Posted on Nov 20, 2018

Professor Gordon Houlden, Director of the China Institute, explained China's Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) to our club's members and guests this morning. Consisting of a “belt” of overland routes based on the ancient "Silk Road" and a maritime “road” of shipping lanes connecting numerous ports, the BRI is, as Houlden explained, the "biggest infrastructure project in history," with over 100 countries involved. (Learn more)

While China--a country that has been on the rise for a few decades--is the driving force behind the initiative and will reap substantial economic and social rewards from it, the goals are multi-fold for all involved countries. Houlden identified them in his presentation: 1) policy coordination; 2) facilities connectivity; 3) unimpeded trade; 4) financial integration; 5) people-to-people bonds.

This is an initiative you can expect to hear much about in the future.