Posted by Helen Bishop on Feb 14, 2018
Honoring Our Veterans received the bulk of our recent fundraising efforts last night.  President Doug Schultz was proud to show off the $21,000  check along with the Charitable Association Board members Harriet Minczeski, Helen Bishop, and Patti Green (l. to r.).  Accepting the check is Executive Director of HOV Sandy Sandberg, accompanied by her husband Forest.  These funds will assist the organization to once again bring wounded post 9/11 veterans to our special valley to participate in healing group activities such as photography sessions or fly fishing.
Below are the thank you letter notes given to the Rotary Supper Club from the veterans that participated in the HOV programs this past summer.  The men and women participating in the fly fishing session each received a fly pole to take home!
I want to thank the Rotary Supper Club
for the blessing.  You have touched my heart.
        Thanks, A. H.
Jackson Rotary Supper Club—
            I am awestruck at the generosity you have shown me and other veterans.  This trip has completely changed my perspective of life.
            I can’t thank you enough for providing me with this fly rod.  This gesture on your part will allow me to fly fish after leaving here.  I will forever cherish the memories I have made this week.  Your gift to me will allow me to have a tangible hands-on connection to this amazing valley each time I fish back home; for I can’t thank you enough.
            You may not personally witness the change in my/our life/lives, yet I assure  each of you, it is undeniable.  Thank you all,
                                                Patrick A.
Rotary Supper Club,
          I just wanted to say thank you and express my gratitude to you all for helping HOV make this life changing experience possible.  I appreciate the fly rod donation as it made it possible for me to reconnect my myself and finally find some peace in this hectic thing we call life.  Had it not been for your support, I don’t think I would have been able to live this amazing week to the fullest.
          I am eternally grateful.
                                                Jay N.
Thank you for your continued efforts to ensure each veteran who passes through the HOV program feels loved, appreciated, and most importantly, not forgotten.  Thank you for your warmth and hospitality.
                Forever grateful, Rachel
This organization thoughtfulness was a gift I will always treasure.  I was touched beyond words.  My heart continues to Thank You and Thank You!  You all are truly a blessing!
                                                            Sincerely, Shalonda, H.    Mansfield, TX
To the Rotary Supper Club,
            I really don’t know where to begin!!  It was an Honor for me to be invited as a special guest to your meeting!!  For everyone to be so receptive to us. And I know  you have many family members serving as well and many families going through the tragedies in Texas and Florida…  I have my own issues, but it is your program “Honoring Our Veterans” that helped me to get out of that rut when I really needed it!!  The military is my life, so when I retired, it was hard to cope.  Every day is a struggle for me, but you guys are Awesome.  I would thank you a million times and it would never be enough!
            I love you, Tina