Brent Collingwood introduced  Riverview Rotary guests Azan Esmail, HSMUN Secretary-General and Jinseo Kim, HSMUN Director-General.  They spoke about the upcoming HSMUN convention on Feb 20-22 at the U of A. There are 600 student delegates attending HSMUN this year. 35 Students from Grande Prairie are attending. The keynote speaker is Michaëlle Jean,  Canada’s 27th  2005-10, Governor-General. Tracey Vavrek, District 5370 DG will make an opening address on behalf of Riverview Rotary and Brent Collingwood will make the closing address. Riverview Rotary has supported HSMUN for 10 years. This year Riverview Rotary will make efforts to showcase at the event and show that with Rotary, the youth can make changes in the world. Riverview Rotarians are encouraged to attend this event.