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As of today, club members have distributed 260 dictionaries to ALL third graders in Teton County.  Over the course of a week, the Supper Club Rotarians visited Alta, Colter, Davy Jackson, Kelly, Moran, and Wilson elementary schools and spoke to the students about Rotary and passed out the dictionary/thesaraus books to smiling faces!  Literacy is one of the five areas of focus for Rotary International.
Honoring Our Veterans received the bulk of our recent fundraising efforts last night.  President Doug Schultz was proud to show off the $21,000  check along with the Charitable Association Board members Harriet Minczeski, Helen Bishop, and Patti Green (l. to r.).  Accepting the check is Executive Director of HOV Sandy Sandberg, accompanied by her husband Forest.  These funds will assist the organization to once again bring wounded post 9/11 veterans to our special valley to participate in healing group activities such as photography sessions or fly fishing.
Last night we welcomed a new member into the Club.  Dave Mosher moved here from Vail four months ago to become the branch manager of Meridian Trust.  He was a member of the Vail Rotary Club, so he was a transfer.  After visiting the club for many weeks, we welcomed him happily.  He immediately took the club service job of organizing the 3rd Grade Dictionary distribution!  Standing in for President Doug, Helen Bishop had fun with the installation, and with the help of Katy Klotz, Katy posted the requirements of being a Rotarian on his shirt.  "Adult" "Character" "Reputation" etc.  The Reputation sticker fell to the floor, but the Club accepted him despite his falling Reputation!
Last night club members were treated to an intimate discussion with an overview of our local life saving group of volunteers saving lives in our mountain environment.  Stephanie Thomas is the executive director of the Foundation and is proud of the fact that 40 volunteers, trained in all aspects of search and rescue, are on call to help. There is a waiting list of usually 80-100 wanting to join!  Nicole Ludwig described her skills as the helicopter pilot working with the rescue teams below hooking the 100' rope to the victim.  Last year they did 90 rescues and put in  6,000 hours of team work.  Sheriff Jim Whalen came as a guest to the program and serves on the JHS&R Foundation Board. 
Pictured here l. to r. are Jim, Stephanie and Nicole.
John Willet of the Jackson Geology Club lit up the meeting with a lengthy slide presentation and explanation of the history of the volcanoes of Yellowstone.  Club members were enthralled with the slides showing the fiery core of the earth and the escape route to Yellowstone.  He shared the research showing the ash history of the three major eruptions in Yellowstone (2.2 M years ago, 1.3 M and 630,000) and compared it to four other smaller eruptions we are familiar with. We always enjoy John's presentations and the members always ask many questions!
The Jackson Hole Rotary Supper Club was particularly honored last Tuesday to host Jackson Hole Chief of Police Todd Smith.  Chief Smith shared with the club his focus and vision to create a premier police force with transparency and open communication in the community.  Noting the unique challenges presented by serving a resort community, Chief Smith expanded on his department's efforts to be responsive, accountable and proactive in policing Jackson Hole. In addition to traditional law enforcement, our JH Police Department supports various outreach programs including  firearm safety classes and the "Shop with a Cop" holiday gifting program for area youth.
Among his many notable achievements, Chief Smith was selected to attend the FBI Law Enforcement Training Academy in Quantico, Virginia and received the highly coveted "Yellow Brick" for excelling in the rigorous physical fitness "The Yellow Brick Road" challenge at the conclusion of his 12 week academic course. 
And, as if the accolades could grow no more, Chief Smith received the first ever JHRSC Golden Moose Award for his "Service above Self" in serving our community.  And finally, it was Chief Smith's Birthday, so the fun and the celebration went on and on and on and there was cake for everyone, including Chief Smith's wife, Abby, who also joined in on the fun!
Our guest speaker May 10 was Dr. Jamie M. Monroe of the Cataract & Lasik Center of Utah, who routinely comes to Jackson to assist Dr. Ramsey's office with specialized procedures.  With visual pictures on our large screen, she was able to review many eye topics such as a Diagonosis of Refractive Error, Ocular Maturity, Astigmatism and Lasik surgery.  We were intrigues with learning about a new KAMRA inlay for prestoyopia.  Needless to say, this topic brought many questions from those of us lucky to be at this meeting!   Click on "Read More" to see her photo.
Aaron Linsdau, a local Jackson resident when he's here!, amazed our Club members with his experience of skiing to the South Pole in 2012.  He is the second only American to ski from the coast of Antarctica to the pole ALONE, 720 miles, 330 lbs. of supplies, to an elevation of 9300'.  Many details were shared such as the food he ate (6,000 calories a day!), temperatures from 15 to 55 degrees below with wind chills to minus 100F.  Needless to say, we were enthralled and now see why he is a motivational speaker.  Aaron is training for more adventures in Alaska and possibly the North Pole.  (Click on "Read More" to see his picture at the South Pole!)
Our April 12 meeting was presented by Sandra Banack, PhD, of the Institute for Ethno Medicine in Jackson.  We were enthralled with the research she has pursued for 10 years working on a cure for Alzheimer's, Lou Gerig's  and Parkinsons diseases.  The local team works with 50 scientists worldwide who gather annually in our town. A fascinating program which explained the causes and a new drug they are testing on humans now!
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