Posted by Brian Hamilton on Dec 22, 2017
Overheard at Breakfast on December 20, 2107
  1. Last meeting before Christmas and Dave Dorcus and Lionell arrived in their “ugly” Christmas sweaters;
  2. Ken Saunders is coordinating ticket purchases for the Polio fundraiser and Oil Kings hockey game on the 25th of February. Tickets are $29 each and they include a mixer before the game. If you can not make it please consider buying a ticket anyway. We will donate it to a member of the U of A Rotaract Club.
  3. Dave Keam reported that we are still looking for volunteers to sit on toilets for the Toilet Challenge on March 9.
  4. Lionell reported that he and Dave Dorcus had delivered our Christmas hamper. The family consisted of 9 people (7 kids 15 years and under) living in a small townhouse. They were very appreciative. Thanks for doing that Lionell and Dave.
  5. Dave Winfield and Agnes Fisher shared Christmas jokes (groaners);
  6. We collected from the members in attendance and gave a gratuity to our server. She has looked after us all year and she did a great job.
  7. Do not forget Breakfast with Al at the Courtyard Marriott . 7:30 December 27!
Merry Christmas Everybody
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Posted on Dec 17, 2017
Overheard at Breakfast on December 13, 2107
1.       We were greeted with a very nice display that was prepared as a thank you from the Hotel  chef.
2.       President Al advised that he, and his band, will be performing at a Rotary talent show (Rotary’s got Talent” hosted by the Riverview Club at the Buffet Royal Carvery on January 26.
3.       President AL presented a donation for the Canadian Search and Rescue Dog Association to Kristy Chan who was attending our meeting as a representative from the U of A Rotaract Club.
4.       Kristy invited us to attend a Rotaract fundraiser evening on March 3, 2018 at the EPSB Archive and Museum. They are looking for silent auction items, sponsors and ticket sales ($45 each).
5.       We presented a check for $15,000 to the Center for Autism. This was the largest amount raised and presented to our Charity partner from the Robust Reds event.
6.       Our casino will be May 21 and May 22. Mark your calendars
7.       There will be no breakfast meeting on Wednesday December 27 but President Al will be having breakfast at the Courtyard Marriott Hotel that morning and he invites anyone who is interested to join him for breakfast.
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Posted by Brian Liddell on Dec 09, 2017
WE held our Annual General Meeting  on Wednesday December 6, 2017. We resolved;
  1. Incoming executive will be;
Executive Committee
•        President – David Keam
•        Secretary – tba
•        Treasurer – tba
•        President Elect – Shannon Troke
•        Past President – Al Stuart
•        Club Services & Sergeant at Arms – tba
Board of Directors
•        Membership & Vocational Services – tba
•        Community Services – tba
•        Youth Services – tba
•        Public Image/Relations & Foundation – tba
•        Fundraisers and Club Social Activities – tba
International Committee (Reporting to President)
            Chair – Lorne Parker
            Member – Pat Coyle
  1. Finance Committee will be;
    1. Tony Thibaudeau
    2. Peter Elder and;
    3. Dave Dorcus
  2. Financial statements approved as read

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Posted by Brian Liddell on Dec 09, 2017
Overheard at Breakfast on December 6, 2017
  1. We held our annual AGM in conjunction with our regular meeting this week.
  2.  We resolved to strike a committee to review our by laws and recommend any changes. Several members volunteered to participate on that committee
  3. We resolved to try moving one weekly meeting a month to the evening in an effort to attract new members;
  4. The Robust Reds committee announced that we will be presenting a check for $15,000 to our Robust Reds Charity partner, The Centre for Autism Services Alberta
  5. Dave Dorcus is organising teams from our Club to participate in the Rotary District Curling Bonspiel (Feb 22, 2018 – Feb 25, 2018, Thistle Curling Club & Radisson Hotel Edmonton). We will extend an invitation to the Rotaract Club to sponsor a team from their Club
  6. Brian Liddell invited all members to attend the open house at his office (320 11808 St Albert Trail) 3 pm to 5 pm December 14.
  7. There will be no Club meeting on December 27 but Al invites everyon to join him for an informal meeting/breakfast that morning at the Courtyard Marriott.
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Posted by Brian Liddell on Dec 02, 2017
Overheard at Breakfast on November 29, 2017
1.       Ken Saunders was presented with two Paul Harris awards. Congratulations Ken!
2.       President AL reported that he and first lady Liz attended a demonstration from the Canadian Search and Rescue Dog Association. We auctioned off a calendar from that association to raise a donation for it. Thanks to David Douglas for his successful bid. We then donated the fine money to that organisation. (total donation came to $$122.00)
3.       We then circulated raffle tickets that were forwarded to us by the Rotaract Club. Proceeds to go to the    in Ecuador and the prize to be a home cooked traditional Ecuadorian meal for 8. If you did not get a chance to buy a ticket please email me.
4.       David Dorcus reported that Lionell is now out of hospital and back at work. Great news.
5.       Dave Dorcus reminded us of the Christmas party on December 14. If you have not yet advised Dave whether you will be attend or not please do so NOW
6.       Agnes reported on her sock drive for the homeless. She is still looking for donations
7.       Our casino will be May 21 and May 22. Mark your calendars.
8.       Kylie gave an update on the “Porcelain Prison” fundraiser plans. It sounds like a great event. So far our own Dave Douglas and Lorne Parker have agreed to throne sit. In addition Ken or one of the other Saunders boys will take another of the thrones.
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Posted by Brian Liddell on Dec 02, 2017
Our speaker this week was Lorne Parker
Lorne gave us an update on our Mozambique school projects.
1.       Xia Xia
a.       Construction of the High Scholl block is now complete
b.      The High school included a gymnasium. The school population has grown so much that it is now being used for classrooms;
c.       The next project is construction of washroom facilities.
2.       Pussa
a.       The school in Pussa Mozambique (2 hours north of Xia Xia ) was destroyed in a Cyclone;
b.      Our Club, in partnership with other Rotary Clubs undertook to rebuild the school;
c.       The school was rebuilt but the school population has grown and it is now necessary to build a second building
Lorne advises that the unique element to our school projects, and the reason they are successful, is that we do not just build and leave. We have remained committed to the projects and ensured their sustainability.
News flash
Lorne found the following news article from Mozambique. He will trying to get some of the government supplied desks.
Maputo — Mozambican President Filipe Nyusi on Saturday launched a national programme to produce school desks, under which the government intends to distribute, by next year, 140,000 desks.
Since two pupils sit at a standard desk, and each desk will be used in up to three shifts in the schools this could allow almost a million children to study at desks, rather than sitting on the ground.
Speaking at the launch ceremony at the Sansao Muthemba primary school in the western province of Tete, Nyusi said that the wood to produce the desks comes from the timber seized earlier this year in “Operation Trunk”. This was the crackdown on illegal timber operations led by the Ministry of Land, Environment and Rural Development, in which dozens of timber yards, many of them owned by Chinese businesses, were raided, and over 222,000 cubic metres of logs were seized.
Nyusi estimated the current shortage of school desks at 800,000 - which means there are about three million pupils who attend classes sitting on the floor.
“Aware that the availability of desks has a positive influence on the quality of education, the governmnent defined as a priority in its Five Year Programme for 2015/2019 the acquisition and distribution of 700,000 desks”, said Nyusi.
In 2015 and 2016 the government purchased and distributed 151,000 desks. In the third quarter of this year a further 40,600 desks were acquired.
“From 2015 to now we have managed to comply with 27 per cent of the target we planned”, said the President.
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Posted by Brian Liddell on Nov 22, 2017
Overheard at Breakfast on November 22, 2017
  1. We were joined by two representatives from the University of Alberta Rotaract Club. , Katie MacLean and Paige Shelemey.
  2. Dave Dorcus reported that Lionell is in the U of A hospital and he is receiving visitors. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Lionell.
  3. Tony collected fines again this week. He challenged us with a “This Day in History” quiz. We failed miserably.
  4. Dave Dorcus reminded us of the Christmas party on December 14. If you have not yet advised Dave whether you will be attend or not please do so NOW
  5. Agnes reported on her sock drive for the homeless. She has collected 54 pairs of socks and $150.00 but she is still looking for donations
  6. Our casino will be May 21 and May 22. Mark your calendars.
  7. Kylie gave an update on the “Porcelain Prison” fundraiser plans. It sounds like a great event. So far our own Dave Douglas and Lorne Parker have agreed to throne sit. In addition Ken or one of the other Saunders boys will take another of the thrones.
  8. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Shannon Troke and his family. Shannon’s dad passed away on November 21.
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Posted by Brian Liddell on Nov 22, 2017
Our guest speaker this week was Alexander Pecuh from the city of Edmonton.
Alexander is with the City Transportation Department and he talked about the plans for expansion of our LRT “rapid” transit system.
Alexander advised that construction of our LRT system started in 1978 with the Edmonton to Clareview line.
Currently they are experiencing some problems with the signalling system for the Metro line but the contractor “Thales Canada” has an otherwise very good reputation.
Construction for the Valley Line SE to Millwoods is currently underway and it is expected to be completed in 2020.
The next stage will be construction of the Valley Line to Lewis Farms.
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Posted by Brian Liddell on Nov 18, 2017
Overheard at Breakfast on November 14, 2017
  1. We were joined by three representatives from the University of Alberta Rotaract Club. Cara, Wyatt and Kristy.
  2. Judy gave us a last minute briefing prior to our Club manning the Salvation Army kettles.
  3. Dave Dorcus reminded us of the Christmas party on December 14. If you have not yet advised Dave whether you will be attend or not please do so NOW
  4. Agnes is collecting donations for a clothing/sock drive for the homeless. If you have not made a contribution to Agnes yet please consider doing so.
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Posted by Brian Liddell on Nov 18, 2017
Our Rotaract presentation this week was from Cara Au. Cara is a first year student at the University of Alberta and a Ross Shepherd graduate.
The U of A Rotaract hosted a speaker and demonstration from the Edmonton Regional Search and Rescue Association (
Cara invited our members to join them for that presentation.
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Posted by Brian Liddell on Nov 18, 2017
Our guest speaker this week was Tracy Poulin from the Edmonton Public Schools Foundation. (
The Foundation’s mission is to raise awareness and funds to level the playing field for children whe come to the classroom at a disadvantage. Its’ current priority is to enable full-day Kindergarten programs is schools where the need is the greatest.
Tracy is a retired teacher and principal with the Edmonton Public School System and the executive director with the EPSB foundation.
Tracy gave a very moving and impassioned presentation. She talked about the variety of students and challenges that teachers in some of our most disadvantaged areas face. She also talked about the significant challenges and disadvantages that many of their students have to deal with. Full time kindergarten is one way that we can help those kids face these challenges and get them ready for school.
Thank You to Tracy for bringing this very important issue to our attention.
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Speaker - Christmas Hampers Elizabeth Bonkink 2017-11-13 07:00:00Z 0
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Posted by Brian Liddell on Oct 22, 2017
Agnes Fisher reported that she recently attended the Westlock Rotary Club fundraiser. It was a production of "The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas". She reported that it was a fun event.
We had a pretty low turnout this week. Please make an effort to join us next week.
Our meeting next week will be our annual assembly. It will be an evening meeting (with dinner) starting at 6 pm. The meeting will be at Rotary District Headquarters
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Posted by Brian Liddell on Oct 04, 2017
Our speaker this week was our District Governor Frank Reitz. Frank was introduced by assistant District Governor Dr. Steve Van Buren.
Frank played a short video from RI president Ian Reisley. Ian talked about the Rotaryb theme for the 2017-2018 year “Rotary making a difference”.
Frank also talked about the Rotary Foundation, membership and the importance of keeping our district informed about what our Club is doing.
Finally, Frank talked as a citizen of Fort McMurray and he expressed his thanks, on behalf of all Fort MacMurrians, for the help and support that we, as Edmontonians, extended to the Fort Mac Murray evacuees last year.
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Posted by Brian Liddell on Sep 28, 2017
This  week we were joined by Katie McLean and Wyatt (I did not get his last name) from the U of A Rotaract Club.
Our sympathies go out to Jasmine Mann. Her father passed away last weekend. Although Jasmine is not a member of our Rotary Club she is a long time and valuable member of the Robust Reds committee and our thoughts and prayers are with her at this difficult time.
Pat reported that Robust Reds was a smashing success. Our best ever! Tickets were oversold, there were 475 attendees and we grossed in the neighborhood of $70,000.00. A big thanks to the Robust Reds committee and the Rotaract volunteers.
President AL advised that October 24 is world polio day and all clubs are encouraged to stage an event to celebrate and fundraise.
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Posted by Brian Liddell on Sep 28, 2017
We were treated to a presentation by Marilou Hamilton, director of strategic partners for the Edmonton Opera and a tour of the Edmonton Opera production facility.
Marilou told us;
1.   The Edmonton Opera Society is a professional Arts company
2.   It has been around for the past 54 years.
3.   It is a non profit society .
4.   It is a union shop and
5.   it produces 3 productions a year;
6.   each production;
a.    employs 200 persons;
b.   takes about 2 years to produce and;
c.   injects about $3,000.000.00 into the local economy
7.   in addition to the production of operas the society has various community outreach programs.
We were treated to a tour of the Edmonton Opera Production Facility;
The production facility was recently constructed by the Society to house all of it’s set construction, costume storage and creation, offices and rehearsal facilities. It includes a stage that exactly matches the stage upon which performances will be presented and state of the art equipment, a $150,000.00 piano, a laser levelled floor and a specially constructed sound wall.
We were advised that this facility is unique to Edmonton ad that it has fundamentally changed the Opera’s business model.
Very interesting morning.
Opera Tour Sept 27 Brian Liddell 2017-09-28 06:00:00Z 0
September 27th  2017
We will be meeting the Edmonton Opera Facilty
Time 07:30 - 08:30  AM
If you are a visitor or if you are bringing a guest please let Dave Winfield know.
So he can ensure there is adequate food and beverages.
Please call Dave
780 910 9174 Cell
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Posted by Brian Liddell on Sep 14, 2017
We had a great meeting this week.
Dave Winfield was late and we sang the anthem before he arrived. We did a passable job without him.
President Al started the meeting by going around the room and identifying how are members had “made a difference” this week;
1.     Cindy hosted a large group of high school girls at a “Equal a Tea” event. They recreated a turn of the century tea and introduced the girls to the history of suffragettes in Alberta;
2.     Dave Winfield organised a dinner for the board to meet with our District Governor;
3.     Brian Liddell is working to assist our Interact (Harry Ainlee) and Rotaract (U of A) clubs;
4.     Pat Coyle and Kylie are putting in long hours and working very hard to make this year’s Robust;
Kylie reported that the Robust Reds online auction Reds event the best ever; Please check out the website and refer your friends
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Posted by bri on Sep 14, 2017


David has organized a road trip for us to visit the Edmonton Opera. Details as follows;

Day  27th September 7-15 am


15230 128Ave easier to access off 156st because of

The possibility of train delays off 149st ( important that Judy gets that information)

Ladies please make sure you wear flat heel shoes as we will be walking through a working area

During our tour of the building

This is a most interesting facility which I hope you all will enjoy

Lots of Parking

Call David Winfield (780 910 9174 Cell) or email him to let him know you will attend


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Posted by bri on Sep 14, 2017
Our guest speakers this week was Daniel  Rosenau from the Junior Achievement organisation.
Junior Achievement is a non profit organisation that seeks to inspire youth and train them to be tomorrow’s leaders.
It recruits volunteers from private industry to present in school classes and extracurricular programs to teach kids about financial literacy and entrepreneurship and to train them to be work ready. 
Thank you to Dan for an interesting presentation about an important organization.
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Posted by Brian Liddell on Sep 11, 2017
Jordan Close and Rachel Poelzer from the University of Alberta Rotaract Club.
Jordan and Rachel both travelled to Nicaragua to participate in the construction of a community water storage facility in the remote village of Cinco Pinos. The trip was coordinated through the “Roots of Change” organisation in St. Albert and a non profit society in Nicaragua called Fundago.
Fundago identifies worthy projects in Nicaragua and “Roots of Change” fundraises for those projects here in Canada.
Jordan and Rachel travelled to Nicaragua to participate in the grand opening for one of those projects (a community Center” and then to board with a local family and participate in the construction of the community water storage facility in Cinco Pinas.
They gave a very informative and well prepared power point presentation. They talked about the hospitality and generosity of their hosts and the profound differences between their lifestyle and the lifestyle we enjoy in Canada and thanked us for the small contribution that our cub made towards the project.
Once again, we were impressed with the work and the commitment displayed by the Rotaracters.
Speakers Sept 6 2017 Brian Liddell 2017-09-11 06:00:00Z 0
Posted by Brian Liddell on Sep 11, 2017
We sang Happy Birthday for Nadia De Venz. Although her age was not disclosed I am guessing 35.
President Al was proud to present a “3 ruby” Paul Harris pin to our own Doug McEwan. A 3 ruby pin is presented Rotary Foundation donors who have qualified for 10 Paul Harris awards. CONGRATULATIONS DOUG! You are an inspiration to us all.
Gossip Sept 6 2017 Brian Liddell 2017-09-11 06:00:00Z 0
October Meeting Responsibilies - Gateway Rotary
Front Desk                           Doug McEwen
Fines                                   Carolynn Melnychuk
Cares & Concerns                  Tereena Morelli
Speaker Intro                      Jamie Pallet
Thank speaker                     Lorne Parker    
Should you not be able to attend, please call your back up to take your place
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Posted by Brian Liddell on Aug 30, 2017
August 30 Gossip
We did not have a speaker this week so president Al took the extra time to conduct a board meeting (in lieu of the August meeting that was cancelled).
Elisabeth was back with us and looking very healthy.
The Edmonton area Clubs are organising a bus to the Fort McMurray District Conference on September 28 – 30. If you are attending and want to take the bus please contact Ken or Al for details;
Our meeting on October 4th will be with the District Governor;
Kylie reported that Kylie reported that the Paul Shuffelt fundraiser evening for YESS at the Workshop Eatery will be on September 16 not September 9 (as previously reported). Paul has been a great partner for our Winemaker Dinners and she suggests that it would be great to get a group out to support him. If you are interested in going to the event please call Kylie.
Robust Reds report;
  1. Still looking for silent auction items;
  2. Still looking for ticket sales;
  3. Still looking for wine bottles for dutch auction
    Board meeting reports;
  1. Shannon     - finances are in good shape. Most people have paid their dues;
  2. Brian          – Interact and Rotaract Clubs will be starting up soon as the 2017/2018 school year starts. We will be supporting the Club activities and sponsoring camps and scholarships again this ear;
  3. Judy           -  several ideas will be brought forward for activities including a military outreach and cooking a meal at the Mustard Seed
  4. Elisabeth    - we will be striving for 100% participation in donations by members to the Rotary Foundation
    Pub Night at the patio at the Marriott downtown. Thursday August 31 at 5:30
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Posted by Brian Liddell on Aug 24, 2017
August 23 Gossip
We had a rather disappointing turnout this week. We were only able to fill 4 tables
Kylie reported that Paul Shuffeld will be hosting a fundraiser evening for YESS at the Workshop Eatery on September 9. Paul has been a great partner for our Winemaker Dinners and she suggests that it would be great to get a group out to support him. If you are interested in going to the event please call Kylie.
Cindy is hosting a “equal tea” at the McKay school on September 11. A gathering of high school girls will meet for tea to recreate the planning  “teas”  that suffragettes in Alberta held in the early part of the last century. She is looking for tea cups.
Brian Liddell reported that there has been a change in direction regarding the districts request that all members have police security clearance. EPS will no longer process bulk will now be necessary for applicants to attend individually at the police station with;
1.     A letter from our president stating that they are volunteers with our club (the letters are drafted and available);
2.     A completed application;
3.     $15.00
Members must have clearance certificates before participating interacting with minors and other with “vulnerable persons”
Ken Saunders gave us a brief but very interesting report on commercial real estate in Edmonton. Downtown office vacancies are very high and there are some real bargains for sub lease space. Suburban space has maintained it’s value better than downtown
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Posted by bri on Aug 24, 2017

We did not have a guest speaker this week. Kylie gave us a progress report on Robust Reds preparation. She gave an excellent power point presentation and advised us;

1.     TICKETS

a.     370 tickets out, 50 confirmed sold;

b.     13 online sales to date;

c.     Online ads start this week

d.    was Ellie Shuster from the Learning Disabilities Association.


a.     28 received to date;

b.    Biggest needs are for dinner gift certificates, apparel and experiences

3.     VIP ROOM

a.     36 people confirmed

b.    Goal is to use the experience to drive sales next year


a.     Over eleven items received so far including Westjet flights, Renaissance Ultimate Chef dinner and golf with Gizmo and at least 8 more


a.     Goes on lin on September 5

b.    Do not have to attend Robust Reds to bid

c.     Online bidding will continue to the end of the event


a.     Tickets available for sale now

b.    Only 100 tickets sold

c.     Do not have to go to event to win

7.     Wine raffle & dutch auction

a.     Bring in about $5,000

b.    Require a bottle of wine from each member

c.     Raffle tickets sold by our Rotaract Club members

d.    Dutch Auction tickets sold by Autism group


a.     A trophy will be presented to the vendor with the best table

b.    An award will be made for the best wine;

c.     We are looking for judges


a.     Westjet

b.    Reside Furniture

c.     Global

d.    Keg n Cork


a.     After party with DJ

b.    Special room rates (use code er5)

                          c.   Free parking
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Posted by Brian Liddell on Aug 20, 2017
Our guest speakers this week were from the “Grandmothers to Grandmothers” campaign.
The Grandmothers to Grandmothers campaign is a Steven Lewis Foundation campaign. They are a group of Canadian women who working to support grandmothers in Africa who are caring for their grandchildren who were orphaned by Aids. Those brave and resourceful African grandmothers need support in many areas inclu7ding;
1.       Education for the children;
2.       Income;
3.       Security;
4.       Counselling for the children and the grandmothers;
5.       Treatment
The Canadian Grandmothers offer their support primarily through fundraising .
August 16 speakers Brian Liddell 2017-08-20 06:00:00Z 0
Posted by Brian Liddell on Aug 20, 2017
August 16 Gossip
Elisabeth was back in the hospital this week. Hopefully this were  be her last visit there for a while. Our thoughts and prayers are with her.
Two of our previous members were back to visit us. Pat Slinn was here visiting from Ottawa and Tereena Morelli has rejoined the Club. It was fantastic to have them back!
Brian Liddell reportred that although Rotary District still wants our members to get police clearance EPS has changed it’s policy. They will not consider a bulk application from the Club members, it is now necessary for each applicant to appear in person with an application, a letter from the Club and $15.
Kylie presented the weekly Robust Reds Committee report;\
1.     Ticket sales are progressing but it is very important that we all make an effort to sell tickets;
2.     Every member is asked to contribute one bottle of wine for the wine raffle;
3.     Members are asked to gather items for the silent auction;
4.     There will be a contest for the best table this year. If you are interested in being a judge please let Kylie know;
Gossip August 16 Brian Liddell 2017-08-20 06:00:00Z 0
Posted by Brian Liddell on Aug 14, 2017
August 9 Gossip
Elisabeth joined us for breakfast just a few days after her surgery. It was great to see her looking so good.
We did not have a speaker this week so president Al took the extra time to speak to us.
Al reported that he had recently attended a meeting of local Rotary presidents. They discussed several issues;
1.     The Rotary motto for this year is “Making a Difference” They interpret this to mean the everything that we do as a club should make a difference;
2.     Exploring different options for “associate” membership
3.     Common challenges that the ir clubs face such as membership and fundraising;
4.     The possibility of engaging in a collective tree planting project
Al also shared a few more stories from his auto biography. Including
1.     A story about a cattle drive from Saskatchewan to newfoundland;
2.     How his organisation “the Potato Growers of Alberta”  negotiated a sale of the logo “PGA” to the Professional Golfers Association”
Gossip August 9 Brian Liddell 2017-08-14 06:00:00Z 0
Posted by Brian Liddell on Aug 03, 2017
Our guest speaker this week was Melissa Tar from the Kids Help line
Kids Help Phone is a national 24-hour, bilingual and anonymous phone counselling, web counselling and referral service for children and youth. It’s service is completely anonymous and confidential.
Melissa talked about the important support that her organization offers to children and youth throughout the Country. It started 28 years ago as a telephone help line. It now offers information through it’s website and counselling through both telephone counselling and counselling through a chat line. They will be moving to a text service soon to further expand the ways they can reach out to young people in crisis.
Melissa asked us all to talk to the young people in our lives to make sure that them, and their friends, are aware of the help that is available to them through the Help Line
August 2 Speaker Brian Liddell 2017-08-03 06:00:00Z 0
Posted by Brian Liddell on Jul 30, 2017
We were joined this week by Rishav Sharma. Rishav is a 2017 grad of Harry Ainlee High School and he is one of the recipients of our scholarships. Rishav introduced himself to the group and talked about his plans to enroll in science at U of A this fall and pursue a career in medicine.
Robust Reds Update –
1.     U of A Rotaract has agreed to assist us with sale of tickets. We will provide a portion of the proceeds to the Club as a fundraiser;
2.     Each of the members are asked to provide a bottle of wine for the raffle
PUB Night – Monday July 31 at
Urban Tavern
11606 Jasper Avenue
Edmonton, AB T5K 0N2
July 26 Gossip Brian Liddell 2017-07-30 06:00:00Z 0
Posted by Brian Liddell on Jul 14, 2017


The meeting started with a presentation of a check to our partner for this year’s Winemaker Dinner proceeds Mckay Avenue School. The check was accepted for the school by our own Cindy Davis


One our guests this morning was Pat Coyle’s daughter Sarah. Sarah is a grade 5 teacher. Her class won a $500n award for a eco awareness video. Our club then donated some funds to the class to fund a bus trip to Telus World of Science. Sarah attended our meeting to thak us on behalf of her class.


Al Stuart reported that he had attended his first Robust Reds Committee meeting and he was impressed with their commitment and professionalism. He then encouraged us all to get out and sell at least 10 tickets each. This year’s Robust Reds promises to be bigger and better than ever.


Kylie gave us some insight into this year’s Robust reds planning;

  1. Tickets are available now
  2. There will be an early bird draw for all ticket holders who purchase before August 1st;
  3. The committee plans to have members visit all Edmonton area Clubs and invite them to attend. There are too many clubs for the committee so they are looking for volunteers from the general membership to participate;

Lorne is back from Africa. He reports that the Xia Xia and Pusa schools are thriving. More information to follow.





July 12 Gossip Brian Liddell 2017-07-14 06:00:00Z 0
Posted by Brian Liddell on Jul 14, 2017
Our guest speaker this week was Ellie Shuster from the Learning Disabilities Association.
Ellie told us that Learning Disabilities (LDs) are specific neurological disorders that affect the brain's ability to store, process, retrieve or communicate information. They are invisible and lifelong.
She talked about the importance of diagnosing learning disabilities early so that children can be taught coping techniques that will enable them to adapt. Children who do not receive early intervention have much higher odds of ending up with low self esteem, ending up in prison or even committing suicide.
The Association is currently lobbying to get more awareness and better responsses in the schools.
Thanks Ellie for an interesting presentation.
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Posted by Brian Liddell on Jul 14, 2017
1) Early Bird Tickets - from now until July 30th anyone buying tickets will be entered to win 2 more. To be eligible simply fill out the stub on the ticket with name and email and give to Kylie. Draw is being made on August 3rd. 
2) For all ticket sales please fill in the stub and hand to Kylie. Each one will receive a personalized letter of thank you with an update on the event including: transportation options, accommodation for the night, Halo Bar After Party and anything else that is new this year. A great way to keep in touch. 
3) We need help from members to volunteer and go to other Rotary clubs to promote the event. If people could indicate which day and club they will go to that would be helpful. We really need at least 2 people per club.  At this time we have the following started: 
Downtown Club - Lionel and Judy
Northeast Club - Cindy
Urban Spirits - Kylie
Whyte Ave - Kylie & Cindy
Leduc club - Ken
4) Silent Auction items - needed as soon as possible!
5) Buy 10 get 1 free is back! 
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Posted by Brian Liddell on Jul 10, 2017
  1. Our feature Speaker this week was our incoming president, Al Stuart.
  2. Al chose to use his time to more thoroughly introduce himself to us. He gave us a brief autobiography.
  3. He talked about his early years n Scotland, immigrating to Canada, childhood school experiences, becoming a Canadian Citizen and the many phases of his career in marketing of agricultural products (his specialty now is potatoes).
  4. Thanks Al for a very entertaining and informative presentation.
July 5 Speaker Brian Liddell 2017-07-10 06:00:00Z 0
Posted by Brian Liddell on Jul 10, 2017
Overheard at Breakfast on July 5, 2017;
  1. Assistant District Governor, Marlyn Mucha, joined us for breakfast this week.
  2. Our new president, Al Stuart, introduced his board of directors
  3. David Dorcus and Lionell did a movie trivia quiz for fines ths week. Dave asked the question and collected the fines while Lionell gave a powerful, and spirited, demonstration of his acting talents.
  4. Al Stuart formally announced that the Jasper Place Wellness Center has been selected as out signature community project
  5. Elizabeth Bonkink reported that we had a small but mighty group for June Pub Night at Brewsters.
Gossip July 5 Brian Liddell 2017-07-10 06:00:00Z 0
As we enter into our 11th year for Robust Reds we are once again very excited and proud to be working with The Centre for Autism Services Alberta in this major fundraiser. Your donations and support work to send more kids with Autism to camp with the centre, helping them to learn social skills, build on their creativity and keep them physically active all in a fun and supportive environment. 
How can you help? 
1. Buy a ticket or two to Robust Reds. Click here
2. Buy a VIP experience if you are corporate. Click Here
3. Purchase a Westjet Raffle ticket (flight for 2 anywhere Westjet flies. ONLY 99 available) Click Here
4. Donate a silent auction prize of $100 or greater 
5. Bid on Super Silent Auction items online (do not have to attend the event. Online bidding commences August 15th). 
6. Make a donation. 
Thank you in advance for your consideration and support! 
Giving really does taste good. 
How to Help Raise Funds to Send Kids to Camp 2017-07-02 06:00:00Z 0
Posted by brian Liddell on Jun 29, 2017
President Ken thanked each of the officers and directors who served during his year
2016 2017 board brian Liddell 2017-06-29 06:00:00Z 0
Posted by Brian Liddell on Jun 29, 2017
We had a very busy meeting this week. It was our changeover meeting and outgoing president Ken Saunders handed over the gavel to incoming president Al Stuart at the end of the meeting.
During the meeting;
  1. We met Luka Marita and his mother Gerri. Luka is one of the Harry Ainlay students who received our scholarship this year. He gave a brief, and very articulate,  presentation to the Club;
  2. Al Stuart gave a brief report from the International Rotary Convention;
    1. Rotary is making it’s last fundraising push to finally eradicate polio. The Canadian government donated $100,000 towards the cause;
    2. The motto this year will be “Peace and Reconciliation”
  3. Our Club was presented with an award as the best club in the District
  1. Lionell advised that this year’s golf tournament will be held at the Pine Ridge golf course in Seba Beach Alberta to be followed by a barbecue at Dave Douglas’ mansion on the lake.
  2. Elisabeth has arranged for a private tasting for our Club at the Oliver Brewsters for pub night on Friday June 30th
  3. The last act in Ken’s presidency was to hand his gavel over to Al
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Posted by brian liddell on Jun 27, 2017
Upcoming Schedule for our Club
Aug. 2
Kids Help Line
Dave W.
Aug. 9
China Institute
Gordon Houlden
Dave W.
Adjunct Professor Alberta School of Business
Aug. 16
Joyce Madsen
Dave W.
African Grand Mothers Movement
Aug. 23
Downtown Business Assoc.
Ian O’Donnell
Cindy D.
Executive Director – Downtown Business Association.
Aug. 30
Pickle Ball - Tentative
Sept. 6
City of Edmonton
Alexandre Pecuk
Dave W.
LRT Expansion
Sept. 13
Junior Achievement
Jonathan Curtis
Sept. 20
Rotary Gateway
Lorne Parker
Lorne P.
Mozambique update
Sept. 27
Monster Mini Putt - Tentative
Gateway Monster Mini Putt
Oct. 4
District Governor
Dave W.
Oct. 11
Christmas Bureau
Judy W.
Oct. 18
Edmonton Ski Club
Ken Saunders Jr.
Ken S.
Oct. 25
Club Assembly – Evening Meeting
Nov. 1
Shuffleboard Tourney
Nov. 8
Remembrance Day
upcoming schedule brian liddell 2017-06-27 06:00:00Z 0
Posted by brian Liddell on Jun 27, 2017

Our guest speaker this week was Lynne Christianson from Christianson Developments. Lynne talked about the Senior Focus housing that her company is developing and, in particular the “Life Lease” concept that they use.


Lynne talked about the unique form of investment that the “Life Lease” offers and how it can be advantageous to their tenants. She also talked about the social environment and maintenance free environment that they offer.









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Posted by Brian Liddell on Jun 27, 2017
News and Gossip for the week of June 22, 2017;
1.       Kylie gave us an update on Robust Reds planning. The Robust Reds committee has been meeting regularly and is working hard. Letters have been prepared and distributed to assist members in gathering silent auction and auction donations. Tickets will be available soon.
2.       Our changeover party will be on Saturday July 8th at Agnes’ party room.
3.       Lionall and Dave Dorcus have organised a 2nd annual golf tournament to be held at Seba Beach on July 26th, 2017
4.       Dave Douglas collected fines this week. He had a very challenging Canada Trivia quiz
gossip June 22 Brian Liddell 2017-06-27 06:00:00Z 0
Robust Reds. The Rebirth. 2017-05-27 06:00:00Z 0
News and Gossip for the week of May 14, 2017
1) Kylie announced that our Winemaker Dinner was a complete success. Again the Club and our sponsored charity the McKay Archives and Museum enjoyed a great evening of food by Chef Paul Shuffeld - Workshop Eatery and South AfricianWines from Spier. The event netted $14,000 dollars. The money will be split 60/40 between the Archives Museum and the Mozambique school project. The success of the event was driven by Cindy Davis passion for the Museum and the great of gathering gift card donations and the sale of tickets. Three cheers to Cindy and the committee. Another round of applause for David Keam who not only delivered 500 wine glasses for the event he and his daughter polished each one. Big thank to David and the Renaissance Edmonton Airport Hotel.
2) Pat thanked the club for the support they gave his daughters grade five class by voting on the one minute video the students made for the Canada Energy Contest. Sara's class won second place and $500.00. She plans to take the class to the Space Science Center requested the club help by paying the $168 yellow bus fee. Sara teaches at Glendale School which is an identified Apple School. Everything that is done to support this school aids in providing each student with a better chance of success.
May 14 Gossip Pat Coyle 2017-05-05 06:00:00Z 0
Our guest speaker this week was Taina Lorenz. Taina is the musical director for the Cosmopolitan Music Society.  ( )
Taina was a very interesting speaker. She talked about the history and mission of the Cosmopolitan Music Society.
It is the oldest Music Society in Edmonton (over 50  years) and it’s mission is to “make music lovers into music makers”.
She told us about the Edmonton School Boys band (formed in the 1940s and still performing).
The Cosmopolitan Society has a number of bands, for all levels of musicians, and they perform at a variety of venues. There feature event is the annual “Lest We Forget” concert that they perform for our veterans and military members each year. I had the privilege of attending one of those concerts with my mother a few years ago. It was a great evening.
The Society will also be hosting a band fest in Borden Park in July.
Taina was an enthusiastic speaker and her passion for making music and bringing people to the joys of making music was infectious.
Thank You Taina!
May 3 speaker Brian Liddell 2017-05-05 06:00:00Z 0
Posted by Brian Liddell on Apr 27, 2017
Our guest speaker this week was Janet Tryhuba from the Fort Edmonton Foundation.
She started her presentation with a short video showing the attractions of the Park as it is now.
Janet talked about the history of Fort Edmonton and how it was created, in part, by the efforts of the Edmonton Rotary Club. She talked about how the park has been developed through a series of 10 year plans. The current plans call for;
1. expansion of the Selkirk Hotel ( our Club has contributed towards an Edmonton Rotary initiative to fund the expansion) 
2. Indigenous Peoples experience
3. New Front Admissions Area
3. 1920s Midway expansion
It sounds like lots of exciting changes for one of Edmonton's major attractions.
for further information you can visit their website at
Janet also invited us to attend their fundraiser events;
 - Chief Factor's Breakfast - May 28, 2017 -
-  Fall Gala - a Night in the Wild West - September 16, 2017 (contact Janet at for tickets ($200 each))
 - Jeans and jewels Rotary Legacy Fundraiser - June 15 2017 (contact Michele Johnson - for tickets ($4,000 for table of 8)
April 26 speaker Brian Liddell 2017-04-27 06:00:00Z 0
Posted by Brian Liddell on Apr 27, 2017
Great meeting. Good attendance and fellowship.
Cindy was back looking fantastic after her recent medical adventure. It was good to have you back Cindy.
Tony did a good job, again, as fines master. He played "stump the tables" and we once again proved that you can not underestimate our ability to answer trivia questions.
The Dreams Take Flight organisation has invited us to attend their Gala on  May 6. Tickets re limited but they are free. If you would like to attend please let Ken know.
Both Dave Douglas and Lionell Usunier showed up in Oiler jerseys! Great team support guys. Can we get the whole club to show up in orange next week?
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Posted by Brian Liddell on Apr 12, 2017
Our guest speaker on April 12 was Joan Patton.
Joan is Fundraising chair for YESS (Youth Empowerment & Support Services).
Joan talked about how YESS started out as the Youth Emergency Shelter providing emergency accommodation for kids who had aged out of the Child Services program. It changed to the YESS when it acquired the Armoury building and began to provide day services for youths.
The society is now a major operation with a multi million dollar budget providing support to youths up to the age of 24 year.
Please visit their website for more information
April 12 speaker Brian Liddell 2017-04-12 06:00:00Z 0
Posted by Brian Liddell on Apr 12, 2017
News and Gossip for the week of April 12, 2017
  1. Next week we will welcome our newest member to the Club, Deborah Jack.
  2. Your reporter attended the wind up meeting of the University of Alberta Rotaract Club. It was a great event and I was honoured to be invited. The Club presented awards to it’s members and to it’s sponsor Clubs although the Rotaracters have impressed me with their enthusiasm, generosity and goodwill they did demonstrate a remarkable lack of culinary taste (must be due to the beer and kraft dinner diet of university students). They awarded our Club with the “BEST BREAKFAST AWARD”;
  3. Lionell showed up in a Oiler Jersey and ball cap. I fervently hope that he is wearing that again next week. It would be unbearable if Dorcus shows up in Maple Leaf garb and Lorne is wearing his Habs jersey but the Oilers are golfing by next week.
  4. We were treated by the YESS Society to a fantastic breakfast.
  5. Dave Winfield reported that the Westlock Convention was a great success.
  6. President Ken suggested that we consider putting together a significant group of members to attend the next convention in Fort McMurray in September. Sounds like fun.
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Posted by Brian Liddell on Apr 05, 2017
Speaker April 5, 2017
Our speaker this week was Gem Munro from the Amarok Society.
Gem and his wife Tanniss travelled to Bangladesh to found the Amarok Society. The Amarok Society teaches uneducated mothers how to read and write, and then teaches the mothers to be neighbourhood teachers – educating their own and their neighbours’ children every day in their homes.
Jim talked about the effect that his organization is having on the women and children in the slums of Bangladesh and elsewhere in the world. It is his belief that the best hope for peace in this world is through offering education to it’s most underprivileged citizens.
Thanks to Jim for a thought provoking presentation.
If you would like more information about the Society visit it’s website at
april 5 speaker Brian Liddell 2017-04-05 06:00:00Z 0
Overheard at Breakfast on April 5, 2017;
1.       Rachel Poelzer from the U of A Rotaract Club joined us for breakfast again this week.  Rachel gave us a summary of the projects that her Club completed this term. It was an impressive list. This was the last week that Rachel will join us as official representative for the U of A Rotaract Club.
2.       Our next meeting will be held at the YESS offices, 85th Avenue and 105th Street
3.       Dave Dorcus reminded us that the Winemaker will be very soon. Ticket sales are slow and we still need gift certificates.
4.       Steve Lambert reported that he has tickets for the Integrity Award dinner ($50 each).
April 5 gossip 2017-04-05 06:00:00Z 0
News and Gossip for the week of March 29, 2017;
  1. We will welcome our newest member to the Club, Deborah Jack.
  2. Your reporter attended the Election meetng of the University of Alberta Rotaract Club. I acted as scrutineer. It was an actively contested election. I attach the names of the incoming board. We look forward to working with them next year;
Hi everyone! I do not have any real meeting minutes from today's meeting, but I do have exec election results if you missed them :)
For the 2017-18 school year we will have:
President: Amy Boyd
President Elect: Kathe Debenham
Treasurer: Steve Cook
  1. We did not have a regular breakfast meeting this week. Instead we held a dinner meeting in conjunction with our Annual Assembly. We were treated to a great meal and reports, director’s reports and a report from the Winemaker Dinner/ Robust Reds planning committee.
  2. We had a great turnout at Fionn Maccool’s for Pub night on Friday night. Good food, great beer and fantastic fellowship.
  3. Peter Elder and Tony Thibaudeu were tasked with the challenge of identifying a feature Community Project for our Club to report. They presented their report. They discussed the various projects and causes that they considered and recommended that the Club consider sponsoring the Jasper Place Wellness Center. Thanks to both Peter and Tony for all their work and for a great report.
March 29 gossip Brian Liddell 2017-04-01 06:00:00Z 0

Our guest speaker on March 22 was Mark Hall. Mark is Executive Director, Blatchford Redevelopment.


Mark talked about the history, origins and progress of the Blatchford Development on the old City Centre airport site.

The development was started by Edmonton city Council when the City Centre airport was closed and it’s operations were transferred to the International Airport. Council’s goal was to develop a sustainable community. To that end the design has been centered around making the development carbon neutral, and not car centered.

Mark expects construction on the first phase to begin this spring.

This is a very interesting and forwarding thinking project.

For more information please visit their website.


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Posted by Brian Liddell on Mar 25, 2017
Overheard at Breakfast on March 22nd , 2017
  1. President ken reminded us that there will not be a breakfast meeting next week instead our Club Assembly will be held that evening as a dinner meeting. Please let Dave Winfield know if you will be attending so that he can order meals.
  2. The Club will be holding a fireside in the third week of May. Stay tuned for more information;
  3. Tickets for the Winemaker Dinner on are available on line. Please order your tickets and you’re your friends.  Tickets are going fast. Get yours soon!
  4. We are looking for two corporate sponsors to sponsor a “Prestige Room” at this year’s Robust Reds Event. If you know of a company that would be interested in participating please forward the information to Kylie;
  5. The Robust Reds committee is looking for gift cards for the balloon fundraiser at the Winemaker dinner;
  6. Steve is looking for nominations for the Integrity award. The dinner will be held this year at the DoubleTree by Hilton on May 3rd .
  7. Elisabeth Bonkink has invited us to attend two Edmonton Community Foundation events ;
march 22 gossip Brian Liddell 2017-03-25 06:00:00Z 0
Who hates it when you go to the bathroom, sit down to do your business in a private stall only to find that there is no toilet paper! Now imagine what it would be like if you didn’t have a private stall, you didn’t have a toilet to sit on and you most definitely don’t have toilet paper. All of a sudden no toilet paper seems inconsequential.
Problems of the 1st World 2017-03-07 07:00:00Z 0