We are always looking for fun, compassionate and committed members to join our club. If you are someone who likes early mornings (we are a breakfast club); wants to contribute time to fundraising and physically helping our communities; and socialize with a quirky yet intelligent group of people then you have found the right group. 
We pride ourselves on being a family of Rotarians that are passionate about our club and our efforts to make a difference in our world. We invite you to attend a breakfast meeting to see what we are truly all about. When you arrive you will be greeted by warm smiles,a firm handshake and our traditional Rotarian hospitality. We will have breakfast together and then hear a guest speaker talk on their own cause. 
If you enjoy yourself after the first meeting then our Membership chair will be in touch to see if you want to become a member and answer any questions you might have. 
There is a certain level of commitment that is expected from club members. This includes 
  • Attending weekly meetings (Wednesday mornings at 7:15am to 8:30am). 
  • Participating in Club's fundraising activities. This can be sitting on a committee, helping at the event and/or helping to raise items for the auction. 
  • Participating in Club's community activities. 
  • Membership Dues of approximately $1200/year (can be paid in installments and includes breakfasts) 
Once you are a member you are now a "Rotarian" and we welcome you to the family!
If you would like to join us for Breakfast to see what we are all about then please do so by contacting Travis Ball, our Membership director to arrange your first visit. Breakfast is on us!