On Thursday July 23rd, the Rotary Club of Fall River installed their new officers for the coming Rotary year.  Pictured is this year's President, Jennifer Vincent, with her family. Please join me in congratulating our officers for the coming year!
Rotary Club of Fall River 2022-2023 Officers
President - Jennifer Vincent
President Elect - Darcy Lee
Vice President - Jenny Mello Reis
Secretary - Harvey Trieff
Assistant Secretary - Susan Remy
Treasurer - Filomena Kuchar
Immediate Past President - Marta Montleon
Sergeant-at-arms - Susan Remy
Co-Historians - Paula Raposa and Harvey Trieff
Board of Directors
Class of 2023                                 Class of 2024
Karen Augeri-Benson                    Juliette Almeida
Deb Manning                                Zelma Braga
Benvinda O‚ÄôLeary                         Kim Butterfield
Eileen Sheehan                             Lisa King
Christian McCloskey                     Arti Pacheco
Fall River Rotary Club Charitable Foundation Trust
Officers and Board Members

Roger A. Cabral - President
Paula Raposa - Vice President
Trish Robertson - Secretary
Charlene J. Jarest - Treasurer
Board                          Class
Jennifer A. Preston       2023
Lisa Lebreux                2023
Nancy Vanasse             2023
Kimberly J. Smith        2024
Elizabeth W. Fay          2024
Dorene A. Menezes      2024
Diane Cloutier              2024
Marta Montleon           2025
Lorraine Travers          2025
William Allen              2025