Posted on Jun 17, 2019
Kelysibelle Crespo-Boneta and 
Lillie Larsen, Chairperson
Lillie Larsen, Chairperson and 
Tesla Jeanette Babbitt
Lillie Larsen, Chairperson, Brennan Andel, 
and Brenda Andel (his mother)
Kelysibelle Crespo-Boneta -- I always wanted to be in the medical field since as long as I can rememer.  It didn't matter what kind of doctor I was, but I was going to be a doctor of some sort.  I looked up to doctors because they help people get better and I wanted to help people as well with my medical skills.
When I was little, I learned how to "give CPR" to my dad by watching the TV show BayWatch.  Once I got older, I took a lifeguard course to get my certification and that was the beginning of my medical knowledge.  My sophomore year I applied to The Career Academy EMT program and got in.  As a junior, I took Anatomy and Physiology, Psychology, Sociology, and Intro to Health Sciences.  First-semester senior year I took Laws and Ethics for medical personnel and EMT I.  Thhis semester, I am taking EMT II and Basic Pharmacology and successfully passing.  My next step is to attend the University of Nebraska-Lincoln for pre-med and then the U.S. Air Force ROTC program my sophomore year.  Then I will transfer to UNMC in Omaha to earn my medical degree and become a doctor in the emergency room setting.
My occupational goal is to work as a paramedic through nursing school, a nurse through medical school, and as an ER doctor in England or in Spain where my Spanish comes in handy.  I like being under pressure and the ER setting will provide that, but like always, that ability to work under pressure will come to an end.  When that end does come, my personal goals will start.  Because of my abilities in the medical field, I plan to participate in mission trips.  I like to travel, and if I can help people around the world with my medical skills I will.  I also speak Spanish so I would also assist in Spanish-speaking countries as a translator either for medicine or just a general translator.  Being an ER Doctor, I will know how to treat a number of diseases and illnesses and will probably be able to help a lot of people in need.
Tesla Jeanette Babbitt -- As a senior in high school there are many opportunities that are starting to rise.  I've been planning for my future for awhile now and it is time to start acting to make my dreams come true.  After high school I would like to attend Nebraska Wesleyan University to major in social work and minor in Psychology.  I would also like to get involved in Nebraska Wesleyan's theatre program, as it is one of the best programs in Nebraska.  If at all possible I would like to leave college with very little debt, but if that isn't possible then I plan to work during my college education to help pay off any student debt that I acquire over four years.
After graduating from University I would either like to work in a rehabilitation treatment facility for adolescents, or possibly in a hospital helping patients cope with recent diagnosis and find help that they may need.  As of now I am involved in an Improvisational theatre camp at the Geneva Youth Rehabilitation Treatment Center in Geneva, Nebraska and throughout my career I would like to continue to get involved in activities through various tratment facilities in Nebraska.
Brennan Andel -- I have been accepted to the Bryan College of Health and Sciences.  It is the top nursing school in Nebraska, and I will be receiving a Bachelor's Degree in the Science of Nursing.  I wanted to attend this college because it has an amazing program where I will be able to participate in thousands of clinical hours with a small class of like-minded students who have shared interests and goals.  After college, I plan to be a regsitered nurse.  I have not decided where I want to go specifically as an RN, but I have been leaning towards acute care.  My goal is to become a registered nurse because with this career path, I will be able to use my compassion and experience to assist others to live healthier lives.
The Scholarship Committee for Lincoln East Rotary Club consists of:  Lillie Larsen, Chairperson, Jeanne Garvin and Dave Caudy.