Posted by Lori Mienhart
As you see from the Speakers list, I'm hosting a club planning session at our regular meeting on Thursday April 7th. This is your opportunity to help shape the future of our sensational club! We will be doing some group brainstorming on 2 very critical issues: 1) Our Vision for the Urban Spirits. 2) A 10 Year Anniversary Legacy Project.
As prework (sorry!??) First...I'd like you to give serious thought to your Vision of our Club over the next several years. What is your vision of what will make the Urban Spirits famous. Special. Important. Make a truly meaningful difference. Think about it like this...if the Club was one person and that person passed on to the bright light..what would we be proud to have written on our gravestone??? Second... Think about a BIG project that we can accomplish in our 10th year. 2014. I mean BIG. BIG. Really really BIG. That will be our 10 Year Legacy. $100,000? $200,000.? More$? Do we build something? Do we buy something? Do we create a program? Do we cure something? Is it in Edmonton? Is it in Botswana? (That name just came to my head!?). We have the time and the money to get there. I promise you. We just have to decide what we want to do. Please come prepared to discuss in groups what your ideas are. The more details and logistics you have...the better. As always...we look after Kids at Risk. Once we have an idea bank, we'll narrow it down to 3 or 4 to vote on. The dealine for me to send our 2011-2012 plan to RI is July 1 so I need to have a concrete idea with as much detail as possible... put to bed by June 1. Please note that the L egacy Project will be in addition to our other yearly projects and commitments so we need to bold, but also realistic. The concept is that we will defer an allotted amount of funds that we raise for the Legacy Project over 3 years. Don't forget that we will have 2 AB lottery casino fund$ in that time which in themselves should net about $75 to $80 thousand addition to the other funds we raise. Not to mention matching grants from the district as well any other grants we can tap into. I am uber energized about all this! Having spent last Saturday with dozens of other Club Pres' in our District...not to mention our beloved Clay...I am ready to lead! It's very important that we have a full turn out for the meeting so we can get as much input as possible. It might not be the best time to invite a guest, but if there are guests, they will be encouraged to join in the think tank. This is your Club. Our Club. Lets get busy.