Everything is a little different this year - including the way the Rotary Club of Fall River is helping kids get back to school!  To minimize the amount of contact we have when stuffing our backpacks, this year we decided to buy them already stuffed!  So instead of needing your help to purchase supplies, we need you to "sponsor" a backpack.  I hope you'll agree that this is a great value.
  • A $10 donation will purchase 1 backpack stuffed with 30 items
  • A $50 donation will purchase 5 backpacks stuffed with 30 items each
  • A $100 donation will purchase 10 backpacks stuffed with 30 items each
We know you'll be generous, so we upped the number of backpacks we are giving away from 200 to 300!  A 100 more to honor our club's 100th anniversary, and because there is more need then ever.  Thank you so much for your generosity!