Changing of the Guard

Installation of new officers for the 2021-22 Rotary year was done on June 23, 2021 at our regular Rotary Meeting.  Our new officers for 2021-22 are as follows:
President - Darrel Huenergardt
Secretary - Jerry Christensen
Treasurer - Dick Cumming
Sargent-at-Arms - Duane Tappe
(Left to right) -- Dick Cumming, Treasurer; Jerry Christensen, Secretary; Duane Tappe, Sargent-in-Arms; and Darrel Huenergardt, President
Passing the Gravel:
Sue Schuerman, 2020-21 President and Darrel Huenergardt, 2021-22 President
President-Elect Darrel Huenergardt presenting plaque to out going President Sue Schuerman
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RYLA Scholar - Speaker

Camp RYLA (Rotary Leadership Youth Award) is an annual week-long summer camp that improves leadership skills for incoming high school seniors. Campers build leadership skills through cabin activities, athletic events, educational workshops, and team-building exercises.  This year's RYLA camp was held via Zoom for five sessions lasting about three hours each time.  
RYLA provides an effective training experience for selected youth and potential leaders.  It encourages Leadership of Youth by Youth.  It helps recognize publicly young people who are rendering service to their communities. All RYLA programs cover the following core topics:  Fundamentals of leadership.  Ethics of positive leadership.  Importance of communication skills in effective leadership.

Clarissa Tan, a RYLA Scholar spoke to Lincoln East Rotary Club about her experiences at the RYLA camp which was done via ZOOM this year.  Clarissa was a bit disappointed that it was done via ZOOM, but realized that she was able to meet young people from around the world.  She thought it possibly would be just people from Nebraska.  She found it a good experience.  She reported that were able to breakout into small groups and have great discussions about politics and many other world problems.  Each session was from 9:00 am - 12:00 Noon on a Saturday for 5 sessions.  
Clarissa said that you should not start from the front as a leader, but always from the back working up through the middle and toward the front.  Those in the back and middle would not be able to follow your lead if you started in the front.  She has learned to share ideas and to pick up ideas from others to help improve her leadership skills.
Clarissa will be a Senior at Lincoln High School.  She plays the violin and will be playing with the Lincoln Youth Orchestra later this year.



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Rotarians helping Rotarian 

Left Side of truck - Sue Schuerman, President and Dennis Duckworth; Right side of truck - Greg Schnasse, Paul Horton, Barry Stelk and Dick Cumming.
When a Rotarian needs help he knows he can depend on other  Rotarians to help.  An Ash tree came down in one of our storms into Barry's yard and he needed help.  These Rotarians know what "Service Above Self" means.  
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