The Rotary Club of Edmonton Northeast celebrates 114 years of Rotary.  
Members of the Rotary Club of Edmonton Northeast. Edmonton Strathcona, the Rotaract Club of Concordia University,  and the District Governor, Ingrid Neitsch along with her partner Clive, celebrated the 114th anniversary of the founding of Rotary by standing in the freezing weather observing the Rotorary Colours on the High-level Bridge.  Rotary was founded on February 23, 1905.  
Mar 18, 2019
Thanks to everyone who helped out with yesterday’s SUCCESSFUL raffle ticket blitz. Edith and Darrel Martin get a huge pat on the back for selling a large number of tickets “online” during their shift to friends & relatives via texting and emailing. Our sales across all five locations were;

In-Store Sales -  63 tickets
On-Line Sales-  59 tickets
Total of 122 tickets
I am including this email from Patrick Gibson  about the Polio Plus Hockey Game and how to get tickets
Hey John,
Tickets to the annual PolioPlus hockey game have been available since late October, if you haven't purchased your tickets yet you can still get them at this year's reduced price of $25 each. (see the flyer below for rebate details) 
You can now purchase tickets individually or collectively as a club using a credit card by accessing the following link on clubrunner:
Altenatively you can also contact Kevin Mack: 780-409-5889 or email (be sure you tell him which club you belong to as your club will get credit towards PolioPlus for it's purchases)
For club presidents or foundation chairs, to purchase your club's tickets with a club cheque and to have the tickets presented at one of your club meetings contact Patrick Gibson:
This years event will include a "meet & greet" at the North Mezzanine Lounge and your ticket gives you automatic entrance to this event, buy and enjoy a beverage and join in the fun to purchase a silent auction item including some memorabilia from the 84/85 Oilers glory years.  The lounge will open 1 hour prior to game time. 
Can't make this a 4 ticket voucher ($100) to any Oil Kings game this season.
Don't like hockey... you can still support the cause by buying 4 tickets ($100) and donating back to OEG's Charitable Foundation supporting many school classroom programs. (In both cases the $7 per ticket rebate will still be made to PolioPlus)

Patrick Gibson
Dec 01, 2018
I want to pass along a thank you, that we received from The Mustard Seed.  Mary Murphy, the Community Food Program Coordinator sent their thanks for our donation of $2000 for their women's Dinner Club, a progam that teaches basic cooking skills.  The donation will go to purchasing needed tools.  
Mary also sent us a note thanking for our help recently wrapping presents for the kids for the Christmas Party.  
Notice of Annual General Meeting
The Annual General Meeting for 2018 will be held on December 14th, at the M.E.Lazerte High School at 12:00 p.m.
Many members of our club turned out for the annual remembrance day service at the Beverly Cenotaph.  It was a  sunny and mild winter day and a reminder of conditions that many of our soldiers suffered during the First World War.  John Younie and I were honoured to be asked to lay the club's wreath at the memorial.  It was rewarding to see the determination and interest of our local cadets in the ceremony. 
Our club was recognized as a major sponsor of the rededicated cenotaph, and provided with a enthusiastic round of applause.  Many of the the club members stopped for lunch at Pappa's restaurant on 47 st and enjoyed fellowship and good food. 
District Governor Ingrid Neitsch and Assistant Governor Spencer Mueller made their official visit to our club on Friday, November 2nd, in the middle of the first major snow storm to hit Edmonton.  We had an excellent visit and exchange of information and ideas.  DG Ingrid presented a certificate in recognition of our contributions to end polio for the year 2017-18.  Congratulations Pieter!
Thank you to all of our club members who braved the sleet and snow to have lunch with the District Governor and to hear her desire to make District 5370 a peace building district.  
Several members of our club attended the 2018 Fall Leadership Learing sessions to learn more about the District Governor Elect's and her goals, and to learn about different types of Rotary Clubs.  We learned about the role that the Rotary Foundation plays in funding local and international projects to benefit mankind, and to make a difference in peoples lives.  The District Foundation also helps provide matching grants to local rotary projects.  Our club is sponsored by a District Matching Grant to help us fund projects with the Mosaic Centre and Abbot School.   Part of the money we send to Rotary in our dues and donations to the Rotary Foundation come back to the club for our projects.  We also learned about different types of Rotary clubs that are popular in some areas, such as Passport clubs, and members at large.  The District Governor has set  target of three new clubs to be chartered in the next year.  Rotary is trying different forms of clubs, meeting locations, and operating costs to make Rotary more convenient for our Rotoract youth membership.   All in all it was an excellent opportunity to learn more about Rotary and share ideas with other Rotarians.  
This is a reminder to all of our members who do not yet have a Vulnerable Persons Record Check (VPRC), please make arrangements to get one. 
Rotary District 5370 membership is actively working to improve the lives of vulnerable persons in our communities.   Youth, Seniors, Disabled persons all benefit from our Rotarians who work tirelessly to make their world a better place.  We are proud of our membership and the hard work they do.  Rotary International requires that  all who work with vulnerable persons complete a Vulnerable Persons Record Check (VPRC) at their local Police station.
  1. VPRC is for all vulnerable persons, not just youth
  2. For all work with the Interact club, VPRC is required
  3. For any one-on-one activities, VPRC is required for rotarians as well as volunteers
  4. For public events without one-on-one interaction, VPRC is not required but still highly recommended for all Rotarians.
  5. Rotary's insurance will not cover you or our club if there is an incident and you do not have a valid record check. 
  6. The record checks provide valuable reassurance to the organizations that we work with that our volunteers are reliable. 
Once you have received your vulnerable persons record check from your local law agencyplease scan it and email it to  Your VPRC is confidentially viewed by our District Abuse Prevention Coordinator (DAPC) .  Once your VPRC has been viewed you will be sent a certification letter from the District office to confirm your participation in this process. 
In Edmonton the VPRC can be obtained at the police station at #108, 14315 -118 Ave.  The process takes less than an hour and costs $15.  Call me and request a volunteers letter which will allow the $15 rate. They are good for three years.  
About half of our club has valid VPRC, so if you are one of the ones who don't have one, time to step up 
For more information visit the District Web site and the Edmonton Police Dept Web site. 
Remembrance Day Ceremonies 2011
November 11th falls on a Sunday this year providing a greater opportunity for club members to attend the church service and ceremony.  Join the 9:30 church service at 11907-47 st, before a parade to the Cenotaph at 118Ave and 40St.   Ceremony at the Cenotaph starts at 10:50 am. This is great opportunity to take a moment to remember our fallen heroes and learn about some of the services that our military provides in other countries of the world.   Dress warmly and stick around for the hot chocolate served at the adjacent Hotel.  Members and guests interested in going to Papa's restaurant (4702 118ave) afterwards let John Nicoll know by texting 7804461978.  For more information contact our Director of Communications,  Mary Thomas.  
November 2nd District Governor's Official Visit
Members please note! the date has been changed for the District Governors Official Visit to our club.  The meeting has been rescheduled to November 2nd to accommodate the DG's schedule.  
All members are encouraged to attend the November 2nd club meeting to meet and hear the District Governor, Ingrid Neitsch and demonstrate what a dynamic and vibrant club we have.  This will be an opportunity for us to share our achievements with Ingrid.
For our honorary members this would be a good opportunity for you to re-connect with the club and renew friendships.
Congratulations to District Governor Ingrid Neitsch and her Conference Committee for organizing a great conference.  The program was excellant, the speakers great and brought insight and inspiration to those in attendance.  The food was excellant! The Governor's Ball was truly exceptional.  
Keep your eyes on the District web site  https://portal/clubrunner/50012 for details about next years conference in Grande Prairie Oct 3rd to Oct 5th , 2019.
Club members, please join us for an update of all of the club committees on Friday.  Support your committee chairs by coming out and listening to them tell us what they are up to now that the club year is well under way.  
Thanks to Sean Draper for conducting last week's meeting.  Donna and I were off for a Thanksgiving visit in Winnipeg.  
Members please remember that the District Conference is being held on October 18, at the Convention Centre.  Further information is available at  Looking forward to seeing a good turn out from our members at this conference. 
Fall training for board members and interested club members is Nov 2nd and 3rd, at the Chateau Louis conference centre.  Contact Sean Draper if you are interested in attending.  
Our District Governor, Ingrid Neitsch is visiting our club on November 16th, this is a big deal and it would be nice if all members and honorary members could attend.  Lets knock her socks off!
Rotary Day is also world polio day.   Join the downtown club on a polio walk that day.  Contact Pieter Zeeuwen for details.  
Leslie Cleary of The Rotary Club of Edmonton South, will be in attendance pitching their project "Rotary Santa Clothes Program" with the Boys and Girls club to provide parkas to Edmonton Students.  For more information contact
Dr. Mark Joffe, Vice President & Medical Director for Northern Alberta, Alberta Health Services gave a marvellous presentation to the Rotary Club of Edmonton Northeast on Friday, September 14, 2018 on "Edmonton in the Time of Polio"
Dr. Joffe, recounted the history of Polio in Alberta from the turn of the century to present day.  He talked about the major polio epidemic in 1953 and the use of iron lungs to keep people alive.  The work of Dr. Salk, of Connaught Laboratories of Toronto led to the world's first polio vaccine.  In April of 1955, his vaccine was determined to be a safe, potent and effective vaccine against polio.  The development of the oral vaccine by Dr. Sabin led to the wide spread elimination of polio in Canada and signalled the beginning of the end for Polio, such that there were only 15 cases reported world wide in 2018 in only two countries.
Polio was a disease that affected many Alberta families in the early fifties, particularly among young adults. Members present were able to readily able to identify members of their extended families who suffered from this crippling disease. 
Thank you Dr. Mark Joffe!
This spring the club was awarded a free conference registration to this year's District Conference at the Shaw Conference Centre, Oct 18 -20th, 2018.
Carl Clayton, was the lucky winner of a draw of all club members.   Congratulations Carl! See you at the District Conference.  
This year's conference promises to be exciting and entertaining.  Register now at
John Nicoll 
President 2018-19
Club Member Edith Martin read a letter from Mercedes parts of which are quoted below
"Hello dear godparents of the Edmonton Northeast Rotary Club, it is a pleasure to greet you again.  I hope you are well like your loved ones.  Before continuing, I want to thank you for continuing to support me. I start a new semester in my career and I am very grateful to  you, because thanks to your support I am getting closer to meeting my goals every day, ...
The first week (of special classes) I had a surgical workshop where they taught us how to work in the surgical area, such as surgical washing, how to dress, how to pass the material, etc. It was very interesting.. (see the attached photo)
... I say goodby, but before I thank you for continuing to support me, giving me your confidence.  I wish you an excellant month and I send you a big hug. THANK YOU VERY MUCH , sincerely Meredes. 
Thanks to all of the members who came out to last week's meeting.  Our guest speaker was Gordon Wusyk, of Predictable Futures, who spoke to the club about the issues surrounding succession in a family owned business.  Gord gave a great presentation and was well received by club members.  
Our next meeting is the upcoming Friday September 14, 2018 and our guest speaker will be Dr. Mark Joffee, Professor of Medicine, Infectious Diseases speaking on Edmonton in the Time of Polio.  
Please join us in welcoming Spencer Mueller (RC Edmonton West) Assistant Governor as he visits our club.  
Keep in mind that October 1 to 5 is Read In week in Edmonton, plan to visit Abbott School to read for twenty minutes to a class of students. Contact Maureen Goyette at  780 477 7310 or email at to arrange a suitable time. 
We welcome Mrs Sheri Tchir as Abbott School's new principal and we have extended an invitation for her to join us at a future club meeting. 
John Nicoll
President 2018-19
Many thanks to all those club members who attended the summer barbeque at Pam and Allen's this weekend.  Good fellowship, food and a sing along were enjoyed by all.  Carmen Feng, was toasted for being the MeLazerte High School Interac Rotary bursary recepient.  Carmen gave a great thank you talk, talking about the example that the rotary club members have set for her.  Congratulations to Carmen. 
Thanks to Pam for hosting and everyone who brought food and chairs, and helped set up and clean up.
John Nicoll
I want to thank all of the Edmonton Northeast Rotarians for attending our first club meeting of the new rotary year on July 20th of this year.  
The weather was excellant, and the company even better.  We had a full house as members and guests arrived to bring in the new club year.
We were pleased to have in attendance, Consuelo Oviedo de Reyes, a former District Governor of Rotary District 4218 for the year 2015-16.  We were pleased to give her a Rotary Club of Edmonton Northeast banner to take home with her.  

The report on the strategic plan was a visioning statement that looked back at what our club would accomplish by the year 2021.  The full text is posted under more.  The survey results are posted under the Members Only  tab under Board Meeting Reports.
Club President John Nicoll to address club
Join us for the 2018-19 club president's inaugural address.  Club president John Nicoll, will provide the three year vision for the club that was developed at our spring strategic plan.  
12:00 to 1:15 PM
Friday, July 20th
Highlands Golf Club
6606 Ada Boulevard
Its now time for any club member interested in pursuing leadership positions in the future to consider attending the Fall Leadership Assembly on Saturday November 3, at the Delta South, 4404 Gateway Blvd, Edmonton.  Contact Sean Draper and he will enrol you.  The club funds the board members to go and this year we have some openings for club members to attend.  
Its a great way to meet other Rotarians and to learn some of the basics of club  operation.