The Jackson Hole Rotary Supper Club was particularly honored last Tuesday to host Jackson Hole Chief of Police Todd Smith.  Chief Smith shared with the club his focus and vision to create a premier police force with transparency and open communication in the community.  Noting the unique challenges presented by serving a resort community, Chief Smith expanded on his department's efforts to be responsive, accountable and proactive in policing Jackson Hole. In addition to traditional law enforcement, our JH Police Department supports various outreach programs including  firearm safety classes and the "Shop with a Cop" holiday gifting program for area youth.
Among his many notable achievements, Chief Smith was selected to attend the FBI Law Enforcement Training Academy in Quantico, Virginia and received the highly coveted "Yellow Brick" for excelling in the rigorous physical fitness "The Yellow Brick Road" challenge at the conclusion of his 12 week academic course. 
And, as if the accolades could grow no more, Chief Smith received the first ever JHRSC Golden Moose Award for his "Service above Self" in serving our community.  And finally, it was Chief Smith's Birthday, so the fun and the celebration went on and on and on and there was cake for everyone, including Chief Smith's wife, Abby, who also joined in on the fun!