Posted on Sep 29, 2017
International Global Grant Project - Pondicherry, India
We are pleased to announce that we have now a new International Global Grant project for Pondicherry, India.  The total project cost is US$99,000. The Host Club is D2982 Pondicherry India, the primary International partner is D5330 Rotary Club of San Bernardino Sunset, California.  We have donated AU$11,000, and District has supported us on this with US$7,500.
In the federally administered Union Territory of Pondicherry in South India, there are approximately 3,791 rural villages with 6,264 primary and middle schools where 235,691 boys and 225,693 girls are enrolled.  Of these rural schools, there are 1,442 Girls and 4,278 Boys Schools without toilet facilities.  Women and girls are the worst sufferers due to a lack of sanitation facilities forcing over 23% of adolescent girls to drop out from schools.  Primary and middle school students in this Union Territory suffer from non-existent or insufficient water supply, sanitation and washing facilities, non-existent or irrelevant health and hygiene education for children and dirty classrooms and school compounds.
Rotary District D2982 - 5 Revenue Districts with 65 clubs and 2,982 Rotarians, is endeavoring to meet these challenges by making a difference to the lives of these children, in particular constructing safe water and sanitation facilities and bring about 100% literacy by 2018.  By creating these conditions, children would eagerly come to school, enjoy learning, learn better and take back and inculcate in their families and community concepts and practices on water, sanitation and hygiene.
The target for this project is 15 Primary/Secondary rural schools and to construct 15 units, each unit to provide 4 water closets, 12 urinals, 1 hand wash station with several taps to cater to the 400 children in each school thus benefitting 6,000 children.
These Toilets are focused in Girls schools run by the Government and Government Aided because our District is mostly rural based district.  This facility will bring back the girls to the schools, since they leave the school after 8th standard/after age 13 due to non-availability of Toilets.