Amy Smith was the presenter at the Riverview Rotary Club and spoke from Brisbane, Australia. Amy has visited the Riverview Rotary Club as our grant scholarship student. She is a Graduate of the University of Alberta and originates from Calmar, Alberta. She was a member of Rotaract and participated in Rotaract Belize projects. She recently completed a 2-year masters from the University of Queensland, Australia and is now on temporary work assignments. 7 Rotary Clubs, including the Riverview Rotary Club contributed and with the Rotary Foundation dollars provided the 2-year scholarship.
Amy talked about international Indigenous Development and Reconciliation in Settler States in Canada and Australia. She is proud of her Metis heritage. She
studied Political Science in 2015 and since worked in Human Resources and organized cultural awareness events, bringing her 2 worlds together.
The Rotary Global Grant Scholarship has been an amazing experience. She studied at the University of Queensland and received her Master’s Degree in Social Sciences.
She was accepted into the Aurora Internship Program in Australia. A 5-week internship.
“Understanding alone does not bring change. It’s what we do with that understanding that matters.” – Krishna Pujari. Amy believes we cannot sit on our understanding but need to take action.