Posted on Apr 17, 2019

On Tuesday, April 16th, Cecilia Blasetti, Director of the Boyle McCauley Health Centre addressed members at our weekly meeting. Our club has had a long relationship with the Centre, providing annual funding for its IUD (intrauterine device) program.  Cecilia thanked the club for its ongoing support and had some good news. The IUD program has now obtained secure, sustainable funding for the program, so we can channel our club’s funding donation to other good causes.

Cecilia described the many other services and programs that the Boyle McCauley Health Centre coordinates, pointing out that there are still opportunities and needs for partnerships with Rotary. For example, people often come through the door of the Centre with no healthcare card. The Centre assists them with getting “into the system” so that they can access much needed medial care.  The Centre also offers dental, footcare, chiropractic care (Our own club member Roman Bayrock, a chiropractor, has often donated his time here.), acupuncture, optometry as well as assistance with finding housing, pregnancy services, etc.  The list goes on.

The Boyle McCauley Health Centre offer services to the most vulnerable in our society—individuals who have challenges accessing health services. This is awesome work and we look forward to exploring new ways we can become involved.