107th years as Club 32!  It was a great day to honor the Veterans and Military who attended this year's Birthday Party.  Over 65 attendees with 20 being our honorees.  The luncheon started with Colonel Retired Jim Beesley and the Boy Scouts/Central Jr ROTC presenting the Colors/Flags.  Past President Jason Horn then introduced the honorees by Military Branch and then SOA Alan Franks led us with Veterans Day Trivia and giving away Boy Scout popcorn to our honorees.  Melissa Chestnut, our Speaker with Warriors' Best Friend-a Foundation based in Liberty, MO spoke about how the Foundation has now matched 22 service dogs with Veterans.  Melissa gave a very informative presentation with a video done by the KC Royals and we presented her with a check for $350.  Past President Christy Rippe closed our luncheon with a poem she wrote in honor of today. Everyone paused as Patrick Bracciano played Taps.  It was a great celebration.  Here are some pics-we have posted a Photo Album too.
Honorees attended include-Rotarians Bob, Louie, Jason, Jim R, Rodney, Ray, Ross, Terry, Judge Merrill Steeb, Staff Sgt Terry Snider, Dr.Bill Gondring, Jeff Whitehead, Darin Ramey, Michael Meierhoffer, Jerry Thornton, John Bigham, Jackie Ross, John Murawski, Alec Jennings (SS Rotary), Jim Beesley.  Additional guests included Karyn (Don),  Mrs. Moya (Carlos), Mrs. Gondring (Barb), Nita (Staci), Brian (Satelite), Tim (Lees Summit Rotary), Sue and LaDonna (DAR)
Thank you to the committee for all their work, the Benton Club, and our luncheon sponsors.  
No Rotary next week-see you Nov 20th-Dr. Marlie Williams from SJSD will be our speaker.   Nominations meeting will be at 11:15 on Nov 20th before the meeting.