C-SPAN: Make Up Your Own Mind (Today's presentation via Zoom)
Oct 21, 2021 12:15 PM
April Ranger, Community Relations Specialist
C-SPAN: Make Up Your Own Mind (Today's presentation via Zoom)

April Ranger has been with C-SPAN’s community relations team since 2019. She
coordinates and leads presentations to educate students, civics groups and
others about C-SPAN’s unfiltered mission and how its resources provide a
window on Washington.
After teaching in the New York City and D.C. areas for 13 years, April returned
to the nation’s capital in search of a new chapter in her career. She began her
time at C-SPAN as a receptionist before shifting gears into a community relations
While she’s been a member of the C-SPAN family for almost 2 years, April is no
stranger to the public affairs network. She’s been an avid fan since growing up
with her grandmother in D.C. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking with her
nieces and nephews and teaching virtual Sunday school. When her TV isn’t
tuned to C-SPAN, you can bet it’s turned to a good comedy.