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The Centennial Club

Jackson Hole Supper

Service Above Self

2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month @ 5:30pm
The Wort Hotel
50 North Glenwood Street
Jackson, WY 83001
United States of America

(307) 730-9854
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On March 24, we held our first Zoom meeting to comply with social distancing.  Nearly all members were able to get online to participate and see each other on the screens.  Our guest speaker, Jonathan Schechter of the Jackson Town Council, participated and gave his "program" to update us on the steps the town is taking in these trying times.  Board meetings are being conducted by Zoom also.
  The Jackson Hole Rotary Supper Club recently completed enhancing 15 blankets that were shipped from the "My Very Own Blanket" project office in Westerville, Ohio.This program has been warming hearts of every child in the foster care system by providing blankets.  We ordered the material in January.  A valentine dinner program on February 11 was the perfect time to have members complete the cutting and tying knots on the charming and colorful fleece cloths, especially with the tag that says "A special gift of LOVE make just for YOU!"  Even though we live in the wealthiest county in the country (Teton County), we have two foster children here and the Family Service office also oversees foster children in two nearby counties!
For the thirteenth year in a row, our Club continues to distributed dictionaries to all third graders in the Teton County School district.  On November 18, 58 books were given to three classes at Colter Elementary in Jackson.  And immediately following that morning, 31 more students received them at Davey Jackson Elementary.  The next two days, three more schools were reached, including 98 at Munger Elementary.  Over the years, the club has spent $10,000 on this literacy project.
We gathered on a perfect summer day in and outside the home of Ellen Wilson and Rich Tambor for a social/recruiting dinner.  Rich cooked hamburgers, beef and Dave's  bison too.  Everyone brought delicious side dishes and we enjoyed the time to visit and meet friends that were invited too.  Thank you, Rich and Ellen, for your hospitality.
Thank you, Doug Schultz, for throwing a party for all club members and guests to celebrate your final meeting.  With the help of your wife Debbie and your parents, your backyard and perfect weather made for a memorable time to celebrate your year!   [Click on "read more" to see the photos.]
Many members and guests filed into the balloon-filled Jackson Room at The Wort Hotel on Tuesday, February 24 to honor the achievements and fun of the last ten years of the Club.  Manager Jim Waldrop and Lauren Armatis of the hotel greeted us at the beginning of our meeting with a bouquet of yellow roses and related the importance of Rotary to The Wort Hotel.  The Supper Club has met at The Wort all 10 years since Jim's first year as manager.  They gathered around the special Rotary cake to assist our first and current president, Rod Everett and Tote Turner, to blow out the candles.  Tote welcomed the guests and former members and offered each of them the microphone for a few short words for the occasion.  Scott Daily conducted a fun and informative quiz about our club and Rotary in general.  Then each president was given a chance to address their year and memories with the assistance of photos put together by Helen.  Even though three presidents were absent (Paul, Patti and Jim W.), Helen's photos and narrative filled in for their years.  Our Club has accomplished a lot over the 10 years and Helen's photos were mostly about the FUN TIMES we have had over the years.
How could the "Number One Small Historic Hotel in America" go 'to the dogs!"  Well, we tried when our December 3 guests speakers were two of the very talented and trained dogs allowed in from Snake River K9.  Owner/trainer Kim Greene impressed us with her highly trained protection dogs.  They produce world-class highly stable, social, obedient dogs used for not only personal and family protection, but also scent-work training.  Thank you Kim for the special guests!

Our November 19 meeting was packed with information!  First of all, on the occasion of the 150 anniversary of the Gettysburg address, Dave and Helen Bishop gave a reading interspersed with comments to honor the occasion.  They also reported on their first delivery earlier in the day of baby items to the No. Arapahoe headquarters near Riverton for their home visiting and training program for young parents.  More deliveries will be made in the near future.  Asst. Gov. Ken Small visited the meeting and reported on our No. Colo. flood donation, RI donations, among other notices.  Paul and Laurance Perry are collecting turkeys or cash for locals in need.  Our Christmas party Dec. 3 at the Four Seasons is in full planning mode.  And the nominating committee will have slate to present for our December elections.

And now for the program:  Rick Armstrong is known locally on many levels, including Rare Properties, Rare Gallery, a Solomon consultant, and most admirable as the founder of Teton Gravity Research, a film company.  This came about from his professional ski days in the 80s, including his pioneer heli skiing in Alaska!  An interesting program because he is so interesting in many fields!  (And his grandfather was a Rotarian!)

Wally Ulrich was our guest speaker for our December 10 meeting.  He got an early start in Wyoming geology as his dad was the "inventor" of marketing Wyoming's fossil fish embedded in natural stone as an art object.  Long involved in Wyoming's endowments, he emphasized that we are a "major bull's eye for energy," producing 34 to 38% of our nation's energy!  He had the big Wyoming State Geological maps posted and showed us where oil, gas, coal, uranium, wind and even CO2 is mined and utlized.  Our members were very impressed with the program and had excellent questions for him.

Our election of officers was presented:  by acclimation, Sadek Darwiche was elected as president elect nominee (2015-16), Scott Daily secretary, Jim Green treasurer, Natalie Jones to take over the board seat of John Farrell, and Kris Allison as the new board member beginning in July.  Also, Nyles Ellefson was elected to the Charitable Board effective Jan. 1st.  In other news, Paul and Laurance delivered 47 turkeys for Thanksgiving!  Bell ringers continue to work on weekends through Christmas!

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