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As Robust Reds enters into the 2nd decade of it's life, our planning committee had a long and thorough discussion about what is next for this event. Collectively, we decided that in order to create a legacy for this event that not only survives the next 10 years but actually THRIVES that we had to make some changes. 
The playing field is more challenging. There are more wine tasting events than ever before all vying for the consumers attention and dollars. Consumers are being inundated almost daily from charities to donate, heck you can't even get groceries anymore without being asked to contribute. 
So the question are we going to Thrive? Given this the committee came up with a plan for growth of Robust Reds and we are more excited then ever with what is in store. We are re-branding with the intent to create a whole new experience catering to those who enjoy a lifestyle around the wonderful world of wine. This includes a new location, new theme, new & enhanced experiences at the event along with the same great vendors, sponsors and supporters. 
We have heard it all before...Location, Location, Location! For 10 years we have been at the Delta South Edmonton, they have been good to us. But all good things must come to an end...if only to move onto something even better! Enter our new partner in fundraising, The Renaissance Hotel at the Edmonton Airport. Here you will have a full service lifestyle hotel that offers an experience that is indigenous, intriguing and independent. You will love this curiously arctic adorned hotel with a sophistication and swankiness making it the most unique hotel in Edmonton. 
The Renaissance will be offering more to the event and more to our patrons then ever before. In addition to a trendy atmosphere they will be hosting an after party in the Halo Bar with DJ; a Robust Reds Room rate of $149 for anyone attending the event with 10% of the value going to the charitable causes (book early to make sure you get yours); free parking to all attendees; and not only some of the best food we have had at a Robust Reds event but a discounted rate so that we can keep more money in the charity's pocket! 
This year we are also implementing a theme to liven things up among the vendors. Our theme for 2017 "The Temptation of Red" is up to interpretation and each vendor will be vying for the first annual coveted "Wine Cup" trophy as best table. Our guests are the judges! 
Also new to the plan and a big one for the financial success of Robust Reds is the NEW VIP EXPERIENCE. This is an opportunity for two discerning businesses in the Edmonton area to treat 20 of their best clients to a night out in style. The VIP Experience offers the business a private tasting room featuring premium wines from either Pacific Wines or from Charton Hobbs Wines. The luxury rooms will include gourmet food pairings, private VIP cash bar, bubbly reception, 1 hour early access to the main event. The businesses will also be recognized as a major sponsor of the event. See full details on our website. If anyone is looking to take advantage of this don't hesitate to claim yours as there are only 2 VIP Experiences available. 
Our goal is aggressive this year - $85,000. We are confident we can do this with your help! Tickets are now available and if you buy 10 tickets you get one free! 
SAVE THE DATE: September 22nd, 2017 and come Experience. The Rebirth.