Center.  Newly all of our members watched by Zoom with his picture and video presentation featuring such subjects as:  the 25% receding of our Northern Glacier, the "Phenology Project" of seasonal timing of plants, the wildflower watch on Blacktail Butte, the impact of humans and wildlife together along Cache Creek, the study of cheat grass left untreated in the fire area above the National Museum of Wildlife Art.  He pointed out that volunteers are always welcome to work on local nature projects!
Trevor Bloom with Nature Conservancy Helen Bishop 2021-02-24 07:00:00Z 0

We met IN PERSON Feb 9

Most of our club members showed up for our first in-person meeting February 9 at The Wort Hotel last night! We were able to catch up on our stories and visit with each other over our meals just like the good-old-days!  Then our program was presented by our tech guru, Scott Daily, who taught members how to log onto and navigate both our Club Runner site and Rotary International too.  He urged members to add additional information to your club site.  He can always be reached for help.
We met IN PERSON Feb 9 Helen Bishop 2021-02-10 07:00:00Z 0

History of Navy Zoom

Last night (Jan. 26, 2021) we had a very interesting speaker by Zoom:  Chip White, who lives in Star Valley, shared his very informative history of the US Navy.  He had a very extensive slide presentation with his comments.  This was a program that worked well on Zoom as all of the members that logged in agreed!
History of Navy Zoom Helen Bishop 2021-01-26 07:00:00Z 0

Dictionary Distribution 2020

The Club has received 240 Webster Dictionary/Thesaurus books for all Teton County third grade students and teachers.  New this year, part of the shipment includes an English/Spanish version for the five classes at Munger Mountain School...a dual immersion school.  The students requested this version at our visits last year.  [Oct. 26, 2020]
Dictionary Distribution 2020 Helen Bishop 2020-10-26 06:00:00Z 0

Our first Zoom meeting

On March 24, we held our first Zoom meeting to comply with social distancing.  Nearly all members were able to get online to participate and see each other on the screens.  Our guest speaker, Jonathan Schechter of the Jackson Town Council, participated and gave his "program" to update us on the steps the town is taking in these trying times.  Board meetings are being conducted by Zoom also.
Our first Zoom meeting Helen Bishop 2020-04-01 06:00:00Z 0

A Valentine Project

  The Jackson Hole Rotary Supper Club recently completed enhancing 15 blankets that were shipped from the "My Very Own Blanket" project office in Westerville, Ohio.This program has been warming hearts of every child in the foster care system by providing blankets.  We ordered the material in January.  A valentine dinner program on February 11 was the perfect time to have members complete the cutting and tying knots on the charming and colorful fleece cloths, especially with the tag that says "A special gift of LOVE make just for YOU!"  Even though we live in the wealthiest county in the country (Teton County), we have two foster children here and the Family Service office also oversees foster children in two nearby counties!
A Valentine Project Helen Bishop 2020-02-11 07:00:00Z 0

Dictionary Distributions

Posted on Nov 19, 2019
For the thirteenth year in a row, our Club continues to distributed dictionaries to all third graders in the Teton County School district.  On November 18, 58 books were given to three classes at Colter Elementary in Jackson.  And immediately following that morning, 31 more students received them at Davey Jackson Elementary.  The next two days, three more schools were reached, including 98 at Munger Elementary.  Over the years, the club has spent $10,000 on this literacy project.
Dictionary Distributions Helen Bishop 2019-11-19 07:00:00Z 0

August 21st Party at Tambors'

Posted by Helen Bishop
We gathered on a perfect summer day in and outside the home of Ellen Wilson and Rich Tambor for a social/recruiting dinner.  Rich cooked hamburgers, beef and Dave's  bison too.  Everyone brought delicious side dishes and we enjoyed the time to visit and meet friends that were invited too.  Thank you, Rich and Ellen, for your hospitality.
August 21st Party at Tambors' Helen Bishop 2018-08-27 06:00:00Z 0

Doug's Outgoing President Party

Posted by Helen Bishop
Thank you, Doug Schultz, for throwing a party for all club members and guests to celebrate your final meeting.  With the help of your wife Debbie and your parents, your backyard and perfect weather made for a memorable time to celebrate your year!   [Click on "read more" to see the photos.]
Doug's Outgoing President Party Helen Bishop 2018-06-30 06:00:00Z 0
The Hole Bowl FUN! Helen Bishop 2018-05-26 06:00:00Z 0

Welcome to our newest member!

Posted on May 09, 2018
Last night we officially welcomed our newest member, Cynthia Bardman, into the Club.  Cynthia has been attending the meetings and is getting to know the members.  She has been working out of her Jackson office as an environmental program manager with a country wide company.  She loves to bike, especially with one or more of her three daughters!
Welcome to our newest member! Helen Bishop 2018-05-09 06:00:00Z 0

Dictionary Project Complete!!

Posted by Helen Bishop on Feb 15, 2018
As of today, club members have distributed 260 dictionaries to ALL third graders in Teton County.  Over the course of a week, the Supper Club Rotarians visited Alta, Colter, Davy Jackson, Kelly, Moran, and Wilson elementary schools and spoke to the students about Rotary and passed out the dictionary/thesaraus books to smiling faces!  Literacy is one of the five areas of focus for Rotary International.
Dictionary Project Complete!! Helen Bishop 2018-02-15 07:00:00Z 0

Honoring Our Veterans Support

Posted by Helen Bishop on Feb 14, 2018
Honoring Our Veterans received the bulk of our recent fundraising efforts last night.  President Doug Schultz was proud to show off the $21,000  check along with the Charitable Association Board members Harriet Minczeski, Helen Bishop, and Patti Green (l. to r.).  Accepting the check is Executive Director of HOV Sandy Sandberg, accompanied by her husband Forest.  These funds will assist the organization to once again bring wounded post 9/11 veterans to our special valley to participate in healing group activities such as photography sessions or fly fishing.
Honoring Our Veterans Support Helen Bishop 2018-02-14 07:00:00Z 0

New Member Dave Mosher

Posted by Helen Bishop on Nov 29, 2017
Last night we welcomed a new member into the Club.  Dave Mosher moved here from Vail four months ago to become the branch manager of Meridian Trust.  He was a member of the Vail Rotary Club, so he was a transfer.  After visiting the club for many weeks, we welcomed him happily.  He immediately took the club service job of organizing the 3rd Grade Dictionary distribution!  Standing in for President Doug, Helen Bishop had fun with the installation, and with the help of Katy Klotz, Katy posted the requirements of being a Rotarian on his shirt.  "Adult" "Character" "Reputation" etc.  The Reputation sticker fell to the floor, but the Club accepted him despite his falling Reputation!
New Member Dave Mosher Helen Bishop 2017-11-29 07:00:00Z 0

Teton County Search and Rescue Overview

Posted by Helen Bishop on Mar 15, 2017
Last night club members were treated to an intimate discussion with an overview of our local life saving group of volunteers saving lives in our mountain environment.  Stephanie Thomas is the executive director of the Foundation and is proud of the fact that 40 volunteers, trained in all aspects of search and rescue, are on call to help. There is a waiting list of usually 80-100 wanting to join!  Nicole Ludwig described her skills as the helicopter pilot working with the rescue teams below hooking the 100' rope to the victim.  Last year they did 90 rescues and put in  6,000 hours of team work.  Sheriff Jim Whalen came as a guest to the program and serves on the JHS&R Foundation Board. 
Pictured here l. to r. are Jim, Stephanie and Nicole.
Teton County Search and Rescue Overview Helen Bishop 2017-03-15 06:00:00Z 0

Dr. Jamie Monroe, Eye Procedures

Posted by Helen Bishop on May 10, 2016
Our guest speaker May 10 was Dr. Jamie M. Monroe of the Cataract & Lasik Center of Utah, who routinely comes to Jackson to assist Dr. Ramsey's office with specialized procedures.  With visual pictures on our large screen, she was able to review many eye topics such as a Diagonosis of Refractive Error, Ocular Maturity, Astigmatism and Lasik surgery.  We were intrigues with learning about a new KAMRA inlay for prestoyopia.  Needless to say, this topic brought many questions from those of us lucky to be at this meeting!   Click on "Read More" to see her photo.
Dr. Jamie Monroe, Eye Procedures Helen Bishop 2016-05-10 06:00:00Z 0

To the South Pole with Aaron Linsdau

Aaron Linsdau, a local Jackson resident when he's here!, amazed our Club members with his experience of skiing to the South Pole in 2012.  He is the second only American to ski from the coast of Antarctica to the pole ALONE, 720 miles, 330 lbs. of supplies, to an elevation of 9300'.  Many details were shared such as the food he ate (6,000 calories a day!), temperatures from 15 to 55 degrees below with wind chills to minus 100F.  Needless to say, we were enthralled and now see why he is a motivational speaker.  Aaron is training for more adventures in Alaska and possibly the North Pole.  (Click on "Read More" to see his picture at the South Pole!)
To the South Pole with Aaron Linsdau Helen Bishop 2016-05-03 06:00:00Z 0

Finding a Cure, Right Here in Jackson

Posted by Helen Bishop on Apr 16, 2016
Our April 12 meeting was presented by Sandra Banack, PhD, of the Institute for Ethno Medicine in Jackson.  We were enthralled with the research she has pursued for 10 years working on a cure for Alzheimer's, Lou Gerig's  and Parkinsons diseases.  The local team works with 50 scientists worldwide who gather annually in our town. A fascinating program which explained the causes and a new drug they are testing on humans now!
Finding a Cure, Right Here in Jackson Helen Bishop 2016-04-16 06:00:00Z 0

Wine Tasting and Silent Auction

Club members will be in the big white tent by the Jackson Town Square Sunday, September 13, pouring wine and promoting our many silent auction items for our annual fund raiser.  The Taste of the Tetons is in the Square, so grab a bite to eat and come on over to buy a glass of wine and sample a host of wines provided by our generous donors.  We will have many auction items, some thing for everyone.
Wine Tasting and Silent Auction Helen Bishop 2015-09-12 06:00:00Z 0

105 Years of PAWS in Jackson Hole

Posted on Jul 21, 2015
... 105 years in dog years, that is! PAWS just celebrated their 15th year of being advocates for our animal friends in Jackson Hole. Amy Romaine, Executive Director, and Bobbie Whelan, Program Director, shared with us the story of their organization They work with several other organizations in the valley to provide support for pets and their owners, from offering a spay and neuter program to advocacy for dog parks and other recreational opportunities for our furry friends.
PAWS was instrumental in working with the local animal shelters to become no-kill facilities,and to help the Animal Adoption Center get established. They also administer a fund for low-income pet-owners to have costly but necessary medical procedures performed on their pet, averaging 65 pets a year that are saved by getting the necessary help.
For more information on this local non-profit, visit http://pawsofjh.org.
105 Years of PAWS in Jackson Hole 2015-07-21 06:00:00Z 0

Helping Businesses and Non-Profits Get to the Next Level

Posted on Jul 14, 2015
Crista Valentino.CEO and Co-founder of Current LLC, spoke to the Club about her new business. Current provides services of all kinds geared towards improving how businesses and non-profits can improve their operations and hold events to further their goals and objectives. Founded in 2014, Current is located in Jackson and provides a wide range of services. For more information check out http://www.thinkcurrent.co.
Helping Businesses and Non-Profits Get to the Next Level 2015-07-14 06:00:00Z 0

Welcome, Bonnie!

Posted on Jul 07, 2015
PP Rod Everett welcomes our newest member into the Club! Bonnie Stalenski is the General Manager at the local Alberson's and we're very glad to have her in our Club.
Welcome, Bonnie!
Welcome, Bonnie! 2015-07-07 06:00:00Z 0

Digging in the Tetons!

Posted by Helen Bishop on May 01, 2015
Our April 28 meeting was "off-site" at the Mercil Archaeology Center, the 1945 log cabin on the corner of Glenwood and Mercil Avenues.  An initiative begun last year of the Jackson Historical Center, it is run by Matt Stirn and Rebecca Sgouros (soon to be Mr. & Mrs.!), both Directors of Research and Education.  This couple impressed us with their extensive international archaeology backgrounds, and they have already found 28 new archeological sites.  Our group was enthralled with how they have turned the cabin into a research discovery lab for visiting and resident students and adults in the valley.  Using the projector and monitor our Club donated last year, we learned of their ice patch discoveries on top of the Tetons and the lipid residue analysis applied to the findings.  It revealed that over 10,000 years ago, humans lived on large herbivores and plants at a very high altitude!
Digging in the Tetons! Helen Bishop 2015-05-01 06:00:00Z 0

Astronomy Club Presents

Posted by Helen Bishop on Apr 20, 2015
Mel Tucker, president of the Jackson Hole Astronomy Club, was welcomed and presented topics covering astronomy which he shares all summer with hundreds of tourists coming to the Grand Teton Park.  Most exciting is the total eclipse of the sun which will occur on August 21, 2017, right above our sky that late morning.  Other fascinating facts include the latest age of the universe as 13.793 billion years old, and the diameter of the observable universe is 93 billion light years.  Yikes! To date there are over 200 billion galaxies noted with the furthest one at 132 billion years old!  The 25 year old (this week) Hubble telescope will be joined by the James Webb telescope to be launched in October of 2018.  It will be 100 times BETTER than the Hubble.  Thanks, Mel, for the facts and visuals.  Helen and Dave Bishop will keep any members informed of upcoming special astronomy events in the valley.
Astronomy Club Presents Helen Bishop 2015-04-21 00:00:00Z 0

Dave Bishop's Sheep Hunt

Posted by Helen Bishop
Late Tuesday afternoon, April 14, our scheduled speaker had to cancel due to illness, and so permanent "guest" Rotarian, Dave Bishop, filled in with a power point presentation he had just given to his SCI club in Casper the previous week.  In August 2013 he ventured into the Yukon wilderness north of Whitehorse along the mountains of the Pelly and Yukon River valleys.  He hiked for days with a very young "guide" (only the second one of the 19 year-old's career) between valley floors at 4,000 feet to 7,000 feet, with the timberline at 4,800'.  He showed the club many photos of the wild trek, and the success of his single shot at 313 yards for his trophy sheep which now hangs in his home.  Thanks, Dave, for the unusual Rotary story!
Dave Bishop's Sheep Hunt Helen Bishop 2015-04-13 06:00:00Z 0

Club Assembly

Posted by Helen Bishop on Mar 30, 2015
For our March 33 meeting, President Tote Turner grouped the attending members into four topics:  Fellowship, Stewardship, Membership and Fund Raising.  Each group was asked to brain storm on ways the club could focus or improve in that area. The Fellowship group wanted more time for members to tell about themselves; or a basket of topics to tell something personal, more fun off-site activities among others.
The Membership group wanted to keep striving to gain members with the activities we have been doing.
The Stewardship group discussed money giving for benches, antler arches, public art and lap tops for school contests (math awards?).  Serving time included our Habitat build days, picking up trash, and Forest Service and/or Game and Fish projects.
The Fund Raising group was concerned with the shrinking membership passion for the Wine Tasting/Silent Auction event.  Younger members are needed to get items donated too.  We need a "hook" to show the community where the funds go to get more sponsorships.  If we do raffle sales, other groups could be included to share in the funds.
Club Assembly Helen Bishop 2015-03-31 00:00:00Z 0

FBI Special Agent Checks Us Out!

Posted by Helen Bishop on Mar 13, 2015
Club member Sylvia Pack arranged for a "special" speaker at our March 10th meeting:  Mike Rankin, Assistant Special Agent in the FBI came from Denver to tell us details of our country's largest investigative agency.  Mike grew up in Buffalo Gap, SD, but attended Wilson School two years and Sheridan High School. He graduated from U. Wyo., acquiring a BS in economics and law school.  He joined the FBI in 1991, serving in the SLC office until 2001 and went on to cover many high posts in other countries, including being 2nd in command in Baghdad, Iraq in 20007.  He is now in charge of the Colorado and Wyoming areas, which have 6 satellite offices in CO and 4 in WY.  We were all ears to learn that the FBI covers 300 laws with 35,000 employees, 14,000 agents with 56 divisions, including 80 agents in foreign countries.  He went on to relate the many areas the FBI covers:  Counter terrorism, counter intelligence, cyber crimes, public corruption, civil rights, white collar crime, bank robberies, extortions, kidnapping and organized crime.  With details covering these categories and answering our many questions...we sure enjoyed his talk and the special cake that Sylvia ordered for the meeting!  We also enjoyed several guests that came to hear the talk!
FBI Special Agent Checks Us Out! Helen Bishop 2015-03-14 00:00:00Z 0

10th Club Anniversary Celebration

Posted by Helen Bishop on Feb 26, 2015
Many members and guests filed into the balloon-filled Jackson Room at The Wort Hotel on Tuesday, February 24 to honor the achievements and fun of the last ten years of the Club.  Manager Jim Waldrop and Lauren Armatis of the hotel greeted us at the beginning of our meeting with a bouquet of yellow roses and related the importance of Rotary to The Wort Hotel.  The Supper Club has met at The Wort all 10 years since Jim's first year as manager.  They gathered around the special Rotary cake to assist our first and current president, Rod Everett and Tote Turner, to blow out the candles.  Tote welcomed the guests and former members and offered each of them the microphone for a few short words for the occasion.  Scott Daily conducted a fun and informative quiz about our club and Rotary in general.  Then each president was given a chance to address their year and memories with the assistance of photos put together by Helen.  Even though three presidents were absent (Paul, Patti and Jim W.), Helen's photos and narrative filled in for their years.  Our Club has accomplished a lot over the 10 years and Helen's photos were mostly about the FUN TIMES we have had over the years.
10th Club Anniversary Celebration Helen Bishop 2015-02-27 00:00:00Z 0

Club Birthday Party at Triangle X

Posted by Helen Bishop
Over half the Club members and a few spouses and guests made the drive up to Triangle X Ranch to celebrate on the official date of our Club birthday, February 23, 2005.  President Tote arranged the fun evening with his father and uncle, John and Harold Turner, at the ranch where Tote grew up.  Party goers enjoyed a nice social hour and then dined on a choice of Kobe beef or salmon en croute (or in some cases, both!),  A few speeches by the first two presidents, Rod Everett and Francis Warziniack, were enjoyed.  And our special guest, District Governor Elect Ken Small also enjoyed the invitation and gave us a special talk too.
Club Birthday Party at Triangle X Helen Bishop 2015-02-27 00:00:00Z 0

Bond Advice

Posted by Helen Bishop
Our Feb. 17 program featured David Elan and Lisa Millet informing us on their business:  Income Focus Portfolio Management.  Their talk centered on municipal bonds as a useful addition to an investment portfolio.  David has an MBA from Duke and experience at Goldman Sachs.  Lisa received her MBA from Wharton and we know her from presentations as a co-founder of Silicon Couloir.  A great tip David gave the club was how to research a bond by going on line to emma.msrb.org.  This is the "Electronic Municipal Market Access" site of the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board providing free public access to official disclosures, trade data and other information on municipal securities.  And he took us through a good example of the St. John's Hospital bond.
Other announcements:  we are invited to join the Noon Club for their annual SKI DAY on March 10.  Ski free, lunch for $20 which is to be collected on March 3.
Scott gave us a great pep talk to become members of the Paul Harris Society, which means you commit to donating $1,000 a year to the Rotary Foundation, or it works out to $83 a month.
Bond Advice Helen Bishop 2015-02-18 00:00:00Z 0

Conserving Energy

Posted by Helen Bishop on Feb 11, 2015
What an enlightening meeting!  And each member received a free LED light bulb!  Our speaker was Phil Cameron, Executive Director of the Energy Conservation Works--a non profit effort of the Town of Jackson, Teton County and Lower Valley Energy to pursue from every angle ways to conserve energy in our county.  Phil gave us a Power Point presentation on the many ways ECW is working with the three entities with a goal of winning the $5 million Georgetown Univ. Energy Prize!  We learned that Wyoming has a lower than average consumption of energy nationwide, but Teton Co. has a much higher than average consumption!  The ECW has residential and commercial loans to provide customers ways to immediately cut their energy such as window and insulation replacement. 
Conserving Energy Helen Bishop 2015-02-12 00:00:00Z 0

Rafting History in the "Hole"

Posted by Helen Bishop on Feb 05, 2015
History and river rafting buffs were treated to an extensive story of the Snake River from our speaker, Wayne Johnson, on Feb. 3.  He came to the area at the age of 19 and has been a river guide for 49 years!  (He also has been doing 5-day trips on the Salmon River.)  His wonderful photo presentation covered the "short" history of river navigation on the Snake River starting with the Lewis and Clark Expedition.  He related many of the early attempts in the 1800s and then showed the early bridges and sweep boat designs in the 1900s.  In 1955 the Jackson Lake Lodge opened and offered float trips with WWII surplus rafts.  He showed us his 1969 photo of his first guiding boat--no life jackets!  More photos of the evolution of the rafts and celebrity trips followed.  Many of our long-time area Rotarians were fascinated with his presentation...thank you Wayne!
Rafting History in the "Hole" Helen Bishop 2015-02-06 00:00:00Z 0

Practicing Safe Tech!

Posted by Helen Bishop
Club members were all ears listening to the advice of our guest speaker, Dr. Devra Davis, at our January 27 meeting.  As the founder of Environmental Health Trust, she has become an expert on the dangers of carrying wireless gear next to our bodies.  Wireless connections (in use or on standby) are radiation that is a possible cause of human cancer.  She presented her research in India last year and has made an impact on other countries of this danger.  She shared literature and postcards focusing on three concerns:  1.  Children can be profoundly affected by this radiation, impacting brain maturation and resulting in reproductive damage.  2.  Women, likewise, are being warned not to wear cell phones in their bras.  3.  Men should not store their cell phone in their front pocket, as reduced sperm count or ed have been related to this practice.  She showed iPhone users to go to "settings--general--about--and legal" which is way at the bottom and had us read the warnings on our phones!  For more about her and these warnings, go to her website EHtrust.org.  Thank you Dr. Davis for a very informative and memorable program!
[Support the Dog Sled race beginning Friday night, sponsored by the Breakfast Rotary Club!]
Practicing Safe Tech! Helen Bishop 2015-01-29 00:00:00Z 0

Rwanda-Center for the Secret of Peace

Posted by Helen Bishop
Our guest speakers Jan. 20 were Noon Club members Paul Vogelheim, Stuart Palmer and Mike Blazek.  They came to thank our Club for the support in the ongoing project started three years ago to create the facilities in a 78 acre setting on a lake in Rwanda.  The background for this "Center" comes from the genocide against the Tutsi ethnicity some 20 years ago.  Father Ubald Rugirangoga experienced this first hand, and over time came to a state of forgiveness and reconciliation.  He has begun an annual gathering whereby up to 20,000 gather from miles around in this peaceful setting to spend a day in peace.  Initial funding has created the sanitation/septic system for the gathering.  Paul shared his photos of the project and the next goal of broadening into a water system for $90,000.  Eventually structures will be built to create a learning center for training counselors to work with tribal "rulers" to in turn work with their society.  Stuart noted that Rwanda has raised their education levels from 8th to 12th grades in the last three years.  Father Ubald will be coming back to Jackson in March.  To learn more, go to frubald.com or search for The Center of the Secret of Peace.
Rwanda-Center for the Secret of Peace Helen Bishop 2015-01-22 00:00:00Z 0

New President of Hospital Foundation

Posted by Helen Bishop on Jan 13, 2015
Our guest speaker Jan. 13 was the new president of St. John's Hospital Foundation, John G. Goetller.  He comes with a background of a BA from Indiana Univ. and has been a foundation consultant at a firm founded by his father.  He was very excited to be selected and has brought his wife and three kids here.  He has become a member of the Noon Club.  The hospital Foundation was formed in 1999 to broaden the community's understanding of the hospital.  As the first president of the Foundation, he hopes to raise awareness of the needs of the hospital.  It operates on an $86 million budget and is the largest employer in the county.  He noted our ability to recruit and retain high quality providers, and provide exceptional nursing care.  The constraints are our small population base, remote location, seasonal peaks, and residents who go to major medical centers for care instead.  John then related the recent capital projects to the hospital and the long list of programs and services.  He plans to implement a "Grateful Patient Program" and raise $3 to 10 million a year!
New President of Hospital Foundation Helen Bishop 2015-01-14 00:00:00Z 0

Mountain Weather

Posted by Helen Bishop on Dec 02, 2014
Weather or not you were at the meeting last night, it was a great one!  Jim Woodmency, meteorlogist, gave us his background leading up to now as the creator of Mountain Weather Forecast.  "Woody" graduated from Montana State in 1982 with a degree in meteorology, one of the last ones given there.  He worked for government agencies in the West and then in 1991 in the heli ski business here.  And so began his sideline in mountain weather, going on the air in Jackson in 1993.  (His college professor said he had "a good face for radio!")  He created his website, mountainweather.com in 1997 and redesigned it in 2010.  He analyzes thousands of maps daily to analyze our unique geographic and topographic area.  His personality shone through as he told how he dealt with ski enthusiasts:  "we have a 50% chance of snow" or his new web site showing SNOW or NO SNOW!  His forecasting now includes different mountain states.  He write columns in the JHNG and JHWeekly, and he has developed a mountain weather forcasting course for the US Air Force!  What an impressive local speaker!  Thanks Woody!
Mountain Weather Helen Bishop 2014-12-03 00:00:00Z 0

Fire Management Today

Posted by Helen Bishop on Nov 18, 2014
     Before the program, Katy Klotz updated the members on the club Christmas Party set for Saturday, December 13.  From a choice of four main courses, members chose the beef and salmon selections, and were informed that the cost of the evening is $55.  She encouraged all to bring guests and invite Rotarians from other clubs! 
     Helen Bishop thanked members Norm Evarts, Rod Everett, Katy Klotz and Harriet Minczeski for helping her last Friday to prepare the dictionaries with labels and the letter to parents.  The main distribution is Wednesday, Nov. 19 to 199 third graders at Colter Elementary.  Other schools to follow soon.
     Then President Tote introduced the guest speakers:  Andy Norman, the fire and fuels specialist for the Bridger-Teton National forest, and mike Johnston, the north zone Fire Management Officer for the Forest.  With wonderful visual photos, Andy reviewed the history of fire fighting starting in 1880-90s when a lot of forest burned.  Snow King burned at the turn of the century!  As we all know, the early day fire approach was "put the fire out!"  And now, with many homes being built in sensitive forest area, we have a new challenge to manage a fire-dependent eco-system.  We must now look to fire-adapted communities and fuel reduction plans.
Fire Management Today Helen Bishop 2014-11-19 00:00:00Z 0

Veterans Day & the Mission

Posted by Helen Bishop on Nov 12, 2014
What an inspiring meeting!  Two of our veterans, Dave Bishop and Joe Schloss, held a big flag while we recited the Pledge.  Then they were joined by other veterans in the room.  The tables were decorated with red, white and blue plus many paper poppies.  Helen Bishop read the famous poem, "In Flanders Fields" which is over 99 years old, honoring fallen soldiers in WWI.  Following the program, most everyone gave a touching tribute to family members who had served for our country.  (Too bad the attendance was so low, it was moving.)
Greg Buckingham, the Board President of the Good Samaritan Mission, gave us an introduction and noted that there are four of our Rotarians serving on their board (Susie Palmer, Paul Perry, Carolyn Warziniack and Lynn Whalen).  Hunger and homelessness is real in Jackson Hole!  The mission has beds for 30 men and 5 women.  In a year they average 6,500 bed nights, 10,000 lbs. of food, and serve 12,500 meals.  Chuck Fidroeff, the Executive Director, then gave details and asked us to be advocates for the mission, as so many locals are not aware of its incredible programs.  Please check out their website to be an advocate:  goodsamaritanmission.us.
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More amazing Pitch Day stories

Posted on Nov 04, 2014
Two more great "pitch day" stories at a recent gathering of Silicon Couloir coming from the area entrepreneurs made up the program.  Megan Grassell, founder of Yellowberry bras for girls in their early teens, related the amazing story of her new business.  The 19-year-old last month was named by Time magazine as one of America's 25 most influential teens.  She was also featured on the "Today" program for her product line, which is a direct response to what she perceives as the over-sexualization of young girls by bra manufacturers.  She wants funding to hire an experienced CEO as well as a public relations firm to handle the marketing duties she has been doing herself since graduating from high school last spring.  She is putting off college for a year, having moved her production from the garage to an office in Wilson.
Matt Murdock presented his Alert Plus business, but since this author was gone elk hunting, she doesn't  know the facts of the presentation.
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Pitch Day Business Stories

Posted by Helen Bishop on Oct 28, 2014
What an interesting meeting:  Liza Millet, co-founder of the Start Up Institute, introduced two of the most compelling pitches of entrepreneurs in our Valley.  Carson Stanwood explained his new company, "Channel Signal," which is a social media reporting and analytics service.  He has been in a pr firm for 20 years and now has begun a company for major clients, such as Patagonia, SmartWool, The North Face, for which he analyzes social media reports.  This technique can be utilized for any client!  Then Todd Graus presented his program on his invention of the Bio-Pac'r which compresses lawn clippings.  Our country throws away 23 million tons of grass every week, and he has a solution.  His device, loaded onto a truck, makes the grass into silage which can the be fed to cows.  It was a very interesting presentation which can be found at biopacr.com, and he already has customers.
     Also at the meeting, we learned that Charlie Yates will be attending the District Foundation dinner in Fort Collins this evening to pick up the certificate from International Foundation Trustee Chair, John Kerry.  This reward is for "Every Rotarian, Every Year" for our club donations during Helen's Presidency. 
     And the Rotary Grant we received for the Senior Center's improvements to the sound in the dining hall was presented to Becky Zeist, Director.
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Paul Harris Calling!

Posted by Helen Bishop on Oct 14, 2014

Martin Limbird and his wife Mary Catherine of the Fort Collins and Fort Collins Breakfast Clubs respectively, were our special guests for the October 14 meeting.  Martin is the Paul Harris Society promoter for our District 5440.  He joined Rotary in 1984 and among the many positions he has held, he was District Governor in Indiana in 2005-05.  They moved to Ft. Collins for retirement and they were on their way to the jazz festival in Sun Valley!  He mentioned that he really loved the idea of a dinner meeting.  And when he began his talk, Paul Harris called him on his "Rotary" phone!  Paul mentioned that the initial Foundation amount was $26, and he can't believe that over $1 billion has been contributed!  One third of the amount now comes from P H Society members who pledge to contribute $1,000 per year.  In our district, we have almost 100 pledged, and we are trying to build on that this year.  His final thoughts:  our gifts to the Foundation provide for trees we will never sit under, water wells we will never drink from, and immunizations for children for diseases they will never get!


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Silverstar Presentation

Posted by Helen Bishop on Sep 16, 2014

Three members of Silverstar Communications from the management and sales company in Driggs gave us very informative visual and thoughtful presentations for our September 16 meeting.  Todd Pense gave us an informative history of the company which started as a telephone company in 1948 in Wyoming.  In 2004 mobile service began and most recently they have been spreading fiber connections to businesses and homes in our area.  Aaron Jenkins (a member of Star Valley Rotary) explained the value of fiber, which was enhanced by the visual charts.  Elizabeth Acosta focused on the many benefits of their internet service for businesses in terms of speed, reliability, voice service security and backup control.

Jim Green and Helen Bishop gave a preliminary report on on the financial and wrap up of the wine tasting and silent auction.  She requested help on a few missing names and addresses in order to mail out the thank you letters this week.  All of the monies are not in yet, such as the Chamber's ticket report, but it looks like we are close to the last few years' results.

Rich Tambor reported on the Honduras $15,000 Rotary Global Grant to install low-tech bio-sand water filters in the homes of mountainous rural villages.  He invited any member to accompany the Rotarians going for a week starting February 28.  He has a printout showing how a member can do this for only $1,075.

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Party at Patty's!

Posted by Helen Bishop on Sep 09, 2014

On September 9, members gathered at Patty McDonald's home to celebrate the work done the past weekend for our fundraiser.  On a beautiful early evening, we enjoyed hamburgers, sausage, accompanied by salads and desserts brought by our own cooks.  The porch and yard was a lovely setting to enjoy the food and wine and socializing.  Thank  you Patty.

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Wine Tasting and Silent Auction Success

Posted by Helen Bishop on Sep 07, 2014

We successfully pulled off our 10th annual Wine Tasting and Silent Auction on Sunday, Sept. 7, with almost all of our members helping pour wine, overseeing the silent auction tables filled with over 150 items, or selling wine glasses and cashing out the purchases.  We shortened the closing time from prior years to 4:00, which proved helpful because a downpour around 2:00 closed most of the Taste of the Tetons food stands on the Square, so people came into our tent to avoid the rain.  By 4:00 the auction tables had closed and we were able to organize and clear the place before Rotarians were too tired.   This year we also had abandoned the raffle idea and put those items on the tables.  This brought in nearly as much money and much less stress on our members!  We had a good support from the wine vendors with many tables.  Also two of our own members donated expensive wine and champagne which were made into baskets.  These 26 baskets brought in bids close and right up to the value of the wines!  A preliminary tally of the results show that our efforts are nearly equal to prior years.  More photos are posted on the PHOTOS columns to the right.

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Sylvia Throws a Party

Posted by Helen Bishop on Aug 27, 2014

Our August 26 meeting was celebrated with sunshine in the flower filled backyard of Sylvia Pack.  Pizza and salads were enjoyed by all with socializing, followed by the celebration of birthdays for President Tote Turner and Past President Helen Bishop.  Sylvia surprised us with a sheet cake emblazoned with our Club logo!  The lovely setting enabled us to plan for our upcoming fundraiser on September 7.  At the end of the evening, Sylvia showed off the large oil painting by her husband, Marvin, that she is donating to our silent auction.  Thank you Sylvia, for all you do!Image

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Senior Center of Jackson

Posted by Helen Bishop on Aug 19, 2014

Becky Zeist, Executive Director of the Senior Center of Jackson Hole, was our guest speaker at our August 19 meeting.  She gave a very informative program on the four major aspects of what the center provides:  meals, transportation, activities, and home services.  Her talk was followed by a very nice power point presentation that showed how the staff and many volunteers serves the seniors in our county.

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Learning about our newest Park

Posted by Helen Bishop on Aug 12, 2014

The co-founders of Trailblazers, Scott and Chris Coats, were special guests at our Aug. 12 meeting.  Begun in 2006, they have now drilled over 500 water wells in Cambodian villages, built four schools a library, and countless life enhancement items in 52 villages!  Our club was an early supporter of this amazing project.Image

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RYLA students share experiences

Posted by Helen Bishop on Aug 05, 2014

Our August 5th meeting was highlighted with the two high school students our club sent to the six-day RYLA program at the YMCA facilities at the base of the Colorado Rockies from July 20-25.  This intensive training camp attended by over 300 students hones their proven leadership abilities.  Keegan Bommer presented his power point of daily experiences, beginning with the many hugs and dancing the first day!  Through many team activities, they learned to work together and bond.  He was most proud of his team among the 24 in the camp winning their 'eggspress' event.  Tea Drew felt awkward in the beginning, but warmed up to the team building experiences, great speakers, and fun outdoor experiences, including the pre-dawn hike to watch the sunrise.  Both shared that this was a profound, life changing experience and will sign up to be junior counselors next year!!

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Helping County Victims

Posted by Helen Bishop on Jul 29, 2014

Our guest speakers on July 29 were Melissa Thomasma and Tracy Bittenbender Trefen who serve the county in so many ways.  The Teton County Victims Services, handling about 900 cases a year, respond to child sexual assaults, domestic abuse, law enforcement assistance (such as helping persons affected by a traumatic death of family or friend), and emergency funding for shelter and necessary items.  We were all impressed with their dedication!  [Apologies for the fuzzy photo.]

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Party at Charlie & Anita's home

Posted by Helen Bishop on Jul 22, 2014

Many members made their way down south from Wilson to enjoy the informal meeting hosted by Charlie and Anita Yates.  This was no pot luck as we enjoyed the spread of food, wine and beer while visiting with each other on their lovely long porch.  Thank you Yates!  Click on "more" to see the photo of the summer exchange students. 

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Sylvia Pack's "Who Am I"

Posted by Helen Bishop on Jun 14, 2014

Our newest member, Sylvia Pack, gave a very impressive "Who Am I" presentation at our June 10 meeting revealing her life from Indiana to the Tetons.  She spent her long career with the FBI in Indiana which occasionally brought her to the Tetons for meetings.  During that time she had the opportunity to meet with J. Edgar Hoover, and she had the photograph to prove it!  In the 70s she bought property here and finally made her dream come true to move here.  In Jackson she worked with the Forest Service and met and married her husband.  We were very touched by her poem which we are sharing here:

A Place Called Jackson Hole,

There is a place on this earth which daiy feeds my soul
and nourishes my spirit - a Place called Jackson Hole.
Of all the beauty in this world which travelers may extol--
none has the gifts which God fave to the Place Called Jackson Hole.
So if I go to Heaven when St. Peter calls the role, will it
be any better than the Place Called Jackson Hole?

 Sylvia Reuleaux Pack

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JH Classical Academy

Posted by Helen Bishop on Jun 02, 2014

We were treated to a very comprehensive program of the Jackson Hole Classical Academy by their board members, Jim Fini and Steve Friess.  Jim is a software engineer and moved to Jackson two years ago with his young family.  Steve and his wife Polly are very active in non profits and especially in the area of improving education nationally.  Based on a Great Hearts school program started in Arizona (which enrolls 11,000 children with 8,000 on the waiting list), The Friess Foundation began the academy three years ago and plans to open the new facility at 3255 W. High School Road this fall with a goal of 135 students.  The best way to describe the school is through the mission:  "Jackson Hole Classical Academy develops within its students the intellectual and moral foundation upon which responsible, independent and productives are built.  Through rigorous, content-rich curriculum, the Academy sets high epectations for all students, encouraging good habits and enabling students to reach their full academic potential."    Club members were impressed with their visual and informative presentation.

Lydia Leitch was presented a special Rotary pin for bringing in a new member by our outgoing Assistant District Governor, Ken Small.  Patty McDonald brought her guest, Teri Hernandez.  Our honorary member, Foster Friess, popped in to hear his son's presentation.  And we welcomed Hugh Soest back to the Valley from his winter home in Arizona!

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Sara Flitner, "Life in Jackson"

Posted by Helen Bishop on May 26, 2014

Our guest speaker was Sara Flitner, who started her business of communication strategies 20 years ago in Jackson.  She introduced her husband, Bill Watkins, and spoke of her two sons, 12 & 14.  She was raised on a cattle ranch in Shell, WY, where she learned to solve problems as a middle child.  After working at the Jackson Chamber of Commerce, she realized that she could go out on her own to market her skills in marketing clients, policy advising and leadership coaching.  She has worked with over 50 non profits too.

President Helen announced that the Club has reached her goal of Every Member Every Year - 100%, meaning that everyone in the Club has donated to the Rotary Foundation during her year.  THANK YOU, it is quite an accomplishment!

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Old West Days Parade Helen Bishop 2014-05-25 00:00:00Z 0

Off-Site Fun at the Farm Bureau

Posted by Helen Bishop on May 19, 2014

Our May 20 meeting was at the location of in-coming President Tote Turner's place of business, The Farm Bureau Financial Services new building on So. Broadway.  We had a great turnout of members, guests and delicious dishes to augment the pizzas ordered for the party.  We gathered in the lobby and meeting rooms for long visits with each other.  President Helen had very few annoucements:  thanking Scott for organizing the RLI class this past Friday night, and reminding the members about the Old West Days Parade this coming Saturday.  See Photo albums for more pictures.

Off-Site Fun at the Farm Bureau Helen Bishop 2014-05-20 00:00:00Z 0

Tour of The Wort Hotel

Posted by Helen Bishop on May 12, 2014

Members attending the May 13 meeting were treated to a tour of The Wort Hotel by General Manager Jim Waldrop and his staff.  We were taken into the kitchen, introduced to the chefs and wait staff and then taken through the spa and exercise rooms, the underground tunnel areas, and on up through three of the beautiful rooms.

Our Foundation Chair, Rich Tambor, announced that Rotary International has finally approved our $5,843.00 Global Grant for 340 water filters in the central mountain villages of Honduras.  Sites have been chosen and the work will begin after the rainy season and completed in February and March 2015!

Tour of The Wort Hotel Helen Bishop 2014-05-13 00:00:00Z 0

Informative Club Assembly

Posted by Helen Bishop on Apr 21, 2014

At our April 22 meeting, President Helen presented a power point program entitled "Looking at Our Club."  She started out with a review of our Visioning process in 2008 and 2011 to review our goals.  We still agree that we are the "fun club" that has relaxed meetings with good programs.  Our literacy focus continues with Raising Reader books in doctors offices, dictionaries for all third graders and support for the book nook in the Children's Museum.  Our international success has been strong for projects in Cambodia over the years and the launching of the Honduras water project.  In the Rotary International category, Helen has a goal of Every Member Every Year, in which we each contribute some amount to RI.  We are very close to that goal.  Our Paul Harris dinner continues to be successful! The presentation shifted to the future:  Every member needs to take a role in the Club for a viable club.  Rotating the duties was stressed.  We need to keep recruiting members!  We need to step up to the needs of our Wine Tasting fund raising coming soon!  And the final slide showed all the contributions that we have made to charitable needs to date this Rotary year!

Helen and Dave left the next day for a trip to the Smoky Mountains for a week in Tennessee.  Here is a photo of her exchanging club banners with the president of the Gatlinburg TN Club on May 1st!

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Becoming a Voice-Over Expert

Posted by Helen Bishop on Apr 15, 2014

At our April 15 meeting, we were treated to the life journey of Rose Caiazzo who became a voice-over professional and is also now a social media marketing entrepreneur in the Valley.  Her parents encouraged her to "do her own thing" and she began that journey with a 4-year music scholarship.  She changed her major to public relations and early on became a technical systems management expert.  In her twenties she worked for small companies, and at one point was training 75 persons in sales marketing.  At age 31 she moved from the East Coast to work for Back Roads, first Yosemite and then Wyoming. She loved winter, biking and snowboarding, and so started her own company here in 2008.  Since she can work from here, she has received many contracts for her voice-over talents from companies all over the country!

At this meeting, we had three returning guests:  Juliett Sing, Jeff Dougherty and Jeff Bush!

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The Importance of Community Non-Profits

Posted by Helen Bishop on Apr 08, 2014

Rotarian Susan Erikson-Meier (Noon Club) graced our meeting and gave a very informative Power Point talk on non-profits in our community.  As a professional adviser to non-profits, she has been focusing on them for the last 23 years in the valley.  She is on the board of the Chamber of Commerce and has done studies for many non-profits too.  We knew there were many in the valley, but can you believe over 200!  And in the last study done in 2010, Jackson NPs employed 648 paid staff and 72% provided health insurance too!  She told us to watch for the changing of the guard as many NP leaders are retiring now, such as the hospital, library and schools.  This may bring about doing activities in a new way vs. the "Jackson Way.'

And, we welcomed Sylvia Pack as an official member of the Club!  

The Importance of Community Non-Profits Helen Bishop 2014-04-09 00:00:00Z 0

Changing Careers from Beer to Tech

Posted by Helen Bishop on Apr 02, 2014

Our April 1st meeting was fun with guest speaker, Bob Fuziak relating his personal journey from New Jersey, Pennsylvania to Jackson where he worked his way up to manager at the Snake River Brewery.  As the business expanded in 2008 and 2009, he was working in his limited spare time on digital eye wear inspired by a close encounter bike accident.  His enthusiasm for his dream prompted his resignation in November to pursue this inventive spirit full time.  He now has five US patents for his rear view mirror, dual cameras and other items.  Our members were very impressed with his drive!tz

Katy Klotz introduced her guests, Dr. Amy Zheng, husband Vince Quitoriano and their charming two young sons who were visiting from California.  Amy was an Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar to Scotland, and over time "adopted" Katy as a second mom!  See the photo attached for the sons.  Image

Changing Careers from Beer to Tech Helen Bishop 2014-04-03 00:00:00Z 0

Growth in Jackson

Posted by Helen Bishop on Mar 25, 2014

Dennis Holton has been solving business problems for clients for more than forty years.  He has a company, The Calvary Inc., that is now a national organization consisting of 34 skilled in-field facilitators and 16 support people in Jackson.  Having survived a heart attack just 10 weeks ago which consisted of being life-flighted to SLC, he was very excited to be standing before us!  We got a taste of his Growth and Sales presentation to businesses with tips to solve business pain!  Examples--you can't save your way to success!  Three unique marketing formats should be used to communicate your message to client/customers.  We enjoyed his talk and had a fun and lively discussion along the way!  We each received a packet from him!

Kristin Livingstone, Children's Program Coordinator with the Teton Literacy Center, made a plea for volunteers from the club to help a student learn to read for one hour a week.  You would be matched with an appropriate child for your one-on-one session, materials and lesson plans provided!  Summer programs are needed to be filled too.  Call her at 33-9242, ext. 222 or email her at kristin@tetonliteracy.org.  Since we support this program with our weekly speaker "gift", we should check this out!

Growth in Jackson Helen Bishop 2014-03-26 00:00:00Z 0

JHStyle Magazine

Posted by Helen Bishop on Mar 18, 2014

Jeff Bush gave us his background for his business, J. C. Bush Media, LLC, "marketing Colorado, Wyoming & The West--Since 1986."  He has been in and out of Wyoming for the past 30 years, having graduated from the University of Wyoming in 1986, and was a rep for Snow King in 1983.  He soon produced a pocket guide for Jackson.  Twenty years ago ago he started the publication TellurideStyle which he still produces.  His wife, Jill, convinced him to move to Jackson and he published his first JHStyle last summer.  This very entertaining magazine has a theme each issue: extreme athletes last summer, entrepreneurs in the current issue, and the Art of JH this summer.  He employs 5-6 photographers, 5-6 writers, 3 sales and distributes to 140 locations in the area.  We enjoyed the talk, the magazines and will send him emails if we have ideas for his magazines!

Paul Harris awards were presented to John Farrell (his first) and Jim Wunsch (his +7)!

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We got Sparked!

Posted by Helen Bishop on Mar 11, 2014

Our presenter at our March 11 meeting was Megan Beck who introduced her concept of co-working space in Jackson named "Spark."  But before explaining that, she related her background in foundation work while living in Seattle.  First working for two foundation in institutional fundraising, she is now the VP of development for Vittana.  This nonprofit works around the world addressing unemployment in the young by giving $750 loans for training skills.  She moved here in 2013 and worked from home, but longed for a connection with others in similar work situations.  Three other new friends gathered to find a co-work space and now they have an office with two full-time offices, and shared space for 25 members who come and go as needed.  This affords them fast, reliable internet, a conference room, kitchenette, lockers, and after hour activities and speakers for networking and socializing.  We were all impressed with her idea and charm!  Know someone who would like to pursue this space?  Contact Megan at 140 E. Broadway, Ste. 25; or check out the website www.sparkjh.com

Club member Doug Schultz won GOLD in the Best of Jackson in the attorney category!  Yea!

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Mardi Gras Party March 4

Posted by Helen Bishop on Mar 04, 2014
We had a great "Off-Site" meeting Tuesday March 4 in the Centennial Building, instead of The Wort!  We had great attendance with 28 members and 2 guests showing up to enjoy the Mardi Gras atmosphere, pizzas donated by Dave Turner, salads brought by a few gracious members, and wine and other drinks.  It was a great way to ward off the winter storm outside and pretend that we were in New Orleans with Sandra (well, I'm sure her evening was much more interesting!). 
Mardi Gras Party March 4 Helen Bishop 2014-03-05 00:00:00Z 0

Charlie's Education

Posted by Helen Bishop on Feb 25, 2014

Charlie Yates gave a memorable program Feb. 25 on his early education, comparing it to the book Everything I Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten.  Well, he never went to kindergarten, but he had a great learning yarn on every grade from 1st to 12th.  Everything from what coat NOT to wear in 1st grade, don't push the teacher (or you'll get a pencil jabbed into your hand), good classroom behavior (or your teacher will pick you up by the collar to carry you to the hallway!), and the Chinese girl in 9th grade  with no English skills who went on to become tops in her class in high school!  If you missed the meeting, ask Charlie for more details!  Thanks Charlie for the entertaining lessons.

We had several guests, including the noon club exchange student, Stephanie Santos, from Brazil. Tote and Sadek will be off to Denver for the PETS seminar (President Elect Seminar).  The Club has four opportunities for first time attendees to get their registrations paid to the Cheyenne District Conference, June 19-21.

And finally, President Helen Bishop will be dropping off the final items tomorrow at the No. Arapaho headquarters for our District grant to bolster the education of young Indian parents and their newborns.  Over 1,000 items purchased and donated by club members worth well over $4,000 will stock their Home Visiting Store for educational incentives.

Charlie's Education Helen Bishop 2014-02-26 00:00:00Z 0

Yellowstone--Through the Lens of Time

Posted by Helen Bishop on Feb 18, 2014

Photographer Bradley Boner presented a fascinating program Feb. 18 of his research into the photos by William Henry Jackson who was the photographer on Hayden's Yellowstone survey in 1871.  Studying the routes and old photos, he was challenged to find these locations on several hiking trips with a friend over several summers.  By showing the old photographs next to his new ones, we were amazed to see how the landscape changed or stayed the same, and marveled at his ability to put the clues together to find all but two of the locations of over 100 photos.  One memorable location:  Mirror Lake, at 10,000' is a very remote spot 25 miles between Pelican Roosts toward Lamar Valley.  Jackson's photo shows a long pack train, with one horse dragging a wheeled odometer!  Club members now have these images imbedded in their minds and were delighted with the program!

We also celebrated the upcoming birthdays of Rotary (109) and our Club (9) on February 23 with a trivia quiz on both organizations.  And we enjoyed the blue and yellow cupcakes provided by The Wort.

Yellowstone--Through the Lens of Time Helen Bishop 2014-02-19 00:00:00Z 0

We got Squared Away!

Posted by Helen Bishop on Feb 11, 2014
For our February 11 meeting, Bob Viola related his fascinating journey to starting a non-traditional business in Jackson:  Square One.  He wanted to start a research firm for people who needed automation.  He created a team from the pool of "young, smart and miserably underemployed, adventurous and highly motivated" talent in town.  And he got grants and support from the state WSSI Phase O Program, Wyoming Business Council, U. Wyo., and the Dept of Workforce Services.  Since its inception, Square One Systems Design has used $150,000 in state WSSI grants to harvest more than $6 million in federal research dollars!  Bob noted that the best thing about SBIR programs, Square One owns all intellectual property, even though the government pays for the research!  The projects are too amazing to detail here.  We are invited to stop by and see the laboratory and manufacturing facility to see the robots, etc.
We got Squared Away! Helen Bishop 2014-02-12 00:00:00Z 0

Learning About Frazil Ice

Posted by Helen Bishop on Feb 04, 2014

Dan Leeman of the Teton Conservation District gave a thorough review of the problems associated with Flat Creek that runs through Jackson.  Once again, the winter icing problem is making headlines, so we were all familiar with the problem, but not the cause.  He explained the origin of frazil and anchor ice, which form from the bottom up in a turbulent, supercooled stream, causing water displacement and eventual flooding!  We learned the history of Flat Creek, having been relocated against the East Butte decades ago for development purposes.  Weirs (barriers to alter flow) installed in 2003 need to be studied, according to FEMA. Sediment problems are causing another major problem.  Thank you Dan.

Rich Tambor proudly announced that the Global grant started by our club last year has now been officially accepted.  The $55,000 project grew through other club participation and Rotary International matching funds.  Work on the water filters serving 2,800 natives in the poor mountain regions of central Honduras will be on February 17!  President Helen announced that our District grant to help educate young parents at the Northern Arapaho Reservation in central Wyoming is near completion.  Almost $4,000 worth of baby needs, clothes and books are in place or on the way.  These two projects are great examples of why Rotarians should be proud to donate to the Rotary Foundation now in our current campaign...Every Rotarian, Every Year!


Learning About Frazil Ice Helen Bishop 2014-02-05 00:00:00Z 0

Wyoming Food Bank

Posted by Helen Bishop on Feb 02, 2014

As we finished our delicious roast beef dinners on Jan. 28, our eyes were opened to the plight of the hungry in our State by Gary Shockey, the new chairman of the Wyoming branch of the Food Bank of America.  Discovering the astounding and depressing food needs in our state, Gary has become passionate about guiding the delivery of 8 million pounds of food to the 200 agencies in the State.  The Food Bank is actually two warehouses in the Casper area using two trucks for delivery.  Another truck will be added soon.  The most impressive visual he showed was what $10 worth of food one might donate to a can food drive vs. what $10 donated through this Feeding America/Wyoming Food Bank can turn into:  40-50 meals!  Teton Co. received 103,271 lbs. last year.  Thank you Gary for coming and bringing your wife Dona too!

Other Club news:  Todd Place was inducted into the Club!  Chris McKinney gave his "Who Am I" talk.  Doug Schultz brought his guest, Dave Turner, to the meeting.  The March 8 Paul Harris Dinner is now being promoted.  Sign up available on this website to the right under "Events."

Wyoming Food Bank Helen Bishop 2014-02-03 00:00:00Z 0

Fun at the Children's Museum

Posted by Helen Bishop on Jan 21, 2014
Our January 21 meeting was a delight for those of us who went to the Jackson Hole Children's Museum.  Before our potluck dinner, Director KJ Morris led the group through the charming museum (which is actually a giant playhouse!) and explained the features of each area, such as the baby "touching" corner, the dump truck bin, grocery store, art room, zip line, and many other wild areas we each wanted to explore.  During our dinner she presented the 5 minute video, which won the Old Bill's contest for non-profits explaining their causes, and thanked us for our Club's support for the books in the Reading Corner.  In lieu of the traditional inspiration, we celebrated National Hug Day.  
Fun at the Children's Museum Helen Bishop 2014-01-22 00:00:00Z 0

The Fun Foundation Program

Posted by Helen Bishop on Jan 19, 2014
It was the Rich and Nyles show at our January 14 meeting.  At the conclusion of the meeting, all agreed that it was the most informative and entertaining explanation of the Rotary Foundation that they could recall.  Foundation committee-member-in-training Nyles Ellefson announced from the get go that "we're here to get your money!"  After a short video, Rich Tambor and Nyles then gave many examples of Rotary's use of the funds.  If you missed the meeting, please ask your fellow Rotarians what great jokes were shared--I'm sure they will remember them!  The club would like to have Every Rotarian Every Year donate something.  A goal would be $100 each, but any amount is welcomed.
The Fun Foundation Program Helen Bishop 2014-01-20 00:00:00Z 0

Public Art in Jackson

Posted by Helen Bishop on Jan 12, 2014

Carrie Geraci, Director of Jackson Hole Public Art, (and the only person in the organization!) informed us on how she started the organization in 2010 which now has accomplished over $600,000 in projects!  She has been working with public and private entities to enhance our community to support economic activity and quality of life through art. We each received a Public Art Map noting  the names and locations of the public art locations around town.  During her visual presentation, she acknowledged that our club had funded the bike path underpass murals that to date has prevented graffiti on these walls.

Announcements during the meeting included the drop off of more baby items Monday, Jan. 6 to the No. Arapahoe program to assist in the education of young mothers and fathers.

Public Art in Jackson Helen Bishop 2014-01-13 00:00:00Z 0

Welcome Frank Bellinghiere!

Posted by Helen Bishop on Dec 22, 2013
The Club welcomes our newest member, Frank Bellinghiere, who was installed on December 17.  Frank is a very busy business man, traveling frequently, but we will enjoy his presence when he is in Jackson.  He has been a Rotarian some years ago in California.  Welcome Frank!!
Welcome Frank Bellinghiere! Helen Bishop 2013-12-23 00:00:00Z 0

CEO of St. John's Medical Center guest

Posted by Helen Bishop on Dec 22, 2013

Our December 17 program speaker was Dr. Lou Hochheiser, CEO of St. John's Medical Center.  He gave us a thorough update on the hospital activity and the Health Care Reform effects.  He is most excited that John Goetler will be coming in January to head up the Foundation.  His background and young family will be a great asset to this much needed position.  He noted that the hospital makes money on surgery, but that the ER loses money on over 8,200 visits, and the nursing home loses millions!  Club members had many questions and Dr. Hochheiser answered them thoroughly.

The Christmas Party Friday was very enjoyable, and photos can be viewed on this website under photo albums to the right column.  Thank you Sadek for all the arrangements.  The board voted a $100 Christmas tip to our wait staff and club members contributed many more dollars to nearly triple that amount.  Head waiter Rob was very grateful and will be sharing it with his staff, even those who have gone on to other jobs recently!


CEO of St. John's Medical Center guest Helen Bishop 2013-12-23 00:00:00Z 0

Wyoming Geology

Posted by Helen Bishop on Dec 10, 2013

Wally Ulrich was our guest speaker for our December 10 meeting.  He got an early start in Wyoming geology as his dad was the "inventor" of marketing Wyoming's fossil fish embedded in natural stone as an art object.  Long involved in Wyoming's endowments, he emphasized that we are a "major bull's eye for energy," producing 34 to 38% of our nation's energy!  He had the big Wyoming State Geological maps posted and showed us where oil, gas, coal, uranium, wind and even CO2 is mined and utlized.  Our members were very impressed with the program and had excellent questions for him.

Our election of officers was presented:  by acclimation, Sadek Darwiche was elected as president elect nominee (2015-16), Scott Daily secretary, Jim Green treasurer, Natalie Jones to take over the board seat of John Farrell, and Kris Allison as the new board member beginning in July.  Also, Nyles Ellefson was elected to the Charitable Board effective Jan. 1st.  In other news, Paul and Laurance delivered 47 turkeys for Thanksgiving!  Bell ringers continue to work on weekends through Christmas!

Wyoming Geology Helen Bishop 2013-12-11 00:00:00Z 0

Dictionaries distributed county-wide

Posted by Helen Bishop on Dec 08, 2013
As of the end of November, a new Scholastic Children's Dictionary was given to every third grader in Teton County plus the third graders in Meeteetse, Wyoming not served by a Rotary Club.  On November 6, President Helen was assisted by Katy Klotz, Norm Evarts, Charlie Yates and Sandy Seitz to stick the Rotary name labels, insert letters to parents and count and rebox the 280 books.  All was accomplished in 1-1/2 hours!  Then the fun:  presenting to the Colter students on November 12 were Helen, Katy, Tote Turner, Chris McKinney, and Harriet Minczeski, and the following week at Wilson were Francis Warziniack and Tote.  Scott Daily made the presentation to the 13 Journeys School students and Charlie Yates made the trip for the 12 students in Meeteetse where his daughter is a teacher.  We received newspaper coverage of our accomplishments on Nov. 25 and many darling thank you letters from the students!  Look for the Rotary ads on this event in JHNG Dec. 16 and 18.
Dictionaries distributed county-wide Helen Bishop 2013-12-09 00:00:00Z 0

The Wort Hotel going to the dogs!

Posted by Helen Bishop on Dec 03, 2013
How could the "Number One Small Historic Hotel in America" go 'to the dogs!"  Well, we tried when our December 3 guests speakers were two of the very talented and trained dogs allowed in from Snake River K9.  Owner/trainer Kim Greene impressed us with her highly trained protection dogs.  They produce world-class highly stable, social, obedient dogs used for not only personal and family protection, but also scent-work training.  Thank you Kim for the special guests!
The Wort Hotel going to the dogs! Helen Bishop 2013-12-04 00:00:00Z 0

The Amazing Rick Armstrong

Posted by Helen Bishop on Nov 19, 2013

Our November 19 meeting was packed with information!  First of all, on the occasion of the 150 anniversary of the Gettysburg address, Dave and Helen Bishop gave a reading interspersed with comments to honor the occasion.  They also reported on their first delivery earlier in the day of baby items to the No. Arapahoe headquarters near Riverton for their home visiting and training program for young parents.  More deliveries will be made in the near future.  Asst. Gov. Ken Small visited the meeting and reported on our No. Colo. flood donation, RI donations, among other notices.  Paul and Laurance Perry are collecting turkeys or cash for locals in need.  Our Christmas party Dec. 3 at the Four Seasons is in full planning mode.  And the nominating committee will have slate to present for our December elections.

And now for the program:  Rick Armstrong is known locally on many levels, including Rare Properties, Rare Gallery, a Solomon consultant, and most admirable as the founder of Teton Gravity Research, a film company.  This came about from his professional ski days in the 80s, including his pioneer heli skiing in Alaska!  An interesting program because he is so interesting in many fields!  (And his grandfather was a Rotarian!)

The Amazing Rick Armstrong Helen Bishop 2013-11-20 00:00:00Z 0

Rich and Ellen throw a party!

Posted by Helen Bishop on Nov 12, 2013
Our "off site" meeting on November 12 was hosted by Rich Tambor and Ellen Wilson, with pizza donated by John Farrell and many yummy dishes from quite a few members.  In fact, there was more food than was planned, but no one seemed to complain.  We also enjoyed visits from the Kingwells and Palmers.  In a brief "meeting," Treasurer Jim Green presented Charitable Board President, Rich Whalen with a check for $5,000 to add to our donation coffers.  Image
Rich and Ellen throw a party! Helen Bishop 2013-11-13 00:00:00Z 0

Wildlife Film Festival results

Posted by Helen Bishop on Nov 05, 2013

Our own Jessica Weeman returned from NYC to give a program with her intern at the Wildlife Film Festival, Melissa Patrick.  They enlighted us with statistics of the event last September such as:  the biggest attendance ever (700 delegates, up by almost 300); 75% of the speakers were from Africa and Asia (apes was the theme); 530 films in 24 categories from 36 countries!  The event included a free community weekend, guest celebrity jane Goodall, and an "Oscars of Wildlife Film" dress up event went over big!  Visit JHFestival.org to learn more.


Wildlife Film Festival results Helen Bishop 2013-11-06 00:00:00Z 0

Relive America's First ascent of Everest

Posted by Helen Bishop on Oct 29, 2013
Jackson's own Broughton Coburn had us all enthralled as he gave his illustrated program, "The Vast Unknown" -- based on his latest book.  It was a riveting chronicle of the iconic first American expedition to mt. Everest in the Spring of 1963.  Two "SABs" (supremely able bodies!) were recruited from the Tetons (Barry Corbet).  Broughton explained the audacious plan to reach the top from two directions, one of which the never-before scaled West ridge. 
Relive America's First ascent of Everest Helen Bishop 2013-10-30 00:00:00Z 0

Jackson Hole Winery Shows Off

Posted by Helen Bishop on Oct 22, 2013

The attendance was small, but the rewards were big for club members who came to hear about the story and wines of the Jackson Hole Winery.  Bob and Linda Schroth shared their story of the creation of their wine business and their wines. The family has lived here some 30 years, and in 1990 bought the property that was the dairy for the valley in the 40s an 50s.  Their son Anthony attended high school here and went on to play baseball at Sonoma State.  He learned marketing and the wine program there and went on to work in family wineries in the area.  He convinced his parents to start the winery 4 years ago, and, along with son Ian, they have been selling their wines for two years now (500 cases in 2012, 2000 in 2013).  The three wines they shared received silver and bronze awards at the recent prestigious Sonoma wine festival!  Club members enjoyed a wonderful report with the Schroths and the wines!

Our club share from Old Bill's Fun run is $4,431.08, as reported by Rich Tambor, Ellen Wilson, Rich and Lynn Whalen, who attended the Old Bill's party Monday night.

Jackson Hole Winery Shows Off Helen Bishop 2013-10-23 00:00:00Z 0

Data Consulting Firm moves to Jackson

Posted by Helen Bishop on Oct 15, 2013

Our guest speaker, William E. Wecker, had the club enthralled from the beginning of his story until the end when we finally had to stop asking questions!  Asked to speak about the move of his data consulting firm from Novato, Caliornia, to Jackson at the beginning of this year, he began with an overview of his career.  After a stint in the Air Force, he obtained a background in mathematics and statistics, acquiring a Ph.D. from the Univ. of Chicago.  After retiring from his professorship at Stanford, he was asked to consult on many complicated areas and formed a firm of 20 fellow statisticians.  He highlighted some of them, including pharmaceutical companies, environmental concerns (power lines and cell phones), the BP oil spill, and even revealing no disenfranchised voters in the Pennsylvania voter i.d. requirements.  All of his employees agreed to move to Jackson, because they are "like barnacles!", wanting to continue to work with him.

 President Helen announced that the $2,000 for Polio from the club will be sent to R.I. before Oct. 24 (International Polio Day) to be matched by the Bill Gates Foundation.

Berkeley Johnston was installed as a new member!  Welcome Berkley.

Data Consulting Firm moves to Jackson Helen Bishop 2013-10-16 00:00:00Z 0

"Boots on the Ground" in Mali

Posted by Helen Bishop on Oct 08, 2013

For our October 8 meeting, Isabel Waddell, past president of Teton Valley Rotary Club, introduced her fellow club member, Patti Burr, who gave an incredible program on her three trips to a small village in Mali.  Patti has made these trips to a poor village along with an alliance of doctors in Utah.  She has served as a nurse work on gynacological programs, and next month will return on an emphasis with eye care.  Even though the villagers are very poor and conditions are severaly inadequate for health, her pictures showed the beauty of the people and their appreciation of the care.

Pete Karns of the Noon Club gave an update on the "Save the Arches" fund.  As we know, three of the arches on the Square have been replaced.  But prices of antlers have escalated from $7/lb to $14/lb this year.  $40,000 is needed to complete the final arch.  Our Club has been contributing to this fund through the proceeds of wine tasting in the Fall Arts Festival.

"Boots on the Ground" in Mali Helen Bishop 2013-10-09 00:00:00Z 0

Paul Hansen, The Concord Coalition

Posted by Helen Bishop on Sep 23, 2013

The program for Tuesday, September 24 is about the Concord Coalition federal budget update.  The Coalition is a bipartisan organization dedicated to eliminating federal budget deficits and ensuring Social Security, Medicare and Medicare are secure for all generations.

Click on Home to see previous meeting summaries.  PS, Helen still has a pair of glasses from the Triangle-X party.  Ask your guests if they left them that night.

Paul Hansen, The Concord Coalition Helen Bishop 2013-09-24 00:00:00Z 0

The Restoration of Flat Creek

Posted by Helen Bishop on Sep 17, 2013
Wyoming Game and Fish expert, Lara Gertsch, was our guest speaker September 17.  She presented a very thorough program on the history of Flat Creek in the past century, enhanced by old and new photos and charts.  The program to enhance the creek in the 1980s had served its purpose early on but has declined to a dangerous state with exposed cables and stakes popping out along the winding stream's edge.  In order to increase the habitat for all age classes of Snke River cutthroat, an evaluation was taken in 2009-10.  Members were educated on the very complex process that will take three years and $310,000 to complete.  Funds from state and local sources, including Trout Unlimited, and hard work in the limited time frame, volunteers will prevail.
The Restoration of Flat Creek Helen Bishop 2013-09-18 00:00:00Z 0

"Big Red" invades our Triangle-X Picnic

Posted by Helen Bishop on Sep 10, 2013
What a sight!  A BIG RED double decker bus (arranged by Cornelius Kinsey) rolled down the winding forest road filled with jubliant Rotarians and guests.  The Triangle-X picnic site, arranged by Tote Turner, was a secluded site near the Snake River.  The early arrivals prepared the tables and arranged the salads, beans and desserts brought by a few of the members on the bus.  The grill was tended by Francis Warziniack and Dave Bishop who served his Imagemarinated meat appetizers of elk, moose and sheep.  Before dinner of hamburgers and Diana Vaughan's pork sliders, party goers dipped chips into salsa and enjoyed wine from the open bottles left over from the Wine Tasting just two days earlier.  The perfect weather and setting made for a celebration of our hard work the prior days of fundraising.  As darkness fell, the bus filled back up with "loaded" Rotarians and snaked back into town.  What a fun night!
"Big Red" invades our Triangle-X Picnic Helen Bishop 2013-09-11 00:00:00Z 0

Our Wine Tasting & Silent Auction Success!

Posted by Helen Bishop on Sep 08, 2013
We scurried about all morning, Sunday, September 8, setting up the wine and silent auction items and banners.  Curious tourists wandered in early, but by 11:00, we were serving wine and taking bids on the 164 items on the long tables.  The large tent was always packed with tourists and local friends enjoying the day.  The weather held off throughout the "Taste of the Tetons" portion (restaurant tastings) which closed at 3:00.  At 4:00 a downpour ensued, but didn't last long or stop us from pouring wine and the bid tables began to close.  Only four items did not get bids, the raffle was a success, especially since two of our members won the ski passes and Triangle-X winter stay!  Check out the photos of the event on our Facebook page or on the photo albums to the lower left.
Our Wine Tasting & Silent Auction Success! Helen Bishop 2013-09-09 00:00:00Z 0

Welcome Chris McKinney

Posted by Helen Bishop on Sep 03, 2013
Our Club meeting of September 3 was devoted to preparations for the Wine Tasting and Silent Auction which is to take place on Sunday, September 8.  But we did enjoy the pleasure of inducting a new member, Chris McKinney!  Everyone at the meeting volunteered to various jobs, and Chris is to help with the soda station!  That's it, Chris, get engaged!
Welcome Chris McKinney Helen Bishop 2013-09-04 00:00:00Z 0

District Gov. Julie Phares' Visit

Posted by Helen Bishop on Aug 27, 2013

Our District Governor, Julie Phares, visited the Club August 27 and energized us with her goals for her Rotary year, emphasizing the motto "Engage Rotary, Change Lives ".  She outlined her goals, especially imploring every Rotarian to give to the Rotary International Foundation.  A donation of $100 per member this year is her goal, but any contribution is urged.  She explained how important the Foundation funds mean to the world, and that 1/2 comes back to our District.  She praised our Club for how much we have accomplished.  At the end of her presentation, she shared her video, "All Tracks Lead to Cheyenne" showing the many wonderful events around the Rotary 5440 District Conference, June 19-21, 2014.  

Before the program, Paul Perry shared his "Rotary Moment" expressing the three events that have been the most inspiring for him to be a Rotarian.  After the program, Julie presented a "Spirit Award" (an individual who has been in the club less that 15 months and "engaged" in our activities) to Katy Klos and Cornelius Kinsey!

District Gov. Julie Phares' Visit Helen Bishop 2013-08-28 00:00:00Z 0

Up with People Engergize Us!

Posted by Helen Bishop on Aug 20, 2013

Our August 20th meeting featured seven members of the Up with People cast.  They had been in town only 48 hours, but had already done a day of service projects in town such as painting the fences on the Square, refurbishing the Children's Museum, working on projects and with the children at the Latino Resource Center.  Wednesday they will be serving at the Senior Center and giving an international fashion show.  Their individual introductions and brief backgrounds were similar in that they joined the six-month tour to match their desire to gain experiences in service, performance and business possibilities.  We look forward to attending the shows, especially the Friday evening one where Rotary will have a patrons party and group seating.

The Fall Arts Festival fund raiser, our Wine Tasting and Silent Auction is now in high gear with posters, flyers to distribute; raffle tickets for all members to sell (see Harriet), and solicitation items starting to come in.  Dave Luff signed up official wine pourers, but unofficial pourers can also be utilized.  The Silent Auction portion will need many volunteers as we approach the date of September 8.  PLEASE support our efforts.

Up with People Engergize Us! Helen Bishop 2013-08-21 00:00:00Z 0

Julie Phares' DVD and much more

Posted by Helen Bishop on Aug 13, 2013

The August 13 meeting was filled with many announcements and guests:  Hugh Soest brought his wife, Donna.  Rich Tambor was presented his Paul Harris +6 pin by past District Governor Stuart Palmer, who also was a guest. The advance team for Up with People (Katie Walker, Katy Flanagan and Wenfei Wang) gave us their last update on the cast coming to town on August 18.  Posters and promo cards were distributed for members to promote the performances August 23 & 24.  We are especially wanting PATRONS for the Friday, Rotary night where we will have a Rotary table and sell raffle tickets too!  ALL encouraged to go online and purchase tickets to the shows (Center for the Arts website).

The program was a viewing of the DVD produced by our District Governor, Julie Phares, so we may get acquainted with her in advance of her visit on August 27.  It was an inspiring video and it also outlined her goals for the year. We look forward to her visit, mark your calendars so we have a good attendance that eveni

Julie Phares' DVD and much more Helen Bishop 2013-08-14 00:00:00Z 0

August 6 Pot Luck

Posted by Helen Bishop on Aug 06, 2013
Thank you Jim Green for hosting the Club for a great pot luck and social at your business Tuesday.  Drinks were in Jim's office and the many delicious dishes were spread out across the hall in the "kitchen" of Helen Green's showroom, Jackson hole Cabinets and design.  It was a relaxing evening, giving all of us time to socialize while we tasted the many main entrees, salads and desserts. 
August 6 Pot Luck Helen Bishop 2013-08-07 00:00:00Z 0

Touring Central Portugal

Posted by Helen Bishop on Jul 30, 2013
President Helen Bishop finally got her chance to show some of the photos taken on the trip through Central Portugal June 18-31 with her husband, Dave.  The first four days covered the medieval cities to the east of Lisbon, with views of fortresses, cathedrals, Roman aqueducts, and rolling landscapes.  After a stay to the north of Lisbon in the town of Tomar, home of the Knights of the Templar complex, they headed to Lisbon and the International Rotary Convention.  When not at the convention, they enjoyed a dinner cruise with other American Rotarians and tours of the city.  The entertainment, speeches and friendships made at the convention will be quite memorable!  After the convention, more touring in Lisbon and a tour to the coast were shared in her photos.
Touring Central Portugal Helen Bishop 2013-07-31 00:00:00Z 0

Dust Cutter Hits the Area

Posted by Helen Bishop on Jul 23, 2013
Eric Green (son of our own Jim Green) touted his new product line of Dust Cutter, a line of lemonade, huckleberry lemonade and iced tea.  His attractive aluminum bottles are now disbursed in 75 locations in the area, and gaining new fans as a refreshing natural summer drink.  Eric has worked hard to research and bring about his dream of this product which is based on the ice-cold lemonade with a shot of whiskey that his maternal grandparents served dudes at their Warm Springs Ranch in the 40s and 50s.  Club members were given the chance to taste all three products!  Thank you Eric.
Dust Cutter Hits the Area Helen Bishop 2013-07-24 00:00:00Z 0

Doug Wachob: Indicators of Change

Posted by Helen Bishop on Jul 16, 2013
Doug Wachob, expert at the Conservation Research Center at Teton Science Schools, gave a very informative talk with visuals on their research on pikas, mule deer and songbirds, as they adapt to changes in our ecosystem.  We were fascinated with the plotting of GPS collared mule deer crossing (or not) Broadway as noted on their  signals.  Pikas are an ideal species to study climate change because of their narrow thermal niche.  They generally occupy sites at a high elevations, lower elevations sites experience greater temperature change.
Doug Wachob: Indicators of Change Helen Bishop 2013-07-17 00:00:00Z 0

Learning how to "Sell" our Club

Posted by Helen Bishop on Jul 09, 2013

John Morgan (president-elect of the Noon Club and business owner of Dialogue Business Strategy), energized Club members to promote our Club goals as we solicit donations for our September 8 wine tasting and silent auction.   High points were:  WHO to contact:  People donated before, ones you know, non-profits, people interested in our causes and business around the Square (Save the Arches).  Remember the WIIFM (What's in it for me?) For businesses, stress how thy could promote to visitors and good quality items that represent JH. Rraise the bar for the amount/value: what do you want these tourists to see about your business?  Remember our causes: arches/promotes tourism; kids & education; international projects. 

Learning how to "Sell" our Club Helen Bishop 2013-07-10 00:00:00Z 0

Rotary float in July 4th Parade!

Posted by Helen Bishop on Jul 04, 2013
Paul Perry loaned his short flat bed truck to pull our Rotary float in the Parade.  Members showing up to participate in the parade were Helen Bishop, Harriet Minczeski, Patty McDonald, Rich Tambor and Ellen Wilson.  It was a beautiful day with a big crowd in town to enjoy the parade!  (click on more to see the crowd)
Rotary float in July 4th Parade! Helen Bishop 2013-07-05 00:00:00Z 0

New President takes over

Posted by Helen Bishop on Jul 02, 2013
The July 2 meeting inaugurated the new presidential year for Helen Bishop, taking the gavel from Jim Wunsch.  After the business portion of the meeting, Helen and Dave gave a brief overview of their trip to the 2013 Rotary International convention in Lisbon, Portugal.  Having just returned 48 hours previously, the visuals were not prepared, but they shared the program details of the convention.  She wants to present a "slide" show in the near future.
New President takes over Helen Bishop 2013-07-03 00:00:00Z 0

Wyoming Whiskey Whets our Whistles

Posted by Helen Bishop on May 14, 2013

Club members learned a Wyoming history and distilling lesson during the program presented by Tim Harland and David DeFazio for Wyoming Whiskey.  Tim, the company marketer, showed us a promotional video.  Dave gave the Mead family history and background of Brad and Kate's investment in idea and implementation since 2006 in creating this product.  Attorney David began a whole new career when he began to research making whiskey and hiring distiller Steve Nalley after a 33 year career at Maker's Mark.  The Kirby, Wyoming operation is the only legal distiller in the State.  The best part of the meeting, all agreed, was the opportunity to sample and sip the product during the program and take home the glasses with WW logo.



Wyoming Whiskey Whets our Whistles Helen Bishop 2013-05-15 00:00:00Z 0

District Million Dollar Dinner

Posted by Helen Bishop on May 06, 2013
Rotarians have traditionally been strong supporters of the worldwide Rotary Foundation, but they overdid themselves on Saturday, May 4th with contributions and estate commitments of $2,721,000 to the Foundation's  domestic and international service programs.  District 5440 members made individual contributins or estate commitments of $10,000 or more at the formal, black-tie dinner at the Fort Collins Country Club.  Past District Governor Stuart Palmer, District Foundation Chair and an organizer of the dinner, told the audience of 80 Rotarians how important it was to support the work at home and around the world.  Mary Beth Growney Selene, RI Director Nominee from Wisconsin, was the keynote speaker at the event.  The Rotary Clubs of Jackson (including ours) helped fund the dinner so all of the proceeds could go directly to the Foundation.
District Million Dollar Dinner Helen Bishop 2013-05-07 00:00:00Z 0

Project Amigo in Mexico

Posted by Helen Bishop on Apr 30, 2013
Our April 30 program was an insight into a program in Colima, Mexico that has helped hundreds of poor children achieve their highest potential.  The recently appointed executive directors, Coke and Cindy Newell, presented the program with pictures showing how educational, medical and dental services are provided in this area.  Aided by many visiting Rotarians through sponsorships, materials, scholarships, etc., these children are able to stay in school and even go n to attend the University of Colima.  If you are interested in learning more, please visit their website:  www.projectamigo.org.
Project Amigo in Mexico Helen Bishop 2013-05-01 00:00:00Z 0

Tuesday, April 30

Posted by Helen Bishop on Apr 27, 2013

Come to Rotary Tuesday, April 30th, for the great food, fellowship and fine program!

Wear your Rotary pin or a piece of Rotary clothing!

Mark Saturday, May 11 to join in the 45th Annual Community Spring Clean-Up Day.  Wear your Rotary shirt or hat, meet on the Square, or at the Hoback Market or Old Wilson Schoolhouse.  If enough of us want to work together, we can email a location to clean together to jgoe@nelsonengineering.net or call Jennifer Goe at 733-2087.  Trash bags provided.  A complimentary BBQ lunch will be served to participnts beginning at 11:30 a.m. on the Square.

Please begin soliciting donations for our September 8 Silent Auction.  Begin thinking about what committee your talents would best utilized!
Tuesday, April 30 Helen Bishop 2013-04-28 00:00:00Z 0

Trailblazer Foundation Update

Posted by Helen Bishop on Apr 23, 2013
Our Club member Doug Schultz put on another "hat" as President of the Trailblazer Foundation and gave us an update of the amazing progress in the villages of Cambodia that benefit from the Foundation's mission.  Our Club has been a contributor to the goals of providing training and appropriate technology to empower the rural villages to a better life.  In the northeast portion of Cambodia, land was purchased for schools in the Sras Village, sand filters were made for clean water in the area, which freed up time for education and recently a Women's Development Center.  Most recently we helped purchase Envirofit stoves which provide a more efficient and environmentally friendly method for cooking.  Thank you Doug for educating our new members on our favorite international project.
Trailblazer Foundation Update Helen Bishop 2013-04-24 00:00:00Z 0

No Program? Members make a great program

Posted by Helen Bishop on Apr 17, 2013

Our April 16 meeting turned out to be fun and inspiring for the five full tables in attendance.  Seven special guests were in attendance, with some of them considering joining!  Charlie Yates was inducted into the club by Rod Everett and Tote Turner presented him with his pin, even though he has been a member of Rotary for years.  As we had no planned program, President Wunsch asked him to give his "who am I" speech, and we were inspired by his stories.  As a Rotary member for years in Colorado, he relateed his experience with many foreign exchange students and his visits to seven of their countries.  Then he related his grandparents' Wyoming backgrounds, his work and educational experience.  We welcome Charlie and his wife Anita back to our community as a full time citizen!



No Program? Members make a great program Helen Bishop 2013-04-18 00:00:00Z 0

Pizza party a big "rush" for guests

Posted by Helen Bishop on Apr 09, 2013
Our April 9 meeting was at the home of president Jim Wunsch with LOTS of pizza and LOTS of guests.  Our informal "rush party" format was successful as members and guests were able to eat and mingle for over two hours!  Here is a the list of guests and their hosts.  Berkley and Maria Johnston were guests of Doyle and Diana; Sharon Gunberg was a guest of Lydia; Cornelius brought his friend Kate; Lydia also brought our frequent guest Frank Bellingheiere; Mike mielke was a guest of Jim; Nyles brought Dan Schou; and Jake brought his wife Nicole.
Pizza party a big "rush" for guests Helen Bishop 2013-04-10 00:00:00Z 0

Welcome New Members

Posted by Helen Bishop on Apr 02, 2013

At the April 2 meeting, we inducted THREE new members to our Club.  Flanked by their sponsors, Tote Turner and Paul Perry, in the photo above left to right are:  Natalie Jones, office manager and legal assistant at Hawks & Associates, L.C.; Jacob Stark, trust operations specialist at Bank of Jackson Hole; and Cornelius Kinsey, architect and president of his firm Kinsey LLC.  Members, welcome them into our club and get to know them!

The program for the evening was presented by our own Jake Hanson who described the activities at the Jackson Hole Gun Club.  Thank you Jake!

Welcome New Members Helen Bishop 2013-04-03 00:00:00Z 0

The Bishops Trip to the Galapagos

Posted by Helen Bishop on Mar 19, 2013
The Club members who weren't attending a political central committee meeting Tuesday night were treated to a visual trip to the Galapagos Islands.  Helen Bishop showed a slide show from the trip she and Dave took on January 18-28 through the fascinating islands of Galapagos, which are all a controlled national park area to protect the unique plant and animal lives.  Boobies (they're birds!), penguins, finches, hawks, sea lions, marine and land iguanas, giant land tortoises and giant sea turtles, were among the many stars of the show.  Traveling on a small ship with 15 guests, the fully guided land tours (2 or 3 a day) were also augmented with kayaking, snorkeling and panga rides along the shore lines.  It truly is a trip of a lifetime.  Click on MORE to see more.
The Bishops Trip to the Galapagos Helen Bishop 2013-03-20 00:00:00Z 0

The Geology of Fracking for Oil

Posted by Helen Bishop on Mar 12, 2013
John Willott, the President of the Geoloists of Jackson Hole, captured our attention with slides and videos explaining "The New Enery Revolution," the horizontal drilling and multi-stage fracturing for oil.  In the last ten years, the process has become fast and efficient, and he showed how it does not interfere with personal or municipal water wells.  Focusing on the Williston Basin in North Dakota area (now #3 and increasing its production 430% in the last 5 years!), one acre of oil equipment can mine an underground area of 2 square miles.  The US Energy Information Agency's website can inform you on further information (eia.gov).  Thanks to fellow Rotarian (noon club) for an engrossing program.
The Geology of Fracking for Oil Helen Bishop 2013-03-13 00:00:00Z 0

8th Annual Paul Harris Dinner a big success

Posted by Patricia McDonald on Mar 09, 2013

On Saturday, March 9, the Jackson Hole Rotary Breakfast, Lunch and Supper Clubs hosted the 8th Annual Paul Harris Dinner at the National Museum of Wildlife Art.  Over 60 Rotarians and guests from Star Valley, Teton Valley and around the region enjoyed cocktails, dinner, and music as we gathered to honor our 2012-13 Paul Harris Fellows.  To become a Paul Harris Fellow, one must donate $1000 to the Rotary Foundation.  Keynote speaker and Rotary Foundation Trustee Lynn Hammond spoke eloquently about the important work that the Foundation is doing around the globe.  In addition, District 5440 Peace Forum scholarship winner Debbie Mueller previewed the upcoming Peace Forum in Casper, and incoming zone director Greg Podd talked about RI finances and the upcoming 2014 Zone Institute.

Special congratulations to the Supper Club's new and recurring Paul Harris Fellows and their honorees: Sadek Darwiche, Wayne Hume Everett, Crystal Mueller, Debbie Mueller, Tara Wunsch, Patty McDonald (+2), Paul Perry (+4), Richard Tambor (+5) Ellen Wilson (+5), Jim Wunsch (+6), and Helen and Dave Bishop (Major Donors).   Thank you for supporting the Rotary Foundation!

8th Annual Paul Harris Dinner a big success Patricia McDonald 2013-03-10 00:00:00Z 0

Silicon Couloir

Posted by Helen Bishop on Mar 05, 2013
Our guest speaker, Chris Hessler, gave an interesting program explaining the origin of the Jackson-based business accelator.  Formed from a group sitting at "table 14" during the "22 in 21" think tank session in January 2012, it evolved into chance meetings once a month, Mondays 5-7 pm, at The Rose where wanna-be entrepreneurs gather to present ideas for start up businesses.  Channeling a little bit is Silicon Valley and our vallley's Corbet's Couloir, they recently changed their name to Silicon Couloir.  The recent meeting had a gathering of 85 people!  Their core values are:  empower entrepreneurs, take bold action, be open, give back, and have fun.  (Sounds like good Rotary possibilities!)
Silicon Couloir Helen Bishop 2013-03-06 00:00:00Z 0

Club gets press in JH News and Guide

Posted by Helen Bishop on Feb 27, 2013

Did you see the article on our Snow Sculpture contest in this Wednesday's paper (Feb. 27, Stepping Out section, page 9)?  A nice article that mentions our club in the second paragraph and covers the story nicely.  If you receive the paper or find one laying around, would you please BRING THE ARTICLE TO TUESDAY'S MEETING.  We would like copies on hand to use in our promotion of the event next year.  And, oh, please also see and sve the picture on the Calendar page (10B).  That's my dog!  We had fun at that event too.

Way to go members!!!  We had so many guests at this week's meeting that we had to squeeze more chairs in.  The results:  Applications for membership were submitted by Natalie Jones and Jacob Stark.  Chris Jorgenson is our newest member and in attendance Tuesday.  Other guests included Cornelius Kinsey, Ray and Meg Womak, Katy Colbert and Susan Shepherd.  The Membership committee is really kicking in!

Dictionaries were passed out at Colter Elementary School Tuesday, 364 students gathered to watch the presentation by Francis Warziniack, Tote Turner, Sandi Seitz and Ruth Ellefson.  The next distribution is at Wilson School on March 5, 8:45.  A very rewarding experience that members are encourage to attend!

Club gets press in JH News and Guide Helen Bishop 2013-02-28 00:00:00Z 0

Jackson Hole Airport Update

Posted by Helen Bishop on Feb 27, 2013
Ray Bishop, Director of our JH Airport and a member of our Club, gave us a very informative program on the developments at our airport since the remodel was finished two years ago.  It has been voted "the most beautiful airport in North America" by Airport Magazine!  The technology development in aircraft design has substantially reduced noise levels since 1984 in the valley as portrayed in five aerial diagrams Ray showed in his handout.  He is very proud of the 9 and soon 11 direct flights coming in from major US airports in recent years.  The photo above shows 9 major aircraft in July 2012 waiting overnight during peak tourist time.  We were surprised to learn that car rentals bring $27 million in revenue, 10% going to the airport.  The second phase of the remodel is the much needed $18 million upgrade to the baggage area.  This will commence in May an be completed in Dec. 2014.  Thank you Ray for a fun and informative program!
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Our Club's Snow Sculpture Contest

Posted by Helen Bishop on Feb 24, 2013
For the third year, our club sponsored the snow sculpture contest on the Jackson Square this past week as part of the Winterfest activities.  From Wednesday, Feb. 20 through Saturday, Feb. 24, contestants chiseled away at the blocks and created eye catching fantasies for our visitors strolling across the Square.  Take the time to see these before Mother Nature takes them away.  Thank you to Scott Daily for organizing the event despite his recent illness.  And thank you to Paul Perry for his efforts in making the blocks.  We hope your foot heals from your injury during this effort! 
Our Club's Snow Sculpture Contest Helen Bishop 2013-02-25 00:00:00Z 0

Jackson Hole Real Estate Update

Posted by Helen Bishop on Feb 18, 2013

David Viehman, real estate broker and editor of the "Jackson Hole Report' for 21 years, gave a very informative update on the status of real estate in our county. As reported in his recent newsletter; 'The big news for 2012 is the Jackson Hole residential market is regaining equilibrium with supply and demand.  In fact some segments of our housing market have reached equilibrium of price and quantity and values have started to increase.  Based on the number of closed sales in 2012, the overall market now has less than 11 months of inventory; single-family homes only have 9 months of inventory; and condo/townhomes only have 7 months of inventory."  We all had many questions which we fired at David.  [I just wondered if our three guests from Italy followed the program!]

Nearly a dozen of our members and guests enjoyed a beautiful ROTARY SKI DAY up on the mountain and lunch and presentation by the Mountain Resort staff.  Thank you to the Noon Club for extending the annual invitation to us again.

Jackson Hole Real Estate Update Helen Bishop 2013-02-19 00:00:00Z 0

Estate Planning

Posted by Helen Bishop on Feb 11, 2013
Our own member, Brian Jones, was welcomed to the meeting as our speaker presenting a program on estate planning.  Brian is the Senior Vice President of the Bank of Jackson hole and their Trust Department Manager.  Members learned a lot and asked many questions on this important topic.  We were especially intrigued on Wyoming's unique tax laws that favor setting up LLCs for families who don't even live here, but can utilize our legal and banking expertise for their benefit.  Brian has been working in this area for over 30 years.  He shared a valuable 4 page handout on why one would want to utilize a trust department.
Estate Planning Helen Bishop 2013-02-12 00:00:00Z 0

County Commissioners Update

Posted by Helen Bishop on Feb 04, 2013
Teton County Commissioners Paul Vogelheim and Ben Ellis gave us a lively program on the status of the county government.  The overview included 1) public safety and emergency response, 2) health and human services, 3) community development and 4) recreation - programs of their oversight.  They have been working on stabilizing revenues and are encouraged that sales taxes are picking up.  The new lodging tax helps support the services needed for our 1.3 million visitors we receive each year!  But recent years have seen greater demands on services for counseling in public health, law enforcement, and park usage.  We also welcomed new commissioner Barb Allen to the meeting.  Members kept the meeting going with many questions!
County Commissioners Update Helen Bishop 2013-02-05 00:00:00Z 0

Learning about Tax Law Changes

Posted by Helen Bishop on Jan 07, 2013
David Clauss, attorney and member of the Noon Club, gave a very informative program on the changes to our tax laws and how they will affect estate and gift taxes.  He also provided informative handouts to each member.  He admonished that it is "never too soon or late to protect loved ones and preserve wealth."
Learning about Tax Law Changes Helen Bishop 2013-01-08 00:00:00Z 0

Robobroncs Keep Conquering!

Posted by Helen Bishop on Nov 13, 2012

The high school Robobroncs team enthralled club members once again at our meeting last night with their activities and accolades during the past year.  Six members of the 25 member team (club) presented a very professional visual program which gave each one of them the opportunity to show off their presentation and business skills.  Their focus, of course, is building a robot which is used to compete in district and national competitions each year utilizing their STEM approach (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). Last year the Charitable Association was one of their donors, and we will consider additional support this year.  They are also looking for local business sponsors as their technical and travel needs are expensive!

 Also at the meeting, Charitable President Rich Whalen announced the $2,000 club donation to District 7940 in the stricken Sandy disaster area.  Our district can match area club funds and then double them through RI funds to help victims.  Also noted: members said that donations such as coats are being collected locally at Blue Spruce Cleaners, Smiths, etc. (see JH Daily 11/13 for additional info).

 HABITAT for HUMANITY work day reminder:  Meet club members at the HH site bottom of Teton Village, work 9-4 or as much as you can. Lunch provided, bring humor.

Robobroncs Keep Conquering! Helen Bishop 2012-11-14 00:00:00Z 0

Learning about Teton Educational Services

Posted by Helen Bishop on Nov 06, 2012
Nick Grenoble introduced the club members to Teton Educational Services which he founded in 2011. With 15 passionate and experienced instructors, they provide private tutoring, college counseling, test preparation to students from elementary to high school in the county.  He challenged our members with the difference between academic and character qualities that make a successful leaner.  Visit their web site to tell your kids and grand kids about the program:  tetoned.com.
Learning about Teton Educational Services Helen Bishop 2012-11-07 00:00:00Z 0

Capping the Horsethief Canyon Landfill

Posted by Helen Bishop on Oct 31, 2012
Our October 30th guest speaker was Heather Overholser, Division Chief of Teton County Integrated Solid Waste and Recycling.  Her very informative visual presentation explained the necessity of permanently sealing the landfill which was discontinued in 1989.  Club members asked a surprising number of questions and observations on the topic! 
Capping the Horsethief Canyon Landfill Helen Bishop 2012-11-01 00:00:00Z 0

Community Counseling Center

Posted by Helen Bishop on Oct 09, 2012
Deidre Ashley, Executive Director, gave an excellent talk and power point presentation to the club outlining how the Community Counseling Center serves the County.  With funding from governments to donations, clients can utilize the services at very little cost to address their mental health needs.  She introduced one of her crisis management team member, Amy Lyons (Frank Lyons daughter!) who is completing her PhD.  Club members enjoyed having the opportunity to have their questions answered about the Center.  Thank you Deidre and Amy for your work!
Community Counseling Center Helen Bishop 2012-10-10 00:00:00Z 0

Inside Bhutan: Shangri-La in the 21st Century

Posted by Helen Bishop on Oct 01, 2012
What a trip!  Benji Sinclair regaled us with beautiful photos and videos of his recent trips while exploring and teaching in the kingdom of Bhutan.  Through his excellent presentation, we learned of the topography, culture, religion and challenges of this country.  Bhutan is certainly promoting its "Gross National Happiness," and we were smitten!  Check out tourism.gov.bt.
Inside Bhutan: Shangri-La in the 21st Century Helen Bishop 2012-10-02 00:00:00Z 0

Crystal Wright, World Freeski Champion

Posted by Patricia McDonald on Sep 24, 2012
Local free ski champion Crystal Wright gave the club a glimpse into the world of world free skiing.  Crystal grew up ski racing, and among her many accolades currently reigns as the 2012 Freeskiing World Tour Champion.  A National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer, she also runs Wright Training, where she helps folks such as Supper Club program chairman Frank Lyons develop core strength.  
Crystal Wright, World Freeski Champion Patricia McDonald 2012-09-25 00:00:00Z 0

Cancer Adventures

Posted by Patricia McDonald on Sep 17, 2012
Tonight's speakers were Marlys and Gary Johnson, who spoke movingly about their experience with cancer.  Researching ways to cope with Gary's prostate cancer, they became advocates of various support systems and healthy living and have created a book and speaking tour to spread their uplifting new life style.
Cancer Adventures Patricia McDonald 2012-09-18 00:00:00Z 0

Teton Habitat for Humanity

Posted by Patricia McDonald on Sep 10, 2012
This week's speaker was Sandy Hessler, Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity of the Greater Teton Area.  Habitat is a non-profit, ecumenical Christian organization that works in partnership with families in need to create simple, decent home-ownership opportunities.  Last December members of the Supper Club volunteered to help build a Jackson Habitat home as their holiday service project.  Thank you to Sandy and everyone who is involved with this outstanding organization.   
Teton Habitat for Humanity Patricia McDonald 2012-09-11 00:00:00Z 0

8th Annual Wine Tasting another big success

Posted by Patricia McDonald on Sep 08, 2012
After months of hard work, Supper Club members again showed up in force to host our 8th Annual Wine Tasting and Silent Auction.   This event is our big fundraiser of the year, and the funds raised from the wine tasting will be donated to help replace the fourth and last elk antler arch on the town square, while silent auction proceeds will help our Charitable Association sponsor many local, national and international projects.  Thanks once again to event chairman Sandra Dartus, to her hard-working committee chairman, to all our volunteers, and especially to our generous donors and supporters.  We couldn't do it without you.
8th Annual Wine Tasting another big success Patricia McDonald 2012-09-09 00:00:00Z 0

Club enjoys Jackson Lake potluck and boat tours

Posted by Helen Bishop on Sep 03, 2012
This week club members gathered at Colter Bay picnic area in Grand Teton National Park to share a potluck picnic and afterwards do some sightseeing on Jackson Lake.   Special thanks to Jim Wunsch, Rod Everett, Sadek Darwiche, Frank Lyons and Jack Welch for providing the motorboats and breathtaking twilight boat rides.
Club enjoys Jackson Lake potluck and boat tours Helen Bishop 2012-09-04 00:00:00Z 0

Polio immunization in Afghanistan

Posted by Patricia McDonald on Aug 27, 2012
Jim Graham (a Past District Gov. from Indiana) provided the club with a very moving visual presentation on his participation in Rotary's polio immunization work in Afghanistan. Spanning several years, the story involved his involvement with a man from a village that was destroyed and his courage to save his son and village and family.  Thank you Jim! Those in attendance will never forget your presentation!
Polio immunization in Afghanistan Patricia McDonald 2012-08-28 00:00:00Z 0

Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce

Posted by Patricia McDonald on Aug 20, 2012
Maureen Murphy and Ken Elliott of the Jackson Hole Chamber spoke at tonight's meeting about the many benefits of membership.  The Chamber promotes area businesses and tourism, sponsors popular community events such as the Fall Arts Festival and Elkfest, and hosts monthly mixers and other meetings to promote networking among its 900 member organizations.  
Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce Patricia McDonald 2012-08-21 00:00:00Z 0

District Governor Mike Forney

Posted by Scott Daily on Aug 13, 2012
Rotary District 5440 Governor Mike Forney, of the Steamboat Springs Rotary Club, made his official Club visit on August 14, 2012.  After updating the club on his goals for his year, he installed John and Michelle Farrell as new club members.
District Governor Mike Forney Scott Daily 2012-08-14 00:00:00Z 0

Stem Cells

Posted by Patricia McDonald on Aug 06, 2012
Thank you, Zach Hall, for tonight's very interesting presentation on stem cells.
Stem Cells Patricia McDonald 2012-08-07 00:00:00Z 0

The Microbrewing Revolution

Posted by Helen Bishop on Jul 30, 2012
Tim Harland, National Sales Director of Snake River Brewery, talked about the huge upsurge of interest in locally microbrewed beers nationwide.  "The Brewpub" (motto:  "from our river through your liver") has won hundreds of national and international brewing awards for its beers, and in 2000 and again in 2001 was named “Small Brewery of the Year” at the Great American Beer Festival in Denver, Colorado.  Thanks, Tim, for a great program, and for generously offering to donate five cases of your great beer for our upcoming charity raffle during the Fall Arts Festival!


The Microbrewing Revolution Helen Bishop 2012-07-31 00:00:00Z 0

Teton Free Clinic

Posted on Jul 16, 2012
Dr. Richard Sudgen, noted local physician, talked to us about the Teton Free Clinic, a local service provided to those folks that cannot afford care by other means. Staffed mostly by volunteers and paid for by donations, the Free Clinic operates every Tuesday night at 557 E Broadway in the offices of Family Practice Associates. They service up to 50 people a week and are open from 5:30 pm until 8:00 pm (or until the last patient is still waiting). For more information check out their web site at www.tetonfreeclinic.org.
Teton Free Clinic 2012-07-17 00:00:00Z 0

Charture Institute

Posted on Jul 09, 2012
Jonathan Schechter of the Charture Institute in Jackson, updated the Club on 22 in 21, a project to promote entrepreneurship in the Valley. He presented some statistics showing the sales revenues in various areas from several years back until today, and then talked about efforts to get new startup businesses entrenched in this area. Several recurring events, including an informal get-together held periodically to allow those folks interested and involved in business start-ups. For more information, go to 22in21.com.
Charture Institute 2012-07-10 00:00:00Z 0

Jackson Hole Youth Soccer

Posted by Patricia McDonald on Jul 02, 2012
Ivar Brock-Utne updated the club on the Jackson Hole Youth Soccer program, which offers programs year round.  Programs include recreational programs for ages 31/2 to 18 (Academy) and competitive programming for ages 10 to 18 (United), as well as special events such as tournaments, camps, referee certification and coaching certification courses.
Jackson Hole Youth Soccer Patricia McDonald 2012-07-03 00:00:00Z 0

Jim Wunsch named Rotarian of the Year

Posted by Patricia McDonald on Jun 26, 2012
Outgoing President Patty celebrated her impending retirement with a big bash at the Stagecoach Bar in Wilson, WY.  Club members turned out in force to enjoy pizza and cheesecake, hear about the club's accomplishments during 2011-12, and honor some special club leaders.   

Top club accomplishments included raising a record amount of money at last September's Wine Tasting and Auction, kicking off a series of Rush Parties for potential new members, exceeding the club's membership goals for the year, honoring a record 14 club Paul Harris Fellows during the first Paul Harris Annual Dinner to be held jointly with the Breakfast and Lunch clubs, producing a club banner, publishing a club history, joining the Chamber of Commerce, starting up a rainy day fund, and winning the district's Cecil Staver travelling trophy award for best club communications.  In addition, the Charitable Association gave out over $13,000 in donations to community, district, and international organizations and causes.  

Lastly, Pres. Patty paid special tribute to some of those who helped lead the club during her year in office.  Of particular note, she thanked Sadek as outgoing Program Chairman;  Harriet, Lynne and Sandy who are retiring from the board of directors; and finally Jim Wunsch, who for his outstanding service and support was named 2011-2012 Rotarian of the Year.   Congratulations to Jim, and to everyone in the club who helped make it such a successful year.
Jim Wunsch named Rotarian of the Year Patricia McDonald 2012-06-27 00:00:00Z 0

Thank you from Open Arms Orphanage

Posted by Patricia McDonald on Jun 12, 2012
Our young friend Tally Atkins recently sent our club a wonderful album filled with thank you cards, letters and pictures from the children and staff at Open Arms Home for Children in South Africa.  Open Arms provides a haven for over 48 orphans, and over the years our club members and Charitable Association have supported it through funding and items for the children.  Tally reports that it now boasts a new soccer field, three new houses, a self sustainable vegetable garden, and new main hall.  In her words:  "On behalf of everyone at Open Arms, I cannot thank you enough for your generosity....At Open Arms there are always babies to hold, children to teach, beautiful young minds to learn from and precious lives to love.  Thank you for enriching the qualify of life for all these precious individuals." 
Thank you from Open Arms Orphanage Patricia McDonald 2012-06-13 00:00:00Z 0

Supper Club wins prestigious district Cecil Staver Award

Posted by Patricia McDonald on Jun 12, 2012
At last weekend's District 5440 Conference in Estes Park, our club was honored with the Cecil Staver Award.  This award, which is given to only one club in the district per year, recognizes the club with the best website, newsletter, and overall "Best Club Communications Efforts".  There's even a traveling trophy which our club will proudly display for the next year!  Kudos to our fabuolous webmaster Scott Daily and everyone who has worked hard to improve our club's communications.   
Supper Club wins prestigious district Cecil Staver Award Patricia McDonald 2012-06-13 00:00:00Z 0

Fire Festival and Vista 360

Posted by Patricia McDonald on Jun 04, 2012
Tonight's speaker was Candra Day, Director of the Jackson Hole Fire Festival (www.jhfirefestival.org), who talked about the upcoming June 14-20 Solstice party of cultural and arts events, celebrating the natural world of our valley, Japanese-style.   The festival is patterned after a similar festival near Mt. Fuji in Japan, and will feature drumming, film screenings, family events, food and drink, a festival market and performances, and culminate in a Japanese fire ceremony – a dazzling street fair lit by the blaze of torches.
Fire Festival and Vista 360 Patricia McDonald 2012-06-05 00:00:00Z 0

Wyoming Business Coalition on Health

Posted on May 28, 2012
Casper Rotarian Anne Ladd, CEO of the Wyoming Business Council on Healthcare, stopped by our club meeting on May 29.  She told us about her non-profit organization that hopes to educate Wyoming businesses about current health care issues and facilitate a dialogue between those businesses and health care providers. After describing the health care situation in Wyoming, she led a spirited discussion amongst the Club members in attendance. Her organization does not "take sides" but is actively working towards more effective options for businesses to provide to their employees. Thanks, Anne, for joining us! For more information on her organization visit http://www.wyohealth.org.
Wyoming Business Coalition on Health 2012-05-29 00:00:00Z 0

Old West Days Parade

Posted by Helen Bishop on May 26, 2012
Paul Perry readied the Club's beautiful and newly-sized float for last Saturday morning's Jackson Old West Days Parade.  The storm clouds cleared in time for members to enjoy participating in the annual event through the center of town.  Scott Daily drove the truck and float, Paul Perry campaigned, Sandy Seitz and Helen Bishop (assisted by her gun-toting chihuahua) carried the club banner, Harriet Minczeski and Jack Welch toted a second Rotary banner, and Rod Everett terrorized us in his tiny Shrine car!  The photo taken before the parade started shows US SenatorJohn Barrasso, Helen, and Paul visiting.  That's Paul behind the balloons--that's what happens when you give a stranger your camera!
Old West Days Parade Helen Bishop 2012-05-27 00:00:00Z 0

It Pays to Support Rotary Events!

Posted by Helen Bishop on May 26, 2012
wh-4p-ol-gdMany members of our Club attended and volunteered at the Noon Club's 24th Annual Wine Fest on Friday night, May 25.  A huge crowd filled the Snow King Center, all vying to taste more than 400 wines from around the world, with proceeds to benefit their club's Rotary Scholarship Fund.  There was a big silent auction, and in addition raffle tickets were sold for prizes of $3,000, $2,000 and nine cases of wine.  Our club scored big with Helen Bishop and Lydia Leitch each winning a case of wine, and Paul Perry snatching the $2,000 prize.  Yippee, finally donations pay off!
It Pays to Support Rotary Events! Helen Bishop 2012-05-27 00:00:00Z 0

St. Jude's July 14 Fundraiser

Posted by Helen Bishop on May 26, 2012
At our May 22 meeting, Ashley Sain from St. Jude's Research Center in Memphis, TN, talked about their upcoming fundraiser.  A "Songwriters' Supper Grand Gala" will be held on July 14 on the lawn of the Center for the  Arts, featuring three notable songwriters from Nashville.  St. Jude's hopes to fill 30 tables (a table of 8 will be $1,000) and bring in 250 people.  Hopefully, members of our club will consider sponsoring a table, so mark your calendars and start planning.

Also, we heard a follow-up report on the recent Cinco de Mayo "Young Professionals" gathering by Sadek Darwiche, Tote Turner and Jessica Weeman.  They are hoping that the well-attended event at Trio Gallery may produce some new and younger members.  Tote's sister, Kathryn, was introduced and thanked for hosting the festive event.
St. Jude's July 14 Fundraiser Helen Bishop 2012-05-27 00:00:00Z 0

St. John's Medical Center

Posted by Patricia McDonald on May 15, 2012
This week's program featured the administrative leadership team of St. John's Medical Center.  John Kren (CFO and Interim CEO), Gary Trauner (COO), and Lynn Kirman (Chief Nursing Officer) provided an excellent report on all the latest news from St. John's.  In addition, the club was pleased to have Past District Governor Dave Scriven and his wife Janice, along with their Rotary exchange student Paulo and his Brazilian family, join us for our meeting, along with Assistant District Governor Ken Small.
St. John's Medical Center Patricia McDonald 2012-05-16 00:00:00Z 0

The Truth About Sacagawea

Posted by Patricia McDonald on May 08, 2012
Ken ThomasmaMany thanks to local author Ken Thomasma for a fascinating program about Sacagawea and her pivotal role in the Lewis and Clark Expedition.  Ken has written a number of children's books about Native Americans, along with his extremely popular non-fiction book "The Truth About Sacagawea".  If you missed his presentation, you can check out his website or catch him during one of his regular talks at the Jackson Hole Visitor Center.

Thank you also to Richard Tambor for his moving musical Inspiration, written by his son.  Each note in the piece commemorates an individual soldier who has fallen during the Afghan conflict. 

FYI, Helen is making a Supper Club basket to auction off at District Conference next month.  If anyone has any local or Wyoming items to include (ex:  huckleberry goodies, hats, coupons, etc.), please bring them to next week's meeting.

Finally, Rod reminded everyone that Saturday is the 44th Annual Community Spring Clean Up.  If you can help, please show up at the Town Square, Old Wilson School, or Hoback Market at 9 am for coffee, doughnuts, bags and orange vests.  There will be a free picnic lunnch at noon for all volunteers. 
The Truth About Sacagawea Patricia McDonald 2012-05-09 00:00:00Z 0

Young Professionals "Cinco de Mayo" Fiesta

Posted by Patricia McDonald on May 03, 2012
Cinco de Mayo Fiesta!Congratulations to our club's youngest members---Tote, Jessica, and Sadek---for organizing our first-ever "young professionals" event to introduce more young people to our club.  The Cinco de Mayo Fiesta, held at Trio Fine Art and aimed at the under-40 crowd, was a huge success.  Over 50 young people from many different professions came together to network and learn about Rotary and the Supper Club over tapas, wine, margaritas and art.  A special thanks to Kathryn Turner and Trio Fine Art for hosting this fun evening.   
Young Professionals "Cinco de Mayo" Fiesta Patricia McDonald 2012-05-04 00:00:00Z 0

An Explanation of Immigration Law

Posted by Patricia McDonald on May 01, 2012
At last night's meeting, Elizabeth Trefonas of Trefonas Law PC gave a fascinating presentation about the complexities of immigration law and the challenges it presents to both immigrants and employers in Jackson and nationwide.  Trefonas keeps very busy as one of only three immigration lawyers in the entire state of WY, and in addition is serving for two consecutive terms as president of the Rotary Breakfast Club.  

In addition, the club said a sad goodbye to honorary member Chris Coats, who is leaving the valley to be near her new grandchild in CO.  Chris and Scott Coats founded the Jackson-based Trailblazers Foundation to build water wells and other facilities in rural Cambodia, a cause which our club has strongly supported over the years.  Thank you, Chris, for all you've done----we'll miss you.

Finally, members were reminded about the upcoming "Young Professionals" Cinco de Mayo reception on Thursday, May 3, at Trio Fine Arts.  If you know any young professionals interested in attending this fun event and learning more about our club and Rotary, please pass their names on to event organizers Tote Turner, Sadek Darwiche or Jessica Weeman.    
An Explanation of Immigration Law Patricia McDonald 2012-05-02 00:00:00Z 0

Off Square Theatre Company

Posted by Helen Bishop on Apr 24, 2012
Club members were impressed to learn about the workings of Off Square Theater Company, presented by Caryn Flanagan, Artistic Director, and Natalie Duncan Macker, Director of Education.  Off Square is the resident theater company for Jackson's Center for the Arts, as well as Wyoming's only year-round professional theater company.  It nurtures local talent and brings in guest artists to enhance performances.  In 2011 they presented 40 performances attended by some 5,000 locals and visitors.  The company also has year-round youth theatre education and summer performance camps.  Be sure to mark your calendar for their next comedy, "God of Courage", May 10-19, and buy tickets early for the hilarious adaptation of Alfred Hitchcock's "The 39 Steps" on Aug 9-18 in the 'Black Box' Theatre.  Thank you ladies!
Off Square Theatre Company Helen Bishop 2012-04-25 00:00:00Z 0

Dictionary Project Completed

Posted by Helen Bishop on Apr 22, 2012
Our club recently finished distributing this year's dictionaries to all Teton County third graders, thanks again to the leadership of Project Chairman and Past President Francis Warziniack.  Wilson Elementary students received their books on April 10 from Francis and club members Chris Coats, Tote Turner and Lynn Whalen.  In addition, Francis,Tote, Harriet Minczeski and Bill Winney handed out dictionaries and talked about Rotary to John Colter Elementary students on April 23. Earlier this year Scott Daily delivered books to Teton Science School, Rod Everett gave them out at Alta Elementary School, while Helen Bishop delivered dictionaries to delighted students at Moran Elementary. Thank you to Francis and everyone for making this this annual project an ongoing success. 
Dictionary Project Completed Helen Bishop 2012-04-23 00:00:00Z 0

Yellowstone-Teton Clean Energy Coalition

Posted by Patricia McDonald on Apr 17, 2012
This week's speaker was Phillip Cameron, Executive Director the the Yellowstone-Teton Clean Energy Coalition, who spoke about the group's work to promote renewable energy and clean air vehibles such as natural gas and electric cars.  For more information about YTCEC, click here.

Thanks to everyone who brought a prospective member to the meeting.  Kudos also to Doug Schultz, who filled in as Sergeant at Arms, and who was recently honored with the Jackson Hole Weekly's "Best Lawyer---Bronze Award."  Way to go Doug!
Yellowstone-Teton Clean Energy Coalition Patricia McDonald 2012-04-18 00:00:00Z 0

A great winter for Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

Posted by Patricia McDonald on Apr 10, 2012
JHMR Marketing Director Chip Carey told club members that the 2011-12 winter season ended with the second highest level of visitation in the resort's history---479,000 visits.  The ski area will open the Tram for the summer season on Saturday, May 26, followed by the new Bike Park on June 16, and the Bridger Gondola and Couloir Restaurant on June 18. For more information, click here.

And a special thank you to Jessica for serving as our fill-in Sergeant at Arms.
A great winter for Jackson Hole Mountain Resort Patricia McDonald 2012-04-11 00:00:00Z 0

Double RI Foundation points available towards your next Paul Harris

Posted by Patricia McDonald on Apr 04, 2012


The Rotary Foundation will be offering double Foundation recognition points for all recurring contributions (through Rotary Direct) to the Annual Fund between 1 April and 1 July 2012. 

What is Rotary Direct?  Rotary Direct (formerly known as TRF-Direct) is The Rotary Foundation’s recurring giving program. Select an amount, frequency (monthly, quarterly or annually), and contribution method. You can set up recurring gifts to the Annual Fund, PolioPlus and the Areas of Focus.

Questions about this promotion may be directed to Rotary’s Contact Center: contact.center@rotary.org or by phone, 866.976.8279.


Double RI Foundation points available towards your next Paul Harris Patricia McDonald 2012-04-05 00:00:00Z 0

Club funds working in Rwanda

Posted by Patricia McDonald on Apr 03, 2012
Lunch Club member and county commissioner Paul Vogelheim gave a moving presentation about his work to help Rwandans recover from their country's 1994 genocide.  Vogelheim and others raised money to purchase a 70 acre property near Lake Kiva for a retreat center for forgiveness and healing.  Now he and former DG Stuart Palmer are seeking a global grant through Rotary to build a water system for the Center for the Secret of Peace.  The Supper Club's Charitable Foundation has donated $2000 in matching funds for this important project.  

In addition, thank you to Ray Bishop for filling in as Sergeant at Arms.
Club funds working in Rwanda Patricia McDonald 2012-04-04 00:00:00Z 0

Supper Club joins Chamber of Commerce

Posted by Patricia McDonald on Mar 28, 2012
The Jackson Hole Rotary Supper Club is now a proud member of the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce.  Our club has partnered with the Chamber on a number of projects over the years, including our Wine Tasting during the Chamber's Fall Arts Festival, and WinterFest which the Chamber has enthusiastically embraced to help boost our valley's winter economy.  We look forward to our new relationship and all the benefits of belonging to this great organization.  For more about the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce, click here.
Supper Club joins Chamber of Commerce Patricia McDonald 2012-03-29 00:00:00Z 0

Tally heads to Open Arms Orphanage

Posted by Patricia McDonald on Mar 28, 2012
One of our favorite former Interact students, Tally Atkins, is heading back to the Open Arms Orphanage in South Africa next week.  Our club is an ongoing supporter of Open Arms, which houses orphans with HIV and AIDS.  Tally needs the following items, which are hard to find in that area, for the children:  Vicks Menthol Rub, anti-fungal cream with aloe, kids cough drops, latex gloves, craft projects, and musical instruments.   If you can donate any of these things, please bring them to next week's club meeting, or contact Tally at tallyatkins@yahoo.com or on her Facebook page.   For more about Open Arms Orphanage, click here.
Tally heads to Open Arms Orphanage Patricia McDonald 2012-03-29 00:00:00Z 0

The Murie Center

Posted by Patricia McDonald on Mar 26, 2012
This week's program was provided by Crista Valentino, Director of Programs and Communications for the Murie Center.  Crista talked about the legacy of the Murie family, their contributions to conservation, and some of the Center's recent activities such as their program for inner-city middle schoolers from Chicago and Brooklyn.   For more about the Murie Center, click here

Also, frequent guest Dave Bishop delivered a memorable Inspiration about the Pledge of Allegiance, and new member Ruth Ellefson filled in as Sergeant of Arms for the vacationing Rodfather. 
The Murie Center Patricia McDonald 2012-03-27 00:00:00Z 0

Rush Party #2

Posted by Patricia McDonald on Mar 20, 2012
Our second Rush Party was another big hit!  Club members invited a number of friends, family and colleagues interested in learning more about our club to join us at Jim Wunsch's home for pizza, pot-luck goodies, wine and fellowship.  Everyone had a good time, and several guests indicated an interest in joining the club and/or attending future club meetings to learn more about Rotary and the Supper Club.  Thanks to those who made it a success, and especially Jim for so graciously opening up his home.  
Rush Party #2 Patricia McDonald 2012-03-21 00:00:00Z 0

Teton County Comprehensive Plan Update

Posted by Patricia McDonald on Mar 12, 2012
This week we were honored to have two Teton County Commissioners, Hank Phibbs and Paul Perry (also a member of our club!) talk to us about the update to the county's "Comp Plan".  The commissioners explained where we are in the process and how citizens can continue to get involved, and did an excellent job of answering questions from the audience.  Many thanks to both gentlemen for taking time from their busy schedules to provide a timely and informative program.

For more information on the Teton County Comprehensive Plan, click here.
Teton County Comprehensive Plan Update Patricia McDonald 2012-03-13 00:00:00Z 0

Rotary Ski Day

Posted by Patricia McDonald on Mar 05, 2012
A dozen of our club members participated in this year's Rotary Ski Day, hosted by the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.  Every year JHMR President Jerry Blann (a member of the Lunch Club) generously invites all area Rotarians to ski at The Village free of charge and bring a friend.   The ski area also hosted a great lunch for the skiing Rotarians, and afterwards updated us on its ongoing activities.  Thank you to everyone at JHMR for a terrific day! 
Rotary Ski Day Patricia McDonald 2012-03-06 00:00:00Z 0

Rivers of Recovery

Posted by Patricia McDonald on Mar 05, 2012
Kendra Rounding from Rivers of Recovery gave a very moving presentation about this Jackson-based program, which takes combat veterans with psychological and physical disabilities on four day fly fishing trips to help them rebuild their confidence and connect with others like themselves.  For more information on this organization, click here.
Rivers of Recovery Patricia McDonald 2012-03-06 00:00:00Z 0

Paul Harris Dinner a great success

Posted by Patricia McDonald on Mar 04, 2012
On Saturday evening, March 3, over 60 members of the Jackson Hole Breakfast, Lunch and Supper Clubs gathered at the National Museum of Wildlife Art to honor their Paul Harris Fellows.  District 5440 Governor Mary McCambridge traveled from Ft. Collins, CO, to serve as our keynote speaker and talk about the importance of the Rotary Foundation's work at home and abroad.  In addition, Bill Pettus, Regional Rotary Foundation Coordinator for Zone 27, described the various levels of giving. 

After a delicious dinner, MC Rich Tambor invited the three club presidents to hand out their awards to each of this year's first-time and repeat Paul Harris Fellows.  The Supper Club honored the following 14 Paul Harris recipients:  Helen Bishop (Paul Harris +4),  frequent club attendee Dave Bishop, Scott Daily (+1), Kevin Johnson (a surprise first-time recipient), Rod Everett (+5), a cousin of Rod's who serves in the Air Force in Nevada, Nyles Ellefson (+1), Patty McDonald (+1), Paul Perry (+3), Rich Tambor ((+5), Rich Whalen (who was in England), Jim Wunsch (+5), and Diana and Doyle Vaughan (first-time recipients).  All in all, it was a gala evening.  Congratulations to all of this year's Paul Harris Fellows!
Paul Harris Dinner a great success Patricia McDonald 2012-03-05 00:00:00Z 0

A Message from District 5440----Disaster Relief Efforts

Posted by Patricia McDonald on Feb 28, 2012

Each year the district allocates a limited number of dollars in emergency funds to assist other Rotary districts when disaster strikes.  We prefer to use these funds as challenge grants so that our individual members can also participate if they choose to do so.  As you know, this past year has marked a number of tragic disasters including the devastating March earthquake in Japan and tornado destruction in Joplin, Missouri, which our district sent relief funds to earlier. 

District Governor Mary McCambridge and the Executive Committee have approved $1,000 in additional matching grants for each of the following regions:

THAILAND/CAMBODIA- Millions have been affected by the flooding in early October. Cambodia, which has been hit by an above-average monsoonal rainy season. 269 people were dead in Thailand and another 207 people perished inCambodia.

TURKEY – A massive earthquake struck southeastern Turkey on Sundayafternoon, October 23rd, killing 604 and leaving it least 60,000 people homeless. The quake was the deadliest in Turkey in sixty years.  District Rotarians have already matched the district challenge grant with more than $2,000 in disaster relief funds.

PHILLIPINES- Tens of thousands remain homeless in the aftermath of the tropical storm that hit the island of Mindanao before Christmas.  The storm triggered large-scale flooding and land slides that affected more than 1 million people. 

Rotarians can match any or all of these district grants by sending their tax deductible contribution payable to: Casper Rotary Foundation.  Earmark your contribution by noting your preferences in the memo section of your check.  If memo section is not filled out your contribution will be divided equally amongst all three challenge grants.

Mail your donations to our Rotary District 5440 Office c/o Kellie Tovar, 3729 W. 22nd Street, Greeley, CO 80634 by March 15, 2012.

A Message from District 5440----Disaster Relief Efforts Patricia McDonald 2012-02-29 00:00:00Z 0

Building Membership

Posted by Patricia McDonald on Feb 27, 2012
Membership Committee Co-Chairmen Tote Turner and Jim Wunsch led a discussion about the importance of building club membership.   Later club members brainstormed and came up with a list of friends, family, and colleagues to invite to future club meetings and the upcoming Rush Party on March 20. 
Building Membership Patricia McDonald 2012-02-28 00:00:00Z 0

Presidential Pack Trip

Posted on Feb 20, 2012

Helen Bishop (President Elect Nominee) gave a report and showed slides from last summer's horse pack trip, when she and Past President Rod Everett, Past President Sandy Seitz, President Patty McDonald, Rotarian husband Dave and friend and trip organizer Billy Peterson traveled 100 miles over the Continental Divide from Moran to Cody.  Thanks, Helen!

Presidential Pack Trip 2012-02-21 00:00:00Z 0
New Member "Who Am I" -- Doug Schultz 2012-02-21 00:00:00Z 0
7th Annual Paul Harris Banquet Patricia McDonald 2012-02-20 00:00:00Z 0

Improving Relationships

Posted by Patricia McDonald on Feb 13, 2012
For our Valentine's Day program, local couples therapist Oliver Goss talked about common mistakes that couples make in dealing with each other, and how they can improve the quality of their relationships by using some simple but oft-ignored techniques.  FYI, Oliver will be conducting a couples workshop in March to further explore these issues.  In addition, new member Ruth Ellefson gave an entertaining "Who Am I?" speech, and later she and Nyles won the club prize for Longest Married Couple (in attendance, at least)-----56 happy years together.  Congratulations Ruth and Nyles!
Improving Relationships Patricia McDonald 2012-02-14 00:00:00Z 0

RI Foundation---Making a Difference

Posted by Patricia McDonald on Feb 06, 2012

RI Foundation Chair Rich Tambor gave an excellent presentation about the Rotary International Foundation, its PolioPlus program, and Every Rotarian Every Year, which encourages every Rotarian to give $100 to the Foundation every year.  In addition, Rich updated us on the upcoming Paul Harris Dinner on March 3, which we are hosting jointly this year with the Breakfast and Lunch Clubs and where we will honor our new Paul Harris Fellows.  The club is offering a fantastic opportunity to anyone who wants to support the RI Foundation.  If you make a donation, the club will match that amount.  So if you give $500, the club will match it and you'll be making a donation of $1000, enough for a Paul Harris Fellowship.  And for first time Paul Harris Fellows, the club and some generous private individuals will double-match your contribution, so you'd only have to give $333 to earn your Paul Harris.  It's a great deal for anyone who wants to help fund the RI Foundation's work to eliminate polio, provide humanitarian help to millions, and promote peace around the world.   

In addition, Jessica gave a great "Who Am I?" speech, and Assistant District Governor Ken Small presented the club with a check from District Governor Mary McCambridge for $112, to use towards promoting literacy.


RI Foundation---Making a Difference Patricia McDonald 2012-02-07 00:00:00Z 0

Charitable Association Gets Donation from the Club

Posted by Patricia McDonald on Jan 30, 2012
Club Treasurer Jim Green presents a check to Rich Whelan, Chairman of the Charitable Association Board of Trustees.  This $5000 donation will help the Charitable Association continue its good work of donating grants and funds to local, district, national and international projects and other deserving causes. Thanks to all club members who helped raise the money to make this possible!
Charitable Association Gets Donation from the Club Patricia McDonald 2012-01-31 00:00:00Z 0

Report from a Political Operative

Posted by Patricia McDonald on Jan 30, 2012

Eileen Prugh gave a fascinating program before a packed audience about her work in Washington, DC making television ads for national political campaigns.  She showed several spots which her firm produced, including the famous one where a Chinese leader lectures about the reasons for America's decline. 



Report from a Political Operative Patricia McDonald 2012-01-31 00:00:00Z 0

New Members Inducted

Posted by Patricia McDonald on Jan 30, 2012
 We are very pleased to introduce the three newest members in the Jackson Hole Rotary Supper Club. Welcome Jessica Weeman, Ruth Ellefson, and Doug Schultz!
New Members Inducted Patricia McDonald 2012-01-31 00:00:00Z 0

JHHS RoboBroncs

Posted by Scott Daily on Jan 16, 2012

On January 17 Club members were treated to a program by the Jackson Hole High School RoboBroncs, the robotics team from the high school. Represented in fine fashion by members Ashley, Harrison, John and Nick the team showed a presentation on their club and also brought some small robots for our Members to examine and play with examine after the meeting.

The RoboBroincs were formed 3 years ago and have grown to the point they have 2 parts to the club, one that does fundraising and the other constructing the robots. They have achieved success along the way, last year going to the National Championships in St LouisHarrison and Nick. They look forward to going again this season. Way to go, RobobBroncs!

JHHS RoboBroncs Scott Daily 2012-01-17 00:00:00Z 0

Children's Learning Center

Posted by Patricia McDonald on Jan 09, 2012
Patti Boyd, new executive director of the Children's Learning Center, gave an excellent presentation about the importance of childhood learning prior to kindergarden.  CLC has been in existence for 40 years, and is the largest pre-school facility in our area, with over 100 children enrolled.  For more about the CLC, click here.
Children's Learning Center Patricia McDonald 2012-01-10 00:00:00Z 0

Stories of Old Time Jackson Hole

Posted on Dec 19, 2011
 Harold Turner of the Triangle X Ranch charmed us with his stories of growing up in Jackson Hole when it was "still the frontier."   Thanks, Harold, for a great program and wonderful tales from the good old days.
Stories of Old Time Jackson Hole 2011-12-20 00:00:00Z 0

Club members swing hammers for Habitat for Humanity

Posted by Patricia McDonald on Dec 16, 2011
On Saturday, over a dozen club members showed up at 525 E. Hall Ave. to roll up their sleeves and go to work helping build several new Habitat for Humanity houses.   In the cold and frosty air we balanced on ladders, nailed trim, painted walls, installed insulation, and swept mountains of debris, all as part of our club's Holiday Service Project to give back to our community.  Ellen Wilson generously provided PBJ sandwiches which everyone wolfed down during a sunny picnic lunch out on a porch.  Thank you Norm, Rod, Sandy, Ellen, Richard, Jim Wunsch, Anne, Harriet, Jim Green and everyone else who gave up part of their weekend to help provide a home for a local family----and have a little fun in the process. 

For more information on Jackson Hole Habitat for Humanity, click here.
Club members swing hammers for Habitat for Humanity Patricia McDonald 2011-12-17 00:00:00Z 0

Blood donations needed; Club elections

Posted by Patricia McDonald on Dec 13, 2011
Last night our program speaker Becky Sprunger from United Blood Services talked eloquently about the need for ongoing blood donations in our community.  Becky has a special place in her heart for Rotary, as her daughter Sara received $3000 from her local Rotary club for winning a writing contest about dealing with life's challenges.   United Blood Services provides all the blood in Jackson, and will hold its next blood drive on Dec. 28 and 29 at Shepherd of the Mountain Lutheran Church. 

In addition, the club elected Helen Bishop as President-elect nominee, and Rich Tambor, Sadek and Tote as its three new board members as of July 1, 2012. In addition, the Charitable Association elected Diana Vaughan to join the board of trustees. She will serve alongside new Vice Chairman Joe Schloss, who was recently appointed to fill the vacancy created by Jim Christofferson's departure to CA.

Thank you, Becky, for a great program, and congratulations to our new board members and officers!
Blood donations needed; Club elections Patricia McDonald 2011-12-14 00:00:00Z 0

Christmas Partying

Posted by Patricia McDonald on Dec 10, 2011
On Saturday, over 60 club members and our guests gathered for the club's fabulous Christmas Party at the Four Seasons Resort.  Helen and Dave Bishop kicked things off with a merry pre-party in their hotel room, and then folks moved downstairs to The Peak bar and restaurant for a delicious dinner and more holiday cheer.  Everyone agreed it was a fun and festive evening in a beautiful setting.  Congratulations and thanks to our intrepid program chairman Sadek for coming up with the venue and pulling it all together. 
Christmas Partying Patricia McDonald 2011-12-11 00:00:00Z 0

Rush Party a big success!

Posted by Patricia McDonald on Dec 06, 2011
Many thanks to Membership Committee Co-Chair Tote Turner and his wife Christine for hosting last night's great "Rush Party" at their home in Melody Ranch.  Over a dozen guests showed up to enjoy the delicious potluck dinner and learn more about the Supper Club and Rotary's mission of "Service Above Self".  Our club is in the middle of a membership drive, seeking out potential new members interested in giving back to our community and world and having fun doing so.  If you know anyone interested in joining, please invite them to an upcoming club meeting or social event so they can find out for themselves about all the good work that Rotary and our club are doing at home and abroad.
Rush Party a big success! Patricia McDonald 2011-12-07 00:00:00Z 0

Tasting Evening at Vom Fass

Posted by Patricia McDonald on Nov 29, 2011
Tuesday's meeting was held at Vom Fass, which translates literally as "from the cask".   The store, located off the town square, sells gourmet culinary condiments, fruit vinegars, exquisite oils and other delectables.  Members spent a wonderful evening sampling selected wines, exotic liquors, and fine and rare spirits.   Many thanks to owner Kim Weiss for donating the evening for our Silent Auction last fall.  And a big thank you also to Helen Bishop for being the high bidder, and then generously donating it back to the club for a fun off-site social event.   

For more information about Vom Foss in Jackson Hole, click here.   
Tasting Evening at Vom Fass Patricia McDonald 2011-11-30 00:00:00Z 0

Helping Restore the Elk Antler Arches

Posted by Patricia McDonald on Nov 26, 2011
Club members gathered during the annual "Lighting of the Square" ceremoney to present a giant $1000 check to Mayor Mark Barron.  Every year the club donates the proceeds from its wine tasting fundraiser during the Fall Arts Festival to help restore the elk antler arches on the town square. 
Helping Restore the Elk Antler Arches Patricia McDonald 2011-11-27 00:00:00Z 0

Attracting new young members

Posted by Patricia McDonald on Nov 15, 2011

Last night three of our younger members appeared on a panel to give the club some ideas on how to attract more young members.  Ian, Tote and Sadek all emphasized the importance of approaching younger people and simply "asking".  They said lots of younger professionals are interested, but we need to invite them to our meetings and to join our club.  They said one of the best ways to get folks interested is via off-site social events, like Christmas parties or maybe a recruiting reception.  In addition, we need to make sure prospective younger members feel welcome, make our programs interesting and relevant to them, and tout what we are doing locally to help the community.  If and when young people join the club, we need to engage them in programs early on, and consider changing the way we do Sergent at Arms to make it more fun for new and existing members alike. 

Everyone agreed that it was a very information discussion.  Thanks Ian, Tote, and Sadek for some great suggestions, which we plan to implement soon!




Attracting new young members Patricia McDonald 2011-11-16 00:00:00Z 0

Grand Teton Lodge Company

Posted by Helen Bishop on Oct 25, 2011
 Last night members were treated to a presentation on the success of GTLC from John Rutter, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of the corporation that runs Jackson Lake Lodge, Colter Bay Village, Jenny Lake Lodge, Jackson Hole Golf and Tennis, Gros Ventre Campground, and new to the fold, Flagg Ranch Company.  The motto "Insired by Our Heritage, A Pathway to Sustainability" summarizes the corporation's vision, mission and values.  We were all impressed with the 30 year history of the resort and its dedication to preserving our environment through its Envision systems.  As we all use these facilities in many ways, we now have gained an appreciation of his efforts.  Thank you John!

For more information about Grand Teton Lodge Company, click here.
Grand Teton Lodge Company Helen Bishop 2011-10-26 00:00:00Z 0

Club receives prestigious RI Significant Achievement Award

Posted by Helen Bishop on Oct 25, 2011
Past president Scott Daily and club co-founder Rod Everett hold this very special award from Rotary International for Significant Achievement in producing Winterfest weekend last February.  WinterFest was conceived by Rod as a way to help boost the area's economy during the long winter months, and Paul Perry led the club's efforts to make the dream a reality.  It was a huge success and generated great publicity for our club and Rotary as several thousand people showed up to enjoy the Outrageous Air Show, Snow Sculpture Contest, Dodgeball on Tce Tournament, K9 Keg Pull, Kids Snow Painting, Texas Hold'em Tournament and many other WinterFest events, virtually guaranteeing that the event will become an annual community event.  RI only gives out one Significant Achievement Award per district, so we are honored to have received it.  Thanks to all club members for helping making this event so successful.    
Club receives prestigious RI Significant Achievement Award Helen Bishop 2011-10-26 00:00:00Z 0

Thank you Sandra!

Posted by Helen Bishop on Oct 25, 2011
 Roses and many thanks to Sandra Dartus Horwitz for all the hard work you put into our Wine Tasting last month.  We will miss you as you journey back to your beautiful New Orleans home and welcome you back next May.  Our huge fund raising success was due in large part to your organization and hard work.  Tote Turner was very proud to give the bouquet to you!
Thank you Sandra! Helen Bishop 2011-10-26 00:00:00Z 0

Visioning---Part 2

Posted by Patricia McDonald on Oct 17, 2011

Club members finished updating our "Visioning" goals for the future by voting for the following top priorities:  Community Service----Adopt and Maintain a Rotary Park;  Vocational Service----Dictionary Program for 3rd Graders;  International Service----Water Project in Cambodia;  Public Relations-----Nice club banner to exchange;  RI Foundation Service----All club members contribute annually.   Thank you to everyone who participated in this effort to help guide our club over the next few years. 

Also, Rich Tambor described Rotary Foundation's new, major online campaign to help eradicate polio.  Next week (Oct. 21-24), donors will receive 2 for 1 recognition for every online contribution of $100 or more made to PolioPlus at www.rotary.org/contribute.  That means if you donate $500, the Foundation will match it and you'll be contributing a total of $1000, enough for a Paul Harris fellowship.  We are at a historic moment----less than 1% away from the end of polio forever.  In honor of World Polio Day on October 24, please consider helping Rotary finish the job by participating in this initiative. 


Visioning---Part 2 Patricia McDonald 2011-10-18 00:00:00Z 0

Understanding the Millennium Generation

Posted by Patricia McDonald on Oct 10, 2011
Speaker Lise Stewart, founder of the Galliard Group and nationally recognized speaker on family businesses, gave a fascinating presentation on how the Millennium Generation (20 to 30 year olds) work, play and think in today's changing marketplace.  Thank you to Manufacturing Works, a non-profit that partners with the University of WY and WY Business Council to help businesses create wealth, for bringing Lise to Jackson.  Thanks also to Snow King for hosting us so graciously!
Understanding the Millennium Generation Patricia McDonald 2011-10-11 00:00:00Z 0

Visioning---Part 1

Posted by Patricia McDonald on Oct 03, 2011
Club members turned out in force to review our four-year old "Visioning" goals, which basically amount to our club's strategic plan for the future.  The evening turned out to be more fun than labor, as everyone enthusiastically voted to support many of the club's original goals.  However, folks did agree that some early priorities needed to be revised.   If fact, there were so many good ideas that we only made it half way through our agenda before the meeting  ended.  So......hip hip hooray!   We've scheduled a follow-up "Visioning Part 2" session for Tuesday, Nov. 1.   President Patty promises it will be even more fun that Part 1, and could even include a re-emergence of the famous "dots".  Come find out what it's all about.     
Visioning---Part 1 Patricia McDonald 2011-10-04 00:00:00Z 0

Historical Museum hosts our Potluck Meeting

Posted by Helen Bishop on Sep 27, 2011
 The Jackson Hole Historical Society and Museum hosted our September 27 "Off Site" potluck and meeting.  After a vibrant social hour and feasting in the community room, the Museum staff welcomed us and outlined the present and future of the new museum on Cache Street.  Executive Director Lokey Lytjen, Director of Development Tom Hickey and Curator of Education Karen Reinhart each described their roles and goals and then we divided into groups and toured the museum.  To learn more about this organization, click here.
Historical Museum hosts our Potluck Meeting Helen Bishop 2011-09-28 00:00:00Z 0

Being a Flight Attendant Post 9/11

Posted by Patricia McDonald on Sep 19, 2011
 Ann FIsh, a current United Airlines Flight Attendant, talked to our Club about her career after the events of 9/11. She gave some practical demonstrations of some basic self-defense techniques (enjoyed by all) and described the changes in training given to  Flight Attendants. She spent several years flying internationally and is now flying domestically. She dispelled several rumors about the job ("No, most male attendants are NOT gay!") and brought some items for show-and-tell. Thanks, Ann, for a very informative program!
Being a Flight Attendant Post 9/11 Patricia McDonald 2011-09-20 00:00:00Z 0

Lynyrd Skynyrd tour manager tells all

Posted by Patricia McDonald on Sep 12, 2011

Tonight's speaker was Rick Howe, former tour manager for Lynyrd Skynyrd, who regaled the club with behind-the-scene stories of life on the road with the famous band.  Members also reviewed initial estimates of income from Sunday's wine tasting, which looks to be our most profitable year to date.  Next week the club will review its long-term "Visioning" goals and break into committee sessions. 

Lynyrd Skynyrd tour manager tells all Patricia McDonald 2011-09-13 00:00:00Z 0

7th annual Wine Tasting and Auctions raise money for charity

Posted by Patricia McDonald on Sep 10, 2011
ImageSunday was a beautiful day, and locals and visitors alike descended in droves on the" big tent" on the town square to sample wine and hunt for auction bargains.  Thanks to the generous businesses who donated all the wine and auction items, and thanks also to the club members and volunteers who worked for months to make the event such a success.  Event Coordinator Sandra Dartus Horwitz deserves special kudos for bringing a new level of organization and professionalism to the event, which is our biggest fundraiser of the year.  Meanwhile committee chairmen Diana and Doyle Vaughan (Wine), Tote Turner and Sandy Seitz (Silent Auction), Lynne Whalen (Live Auction), Scott Daily (Water and Soda), Jim Green (Finance) and Harriet Minczeski and Kevin Johnson (Logistics) worked around the clock to pull it all together.  Proceeds from the wine sales will be split between the Chamber and the Elk Antler Arches renovation project, while the rest of the profits will be used to fund our charitable projects throughout the year.  GREAT JOB, EVERYONE!!!!  Please go to the Photo Album on the lower right of this web page to see pictures of the event!
7th annual Wine Tasting and Auctions raise money for charity Patricia McDonald 2011-09-11 00:00:00Z 0

Getting ready for Sunday

Posted by Patricia McDonald on Sep 05, 2011

This week's meeting was devoted to getting ready for our upcoming Wine Tasting and Auction that will take place this Sunday, Sept. 11, as part of the Fall Arts Festival's Taste of the Tetons.  Event Coordinator Sandra Horwitz and her team of committee chairmen are doing a great job collecting wine and auction donations, and urged members to turn in last minute auction items and sign up to help.  It looks to be a great day.  See everyone Sunday!

Getting ready for Sunday Patricia McDonald 2011-09-06 00:00:00Z 0

Libraries and babies

Posted by Patricia McDonald on Aug 22, 2011

Peggy Gilday, founder and principal of Gilday Architects, gave an excellent program about the planned expansion of the library, which will include a larger children's and teenage section as well as bigger meeting rooms.   Club members also welcomed back Jim Green and cheered the 4:47 am arrival of Adam Sadek Darwiche, new son of proud club member Sadek Darwiche.  Congratulations Sadek and Farah!

Libraries and babies Patricia McDonald 2011-08-23 00:00:00Z 0

Wolves---love them or hate them.

Posted by Patricia McDonald on Aug 15, 2011
Mike Jimenez, Wolf Management Coordinator for the US Fish and Wildlife Service, talked about the wolf recovery program and pros and cons of the growing wolf populations in WY and the northern Rockies. 
Wolves---love them or hate them. Patricia McDonald 2011-08-16 00:00:00Z 0

Congratulations to Rich Whalen

Posted by Patricia McDonald on Aug 08, 2011
At the regular CLub meeting on August 9, 2011, our intrepid Rotary International Foundation Chair Rich Tambor presented Rich Whalen with his Paul Harris +5 pin for achieving his 5th Paul Harris Award. Way to go, Rich!
Congratulations to Rich Whalen Patricia McDonald 2011-08-09 00:00:00Z 0

Two new greats---an executive chef and a county commissioner

Posted by Patricia McDonald on Aug 01, 2011

If you missed this meeting, you missed a great meal and a great speaker.  Wort Hotel General Manager Jim Waldrop received a standing ovation when he stopped by the meeting to introduce new chef Scott Rutter, who is doing a fabulous job serving up great meals week after week.  Later, past president Paul Perry stepped in as speaker to provide a fascinating inside look at what it's like to be the newest Teton County Commissioner.   Paul, we're proud of the job you're doing----keep it up!

Two new greats---an executive chef and a county commissioner Patricia McDonald 2011-08-02 00:00:00Z 0

Potluck at Grand Teton Gallery lots of fun

Posted by Patricia McDonald on Jul 25, 2011

Club members enjoyed an evening of fellowship and fun at our July "off-site" meeting and potluck at Grand Teton Gallery.  Club member Ian McClellan welcomed fellow Rotarians to his beautiful new art gallery, which he opened just six weeks ago.  These off-site meetings are a great way to showcase our club to prospective members, family and friends.  So consider inviting someone you know to the next one, tentatively scheduled for September.

For more information about Grand Teton Gallery, click here.


Potluck at Grand Teton Gallery lots of fun Patricia McDonald 2011-07-26 00:00:00Z 0

DG Mary McCambridge makes "Official Visit"

Posted by Patricia McDonald on Jul 18, 2011
This week we were honored to welcome new District Governor Mary McCambridge from Loveland, CO. Mary and her husband Jim are in the process of visiting all 52 clubs in District 5440. After they met with the club's board of directors, Mary spoke at the club meeting about how RI President Kalyan Banerjee is asking Rotarians in 2011-12 to "Reach Within to Embrace Humanity". She said that Pres. Kalyan has three emphases in Rotary service: families, continuity, and change, and added that he will attend our district conference in Estes Park, CO, next year. She concluded by asking each club member to reach in their pocket and give $1 for literacy, and said the money she collected would be matched by the district and distributed back to each club for literacy projects. Thank you for visiting us, Mary and JIm!
DG Mary McCambridge makes "Official Visit" Patricia McDonald 2011-07-19 00:00:00Z 0

Club celebrates past accomplishments as it looks to future

Posted by Patricia McDonald on Jul 11, 2011

On July 12, the club held an All-Club Assembly.  New President Patty gave a "2011 State of the Club" report, and said the 40-member club is active, fun, and  can be justifiably proud of its accomplishments over its seven years of existence.  During that time, the JH Rotary Supper Club and its Charitable Association have supported many worthy local, national, and international service projects.   

In addition, President Patty announced the following 2011-12 committees and chairmen:  Programs (Sadek Darwiche), Membership (John Freeze and Jim Wunsch), Public Relations (Rod Everett), Club Administration (club officers), Service Projects (TBD), Rotary Foundation (Richard Tambor), Fall Arts Festival Wine Tasting and Auctions (Sandra Horwitz), and WinterFest (Scott Daily).  A future club meeting will be devoted to looking at the club's future goals and objectives.


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Club honors Outgoing President Scott

Posted by Patricia McDonald on Jul 04, 2011

At its first meeting of the 2011-2012 Rotary Year, club members thanked retiring President Scott Daily for all his hard work during the past year.  Under his leadership, the club enjoyed a long list of accomplishments, including a banner fundraising year;  a highly successful first-ever WinterFest celebration;  a new series of fun and popular off-site meetings;  the addition of some great new club members;  winning a number of Rotary awards including the Governor's Award, District Award for small club membership growth, and the prestigious Significant Achievement Award; and a newly reconstituted Charitable Association.  Scott has been an outstanding charter member since the club's inception, having helped set up the organization, create our website, and serve as club Secretary every year until his presidency.  In addition, he helps run District 5440's web and audiovisual activities conferences.  Everyone gave Scott a standing ovation and presented him with several gifts including a Rotary shirt, Past President's pin, and plaque commemorating his year of service, before diving into a Tres Leches cake in his honor.  Congratulations, Scott, on a terrific year!

In addition, club member Patti Green presented a great program about the history of our National Anthem (congrats to quiz winner Helen Bishop), and AADG Rod swore in new club officers Patty McDonald (President), Scott Daily (Secretary) and Jim Green (Treasurer). 


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District 5440 Conference

Posted by Helen Bishop on May 15, 2011
 Your esteemed President Scott spent most of the past weekend behind his computer making sure the District Conference was enjoyed by all.  He coordinated all the audio and visual materials for the conference programs.   Meeting at the facilities of Northern Colorado University from May 12-14, Scott and Helen Bishop (plus Dave) were inspired by the many speakers and enjoyed the fellowship of Rotarians in the District.  The Greeley Rotarians worked hard and put on an excellent conference. Helen made a storyboard display of Winterfest which was helpful in explaining why the Club earned the Distinquished Achievement award from Rotary International!  She enjoyed parading onto the stage three times accepting awards, also including membership increase and the Presidential Citation.
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District Governor's Enlightening Speech

Posted by Helen Bishop

At our September 23rd meeting, our special guests were District Governor Phil Murphy and his wife, Sara.  Making his rounds to all the 53 clubs, they were enjoying the warm weather we arranged.  Before his speech, President Tote welcomed guests, Treasurer Jim Green announced preliminary figures for our fundraiser, but the Chamber results are not in.  Helen Bishop asked all members to look for the Thank You ad in the JHNews&Guide tomorrow, Section A, and thanked members for proofing it for her.

Gov. Phil began his talk with RI President's Gary Huang theme "Light Up Rotary" which is based on the Confusious saying "It is better to light a single candle than to sit in darkness."  (Of course, Colorado Rotarians are having fun with it, and it may creep into the June conference theme in Ft. Collins!)  But the RI President and Gov. Phil wish us to lighten up, have fun with Rotary, and don't let rules and regs get in the way.  They also are hoping to find new members, younger ones, and women (23% in No. Am.).  Retention is critical--there are about an equal amount of new members to resigning members!  While getting your friends interested in Rotary, tell them that they get:  1) personal growth, 2) professional development and 3) values instilled to make the world a better place.  We must put members to work, engage and welcome them.  We are lowering the rules, making different opportunities for membership such as corporate membership, satellite groups, Facebook clubs, twice a month meetings, etc. The District is working to develop online committee meetings, training and other ways to make it easier for clubs, such as ours, so far away.  After meeting with our Board before the meeting, Phil appreciates what our Club does, and our passion. 

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A Humbling Experience

Posted by Scott Daily
While on my recent sabbatical I had the opportunity to help my old hometown Rotary Club in Fowler, Indiana. Thier district 6540 created a project called Operation Hoosier Honor where all Clubs in the district put together "goodie boxes" of personal item to be shipped to Indiana service people in Afghanistan. P Jack Duncan of the Fowler club is shaking my hand after we put together 23 boxes, the biggest amount in the district! I was humbled to be a part of their project.
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Perrys' Halloween Party

Posted by Helen Bishop
Thank you Paul and Laurance for making our Oct. 26 "Offsite" meeting such fun by making it a costume party! ALL the Rotarians who attended came in fun costumes and brought very tasty and colorful dishes. Hopefully, a photo journal will be posted soon, but Club Runner is not cooperating right now!
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Ring-A-Bell & Dictionaries

Posted by Helen Bishop
Salvation Army Bell Ringer Chairman Chuck Weber and his Chairman-in-Waiting, Tom Holland, of the Noon Club attended our meeting and circulated sign-up sheets once again for bell ringers at KMart and Smiths for Nov 26 and 27, and Dec 4 and 5. Please help! DICTIONARIES--for third graders have been ordered for distribution in December and January. Francis Warziniack is coordinating these efforts. Please help!
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Veterans Saluted

Posted by Helen Bishop
Our Nov. 9 meeting was graced with two dozen veterans-many our members and some guests! All in attendance will long remember the stories of our guest speaker, Major Clarence Stearns,who rapidly became an Air Force pilot in 1941 to serve in WWII. His many close calls with eternity and his capture in Germany were harrowing. Here is his photo with the bulletin-ridden part of his downed plane!
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Harriet the Host

Posted by Debra Bishop
Our first off-site potluck was a great success as many club members and guests made their way to Harriet Minczeski's home in Buffalo Valley. Way too many good dishes and fellowship were enjoyed before Harriet's talk on her not-quite-Nepal trip in June.
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Shelter Box Tandem Tour

Posted by Helen Bishop
Our club hosted Huw and Carolyn Thomas of Great Britan for several days on their 10,000 mile tour to tout Shelter Box. They shared their photos of the first leg of their tandem bike journey from Vancouver to our Club. The Perrys hosted them for two nights, the Winneys on their way south. Here is a photo of them at their Colter Bay campground after Helen kidnapped them for dinner on Monday night.
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September Wine Tasting

Posted by Helen Bishop
What a success! We garnered over $13000 for our silent and live auctions at the Taste of the Tetons event on the Square Sept. 12. Tickets for the water and soda sales are around $2,250 and our share of the wine tasting tickets are $1500. Way to go Rotarians!
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RI President Ray Klingensmith Visits!

Posted by Scott Daily
Rotary International President Ray Klingensmith and wife Judie came to Jackson on August 2-3 as guests of PDG's Bill and Nancy Pettus. After a cocktail reception on Monday night at the Pettus's, President Ray spoke a joint meeting of all 5 greater Jackson area Clubs on Tuesday. Quite a treat for us all!
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Offsite Potlucks!

At the last Board of Directors meeting it was decided to try having one offsite meeting a month at a members house. It will be a potluck dinner and no one will be charged a meal cost for this meeting. See the web site for the upcoming schedule of offsite meetings!
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Offsite Meeting on August 10, 2010

Jackson Hole Rotary Supper Club
"Old Fashioned Picnic"

Who: All Rotarians and their Guests!
When: August 10, 2010 5:30 - 8:00 pm
Where: Kelly Campus of Teton Science Schools
What: Enjoy an Old Fashioned Picnic at one of
the most beautiful spots in Jackson Hole
Why: To have fun in the outdoors!
How: Send an e-mail to President Scott (scott@hoback.org), or call him at 307-730-9854.
How Much: This is a regular Club Meeting, so Supper Club Rotarians will not have to pay extra. Guests and Visiting Rotarians are $15

- BYO Beer or Wine (and glasses). No hard liquor, please.
- Bring a folding chair if you like.
- Carpool! Meet other Rotarians at the Visior Center
on North Cache and ride out together!
- Call or e-mail P Scott with questions

"More Fun than a Club Should be Allowed to Have!"
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Taste of the Tetons Information

Posted by Jim Green
Don't forget to check with Jim Green about securing items for the silent auction. He has a list of local businesses to solicit for contributions, as well as any other ideas you might have. See the Downloads section of the web site for this years Donor Solicitation Letter that can be given to businesses.
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Welcome New Member Jim Christofferson

Posted by Helen Bishop
On June 23 Jim Christofferson was officially welcomed as a new member of the Club. He and his family are enjoying their new lives in Jackson as he is now serving as the branch manager of US Bank.
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Volunteer Needed for 1 Hour!!

Posted by Helen Bishop
HELP us out! I need a club member to attend a meeting on August 6 at 3:00 p.m. to get our Club enrolled as a charity for the September Old Bill's Fun Run. We are not in the initial brochures, but we need to list our Charitable Foundation for our Raising Readers project so we can make our own donations and have them doubled! The meeting is at the Community Foundation house, 255 E. Simpson, Aug. 6 at 3:30. It won't last long. Please let me know, Helen Bishop 307-259-0422.
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Guatamela Literacy Project

Posted by Helen Bishop
Our June 23rd meeting featured Rotarians Toni Bradford and Julia Murray of the Evanston, WY Club touting the joys of their club's literacy project. A Guatemala's literacy rate is only 50% and the Mayan's over 75%--this project is supported by over 400 clubs since 1998. Four members of their club went on a 10 day tour last February to see the rewards of their efforts.
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Super Hikers!

Posted by Helen Bishop
July 14 attendees at our weekly meeting were amazed with the vacation story and photos of our own Honorary member Susie Palmer and her husband, PDG Stuart Palmer. Last month they completed their personally planed two-week hike across Scotland with pub and B&B stops each day. They were able to immerse themselves in the beauty of the country and kindness and fun of the Scots. Thanks for sharing them with us!
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Welcome New Member Bill Winney

Posted by Helen Bishop
Also inducted into the Club on June 23 is Bill Winney. We are familiar with Bill through his guest appearances as a speaker from his retired Naval experiences. Bill is currently running for Wyoming House district 22.
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Board of Directors Highlights

Posted by Scott Daily
The Club Board of Directors met July 7, 2010 at the Wort Hotel. Highlights of the meeting include changing the official meeting to end at 7:15 pm, creation of a Dues and Offsite Meeting Task Force to discuss the Dues structure, and ideas for a raffle during the meeting to encourage attendance and add more to the Sargent at Arms money collected. See this newsletter in the future for the official minutes of the meeting.
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Helping Out in Chile

Posted by Scott Daily
Here's a picture of the generator purchased by District 5440 to help out a school in Chile after their devistating earthquake. Special Kudos to PDG Stuart Palmaer who coordinated gathering the donations.
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Bonjour from Montreal!

Posted by Scott Daily
Rotary Greetings from the 2010 Rotary International Convention in Montreal! We just finished the Opening Ceremonies, kenoted by RI Ptrsident John Kenney, and saw the very stirring Prade of Flags where all nations in Rotary were represented. Special recolgnition went to the newest region for Rotary -- Palestine. Rotarians from Isreal and Jordan are helping to get the new Club on its feet.

I've managed to bump into a few folks from District 5440 and had a nice chat with Bill and Nancy Pettus while we waited for a bus. It's going to be a busy next three days! I'll write more later and try to include more photos.
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Club Members are RLI Graduates

Posted by Helen Bishop
At the Casper District 5440 Conference, club members Helen Bishop, Scott Daily and Patty McDonald received their "graduation" certificates for recently completing the Rotary Learning Institute three courses.  They will be showing off their pins and badge stickers upon their return and will be recruiting new students for the program next fall.  In the District, 17 trainers taught 44 graduates.  Here we are with two of our teachers, Stuart Palmer and Nancy Pettus (who received the special Rotary International Service Above Self Award this morning).
P.S.  The conference is VERY interesting.  We must get ready for the BBQ now at Casper's new Rotary Park.
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Special Guest May 25

Posted by Helen Bishop
We had a special guest to our May 25 meeting--Dr. Princewell of Nigeria came to thank us for our part in the contribution to the building of water wells in his area.  With the funds they were able to install all14 wells within the two week deadline for the project.
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Moose Expert Steve Kilpatrick

Posted by Helen Bishop
Our May 25 speaker, Steve Kilpatrick of Wyo Game & Fish, had us all enthralled with his expertise on our moose population.  Because of his 25 years of experience and study, his power point presentation made us all feel like experts in the reasons of our moose population decline in northwest Wyoming.  A combination of parasites, artery worm disease, bears and wolves, and habitat change all contribute to the problem.  Good news:  Big Horn and Snowy Range herds are ok.  Thank you Steve!
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Grand Teton Park Update

Posted by Helen Bishop
On May 18, Carolyn Richard, Naturalist with Grand Teton National Park, graced us with her energy on the latest updates in the Park.  She passed out a brochure on the gun law and the hot-off-the-press Teewinot, Summer edition.  We all enjoyed the information and opportunity to ask questions on "our" park.
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Ray Bishop's Airport Tour

Posted by Helen Bishop
What a treat!  Our May 11 meeting was hosted by our own member Ray Bishop, Director of the Jackson Hole Airport.  We dined in the new huge Terminal ticket lobby (which will open to the public on May 26) with a delicious dinner prepared by the Jedediah's Restaurant chefs.  Many members and Rotary friends enjoyed the newly revealed lobby and Ray's talk on the phases and extent of the Terminal Expansion Project.  And then we toured the first "Reveal" fully automated baggage screening system in the US!  Machines, conveyor belts, computers, all to enhance travel to our enchanting "Hole."
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4/20/10 Memory Loss and Alzheimers Disease Program

Posted by Rod Everett
Dr. Martha Stearn, Internal Medicine Specialist & Director of St. John's Institute for Cognitive Health spoke to the club about Alzheimer's Disease (AD) and Memory Loss. Dr. Stearn started the presentation by asking how many people in the room were from the "Baby Boomer" era. All but three individuals, present at the meeting, raised their hands. Dr. Stearn also shared that only 19% of persons with AD Dementia are diagnosed by their principal care physician (PCP). The average delay from the onset of AD to diagnosis is 3 years. It is critical to catch AD in the early stages in order to begin treatment immediately which will help improve the victim/patient's quality of the life. AD is the 6th leading cause of death in the U.S., tied with diabetes. 5 million Americans currently have AD. Given the advances in medical technology people are now living longer. AD is a disease of age and therefore, it is more prevalent now than at any other time in history. $480 Billion iscurrently being spent on AD per year this is anticipated to increase and by the year 2050 AD treatment will cost $1 Trillion in the U.S. alone. It is estimated that 10 million baby boomers will develop AD – an average of one person every 70 seconds. Early Diagnosis allows immediate help through moral support, understanding what's wrong and what to expect, close PCP follow-up, medication, critical planning for the future (estate planning, etc.), and maximizing the present for the patient.
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Jack Welch's Yellowstone Update

Posted by Helen Bishop
Thank you to our own Jack Welch who updated us on the ongoing saga of Yellowstone Winter Planning.  This is year 13 in the latest planning cycle which has been debated only 12 times in 75 years, but this one has been debated 6 times!  The interim plan for 318 snowmobiles and 78 snow coaches is the current use, but our economies need a few more daily usages to be viable.  He presented excellent reasons for the numbers and asked us to comment at http://parkplanning.nps.gov/yell.  (Click on Winter Use Plan).His handouts were excellent.
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PDG Stuary Palmer presents PP Paul Perry awards

Posted by Helen Bishop
Past District Governor Stuart Palmer came to our meeting to present 2009 awards to the Club.  Past President Paul Perry accepted the awards on behalf of the Club:  1)  District Service Award, 2) Rotary Membership Goals and Recognition (these were signed by RI President), 3) Presidential Citation for meeting the DG's goals, and 4) the District Governor's Award.  Stuart mentioned that he has been handing these out to clubs and we are the only club to receive all four!
Also at this meeting:  We welcomed Ed Packer for a visit after his Florida assignment before he leaves for his Cleveland job.
To join Harriet for a weekend of fun, click on the event title to the right and select a date.  Call or email her for details.
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Heather Overholzer Presents RRR

Posted by Helen Bishop
At our March 9 meeting, Heather Overholzer, District Chief of Teton County Integrated Solid Waste and Recycling, promoted the Reduce, Recycle and Reuse program.  The thrust is to reduce the tons of waste--in the summer Teton County sends 6 to 8 semi loads 5 days a week to the Sublette County site, 90 miles away!  The program uses no general funds.  All revenues come from recycling and promotional products such as tote bags.
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School Superintendent Reports Helen Bishop 0

Kymber introduces GEAR UP

Posted by Helen Bishop
At our February 23 meeting, our recently departed member Kymber Everett introduced the Club to her new career at GEAR UP Wyoming, bringing with her grant manager JudyTrujillo from their office at the University of Wyoming.  Kymber's Power Point presentation did an excellent job of explaining the statewide program that serves over 2,000 income-eligible students in grades 7 through 12 to succeed in high school and prepare them for post-secondary education.  Ms. Trujillo answered many questions from our members who all became interested in the program.  If you missed the meeting, be sure to check out the website: www.uwyo.edu/gearup/  
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President Sandy returns from Cambodia

Posted by Helen Bishop
A jet-lagged but grateful Club President returned Monday from a two week visit to the villages in Cambodia that have received Rotary funds from our Club and area clubs over the past few years.  Guided by Scott and Chris Coats, the Trailblazer Foundation has accomplished much from a humble beginning of simple water wells.  Sandy was amazed at the transformation and grateful for all that has been accomplished for these "sweet" Cambodians.  The main event was the dedication of a school, and Sandy and Pat Butts were part of the ribbon cutting celebration!  A future program will highlight the trip.
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Justice Marilyn Kite Presides

Posted by Helen Bishop
Wyoming Supreme Court Justice Marilyn Kite was our esteemed guest on Jan. 26. Introduced as our state's first and only female justice, her presentation was on the proposed "Access for Justice Commission."  This commission idea arose from the problem our state has that most of our population can't afford to go before the Supreme Court, and the lower courts.  Up to now we have had a patch work system served by the Wyoming Legal Services (which had federal funds pulled in 2008) and lawyers doing pro bono work.  In Wyoming, 70,000 below the 200% poverty level would be served.  A 19 member commission made up of judges, lawyers, clerks and providers would implement this new idea.  A filing fee of $10 has and will raise nearly $1,000,000 for this new non profit program.  If it passes on July 1st, another 4 to 6 months is needed for staffing, etc.  Marilyn noted that other nearby states and even countries have great ideas for court solutions, such as family courts or internet access to solving legal problems.  We are very fortunate to have her in our community and enjoyed her visit.
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Jim Webb LVE speaker

Posted by Helen Bishop

For our January 19 meeting, Jim Webb, CEO of Lower Valley Energy for 15 years, gave the Club an informative talk on our power source and explained why our rates at 5.8 were far below the national average of 11.5. Current US sources of energy are 51% coal, 21% nuclear, natural gas at 17%, hydro-6%, oil-3%, and solar at 2%. So he discussed the alternative resources of wind (not reliable), hydro (maxed out), nuclear (up to 20 years to come on line) or solar (still expensive).  He touted the Jackson Hole Energy Sustainability Project as the first time in US that a utility, town and county have joined together for united efforts in conservation of power.  The goal is to cut demand by 30% in 20 years, because our cheapest source of power is conservation.  Two weeks ago with -27° LVE had its highest peak at 194 megawatts; the previous was two years ago at 184.  The Q&A session was lively and he was able to brag about LVE obtaining $96,000/mo from a dam in WA through a FERC clause.

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Speaker-Father Florante Marcelo

Posted by Kymber Everett
Juliana Walton provided a very nice introduction of our speaker for the evening, Father Florante Marcelo from "Our Lady of the Mountains Mission School". Fr. Marcelo graciously filled in for our scheduled speaker who became ill. In his presentation Fr. Marcelo spoke of his mission here in Jackson as the Associate Pastor and is half way through a three year visitation from his native Phillipines. His home island of Negros has four diocese and his parish is comprised of 35,000 parishioners. In order for him to attend mass he must hike for three hours up a volcano mountain. He hikes this path instead of the locals, as he does not wish for the parishioners to make the dangerous hike themselves. A wonderful part of this is that Stuart and Susie Palmer have been working on a Rotary partnership to build a vocational school in this area. Fr. Marcelo has been a priest for 14 years, and when he had been given the choice to come to the states, he wondered about serving in our mountains. All it took was one look, when he first laid eyes on the Tetons, he thought "Oh, my Lord, I think I'm living in a postcard!" In the question and answer session, he related the experience of recently going to the village of San Simeon in Mexico where most of the Jackson Mexicans came from. In fact, the village is often referred to as Jacksimeon! He took a computer with Skype capabilities and let many of the villages talk and see their loved ones here. This is the first time that many have seen each other in 3 to 10 years! He will accept any unused computers to use for this purpose as it touched his (and our) hearts so much. Coming from an agricultural area where most earn less than $1 a day, he is very proud of the new high school that is currently serving over 140 students. They have named it Our Lady of the Mountains! He is appreciative of the wonderful opportunity to come here and praised the goodness and truth of Rotary. Thank you Father Florante Marcelo for speaking to us of the schools strides and wonderful accomplishments.
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Special Presentation-Francis Warziniack

Posted by Kymber Everett
President Sandy introduced ADG/Secretary Rod Everett for a special presentation. ADG Rod called Francis Warziniack to come forward and presented Francis with a University of Wyoming winter coat for his faithful support of the University of Wyoming football and basketball teams. Thank you ADG Rod for presenting this award to one of the Cowboy's biggest fan's! Go Cowboys!
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Rotary Supper Club Sign Presentation

Posted by Kymber Everett
Jim Waldrup, the Manager of the Wort Hotel, presented Past President Francis Warziniack, Assistant District Governor Rod Everett and President Sandy Seitz with a beautiful Rotary Supper Club plaque. The plaque is to be mounted in a prominent location in the lobby of the Wort Hotel indicating the date and time that the Rotary Supper Club meets at the hotel. All of the club members retired to the lobby for a club photo with Jim Waldrup presenting the plaque, on the steps, to immortalize the moment. What a wonderful honor and a fantastic way to inform guests and visitors of our meetings. Our heartfelt thank you goes out to Jim and the Wort Hotel for their generosity.
Rotary Supper Club Sign Presentation Kymber Everett 0

GSE Team Member Josh Mallonee Presentation

Posted by Kymber Everett
Assistant District Governor and Past President Rod Everett presented Josh with a check for $500 from the Rotary Supper Club to help defer some of the expenses that he would incur as our Group Study Exchange Team Member to Australia. Best wishes to you Josh, from all of the members of the Jackson Hole Rotary Supper Club.
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Changes in the by-laws

Posted by Kymber Everett
Please go to our club's website to view the new changes in the by-laws based upon the Charitable Association by-law revisions/updates.
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Speaker - Tally Atkins Rotary & Interact

Posted by Kymber Everett
Harriet Minczeski introduced our speaker for the evening Tally Atkins who is a graduate from Jackson Hole High School and was one of our Interact Students. She just returned from a trip to South Africa, India, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia and many other points in between. Her one year journey has not only taken her all over the globe but has helped her to decide to possibly pursue studies in photography and psychology. Her enthusiasm is inspirational and reminds us, as Rotarians, that we "do" make a difference. Thank you Tally for being a true representation of the impact that Interact can have on our students and the endless possibilities the program holds for the youth of today.
Speaker - Tally Atkins Rotary & Interact Kymber Everett 0

Open Arms Thank You

Posted by Kymber Everett
Harriet Minczeski read a letter from Open Arms, the home for children in South Africa. It was a gracious thank you letter to the Rotary Supper Club for the donations in assisting them in helping more children. Thank you for sharing such a heartfelt letter with us Harriet.
Open Arms Thank You Kymber Everett 0

Service Above Self Award - Laura McNeil

Posted by Kymber Everett
President Sandy presented a Rotary Service Above Self Award to Laura McNeil. The award was given in appreciation of all that Laura contributed to the club, the membership committee and the community. The club wished her all the best in her new endeavor's and although she will be missed we are excited for her in her new adventure. Laura was presented with a framed "Service Above Self Award for Her Generous and Outstanding Service", and a yummy box of Laurance's fine chocolates. Laura thanked everyone for the honor and promises to bring back a banner from Washington when she comes back to visit. Thank you for all that you have done Laura, we will miss you but wish you all the best!
Service Above Self Award - Laura McNeil Kymber Everett 0
Service Above Self Award - Kymber Everett Kymber Everett 0

Service Above Self Award - Ed Packer

Posted by Kymber Everett
President Sandy presented a Rotary Service Above Self award to Ed Packer. President Sandy also prefaced the presentation by expressing that the club does not want to see him leave. The award was given in appreciation of Ed and all of the work he has done within our club and the community. Ed stated that he was honored to be presented with this award, for being a member and for being a friend. Ed also went on to say that of all of the volunteer organizations, this is the most entertaining club have ever been a part of. It is also a club that has had the most fellowship he has been involved with and reiterated that our club does make a difference.
Service Above Self Award - Ed Packer Kymber Everett 0

Lifetime Achievement Award - Dr Fogarty

Posted by Kymber Everett
ADG Rod Everett presented fellow Rotarian Dr. Bill Fogarty with a special Lifetime Achievement Award. This honor was bestowed upon Dr. Fogarty for all that he has done for the Rotary Supper Club. Dr. Fogarty who represents a man who exemplifies Rotary in his daily life, with virtues of selflessness, integrity, compassion, and an ability to work with and help others. His most recent generous donation of his 1987 Cadillac for our auction, is but one example of his outstanding committment to the cause of the Rotary Supper Club. Thank you Dr. Fogarty for being such a valuable member of our club!
Lifetime Achievement Award - Dr Fogarty Kymber Everett 0

Prospective Members

Posted by Kymber Everett
President Sandy stated that the Board of Director's decided that every member will be required to bring at least one prospective member to a meeting during the year. Visiting Rotarian Nancy Pettus reiterated that this goal for our club ties in with the District 5440 Membership Campaign. You can win a Paul Harris Fellow among many other wonderful prizes if you bring in a new member this year. If you know of anyone that would make a great Rotarian, bring them in and introduce them to the club. Check out the story on our Home page for more information on the District 5440 Membership Campaign.
Prospective Members Kymber Everett 0

Taste of the Tetons Success!

Posted by Kymber Everett
President Sandy thanked everyone for all of their hard work and efforts in making our Tast of the Tetons event such a success. Accolades were given to Paul Perry, Juliana Walton, Lydia Leitch, Patty McDonald, Lynne, Richard and Kate Whalen, Rod Everett, Scott Daily and Harriet Minczeski for all that they had done from the tents, to the water and soda, wine, auction items, and Dr. Fogarty's Cadillac to name a few. We won't know how much we made off of the wine tasting or the water and soda sales until the chamber provides us with the finalized numbers. It is estimated that the auction proceeds are at approximately $9,000 and the immaculate Cadillac went for $7,660. Stories, comments, thank you's and the fun that everyone had was shared during Sgt. at Arms. A huge thank you goes out to all of the members of the club who truly made this year's Taste of the Teton's event a smashing success!
Taste of the Tetons Success! Kymber Everett 0

District 5440 Membership Campaign

Posted by Kymber Everett
This is an exciting opportunity for sponsoring a new member. There will be drawings for prizes that will take place at the TRF/Membership Seminar in Laramie on November 14 and at the District Conference in Casper June 3-5. All you need to be eligible for the drawings is to sponsor a new member this Rotary year (July 1, 2009 - May 30, 2009). There are all different kinds of prizes that you could win. Some of the larger prizes include a free conference registration and if you happen to sponsor more than one new member you could win a Paul Harris Fellow. Drawings for the larger prizes will take place at the District Conference. The best part is, if you win one of the smaller prizes you will be placed back into the pool for a chance to win one of the major prizes at the conference. This not only a wonderful opportunity to bring in new members and add to our clubs diversity but a great way to receive so much more!
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RI President Elect Visit Next Year

Posted by Kymber Everett
Our President Elect Scott Daily announced that he had received a call from Bill Pettus. For those of you who would like to make plans in advance, they are looking at a possible visit from our current Rotary International President Elect, Ray Klinginsmith, in July or August of next year. So be sure to place this time on your schedule for an incredible opportunity.
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Paul Harris Presentation

Posted by Kymber Everett
Our very own ADG, Rod Everett presented his sister, Eve Fish, with a Paul Harris Fellowship. He spoke of the significance of a Paul Harris Award in addition to the value of the award with regard to Eve's contributions to family, friends and her community. It was a heartfelt and auspicious moment for brother and sister. Thank you Rod for such a wonderful presentation.
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Thank you Ray & Debbie Bishop!

Posted by Kymber Everett
A huge thank you goes out to Ray and Debbie Bishop for hosting our meeting on August 11th at their beautiful home. The potluck and attendance for the event was fantastic, thank you to everyone who came. A special thank you to Ray and Debbie for openning up your home to fellow Rotarians and guests and for being such a gracious host and hostess.
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Paul Harris Fellowship

Posted by Kymber Everett
Kymber presented a Paul Harris to her mother, Susie Wick, in memory of Austin Everett, Jr. A contribution to The Rotary Foundation was made by Assistant District Governor, Rod Everett and Past District Governor Stuart Palmer, as an investment in the ideal of goodwill, peace and understanding. Thank you for recognizing Austin as a Paul Harris Fellow, an advocate of the Foundation's goals of world peace and international understanding.
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Diane Hughes Recognition

Posted by Kymber Everett
Helen Bishop presented Diane Hughes with a pin from the District Governor Dave Scriven in appreciation of all that she has contributed, on many different levels, to the club. Thank you Diane for diving right in and making such incredible contributions since becoming a new member.
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Fall Arts Auction Success!

Posted by Kymber Everett
Richard and Lynne Whalen announced that the ad in the paper last week turned out beautifully and that we were so fortunate to have such a large number of donors this year. At next weeks meeting, President Sandy will bring the ad in for everyone to view, if you were not able to view it. The numbers are in and thanks to the generous donation from Dr. Fogarty we raised $18,000 in this year's auction! What a fantastic outcome, the bar has certainly been set for next year! Thank you Richard and Lynne Whalen, for co-chairing the Taste of the Tetons Auction and for all of your work to make this endeavor a success!
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Scott Daily - Rotarian of the Year

Posted by Kymber Everett
President Paul Perry presented Scott Daily with the Rotarian of the Year Award and a Paul Harris Fellowship for his contributions and outstanding service to the Rotary Supper Club throughout the year. Thank you Scott for your time, hard work, expertise and knowledge. We are truly grateful to have you with us.
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Juliana Walton - June Rotarian of the Month

Posted by Kymber Everett
Congratulations to Juliana Walton on receiving this award for all of her hard work on bringing in such interesting and engaging speakers. Thank you Juliana and Congratulations!
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Rotarian of the Month - May 2009

Posted by Paul Perry
Congratulations to Kymber "The Most Newsiest Reporter" Everett who was awarded for all of her efforts and contributions for our fabulous website!
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Donate to End Polio Now on Your Phone

Posted by Kymber Everett
If you would like to donate to End Polio Now, there is a fast and easy way to do so. Text POLIO to 90999 and donate $5.00.
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Committee Links

Posted by Kymber Everett
Please check on on some of our newest additions on Committee's on our Home page listed under Site Pages. As we continue to add and update our Committee information, please keep checking out site links for exciting new information.
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President Paul Recognition

Posted by Kymber Everett
President Paul recognized all of the volunteers of the District Conference, presenting them all with certificates and accolades for their efforts. President Paul also congratulated the club on the many accomplishments for the year and presented the awards received at the District Conference for the Rotary Supper Club. Congratulations everyone!
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Albertson's Preferred Savings Card

Posted by Carolyn Warziniack
DONATE FUNDS TO THE ROTARY SUPPER CLUB WHEN YOU BUY GROCERIES!!! Carolyn announced that the Charitable Association received $91.06 from the Community Partner Program for this last month. Thank you to the four new members that have signed up for the this program making this seventeen Rotarians that are currently signed up and utilizing this wonderful the program. For those of you interested in signing up for the Albertsons' Preferred Partners Card that automatically donates 4% of your shopping dollars to the Club, you need to link your card to our Organization ID on the Albertson's web site or fill out a Customer Registration Form, our Organization ID of 49001011912.
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