Posted on May 15, 2019
Why sight? Why Seva Canada Karen Chalmers, Executive Director of Edmonton Destination Marketing (EDMH) for Seva Canada, explained why to our members at Tuesday's club meeting. A surprisingly high 80% of visual impairment is treatable or preventable. With approximately 36 million people in the world being blind, that means 29 million people who can't see could see, if they were treated. Cataracts account for a large percentage of blindness and visual impairment--and that's where Seva Canada comes in. Through its eye programs in some of the world's poorest countries, the organization has already helped--through cataract surgeries--5 million individuals see. As Chalmers points out, "Restoring sight breaks the cycle of poverty." It breaks down the financial and social barriers created by blindness and visual impairment. It provides individuals with the opportunity to study, to learn, to work, to live productive lives. Our Rotary club provided Seva Canada with a substantial donation this year, to help the organization help more people see.