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And now, an update from our inbound student from Italy, the delightful Ms. Beatrice Sanna. Beatrice is from the lovely island of Sardinia, and her time here is making an indelible mark on her. Here is an update directly from Bea: 
"It’s been more than six months since I left home to come to the US. I think that every single one of these months, every single day, taught me something, made me a more mature person, richer, stronger, less selfish, more tolerant. I always say that one of the thing I love the most of these country is its diversity. I came from a country with a rich and various culture, but I arrived to a country with an extremely diverse mixture of people, that made me able to realize how meetings of different cultures make a country rich and beautiful. This also allowed me to realize that the word “normal”, this word that so often generates division when something or someone does not apply to it, has in reality a very relative meaning. Normal is only what applies to the majority of people, and what I have considered normal for my whole life, may be completely different from the “normal” of someone that lives somewhere else, but that doesn’t mean that is wrong. I believe that this is one of best lesson of the exchange, to learn how to understand and appreciate people and situations when they are different from what we are used to.

In these six months I lived a lot of amazing experiences. Especially since the Christmas break, I feel like I’ve finally reached an equilibrium and I’ve adjusted to pretty much everything, forgetting the homesickness and loneliness. When I was still with my first host family, I went skiing to Kirkwood. I had never seen the snow before, except from another single time that I barely remembered, and I had never been on a pair of skis. I was very excited but also scared of trying this new sport, not knowing what to expect. My host dad and my host aunt, which are formidable skiers, taught me the bases and between one fall and another I managed to survive the mountains, also being able to go to a few blu runs! I loved it and since I’ve been with my second host family I went skiing other two times, and now I’m looking forward to the ski trip we’ll have at the end of February with the other exchange students of the district. The next months I’ll have a lot of trips and many other events I’m very excited for, such as my parents’ visit during spring break, graduation, senior ball… but the more I want to live the next adventures my exchange reserves for me, the more I wish I could stop the time not to get to the day when I’ll have to say goodbye to the life I’ve built in this country, to Pleasanton, to the beautiful places I’ve visited, to the amazing people I’ve met. But I know for sure that I’ll always carry in my heart all of this, and I’ll always be grateful in future for the life changing experience I will have lived."
Here are some photos of Bea's adventure so far:
Bea--It's great to have you in our community this year. 
One of our two inbound exchange students this year is Daniel Costa from the beautiful land of Brazil.
Daniel shares an update on his exchange so far, below.

Look for word from Bea from Italy soon!
"When I decided to go on exchange, I knew that I was going to meet new people and make new friends, but as it wasn't my focus during my exchange year, I didn't expect it to be like it has been. I have to say that the best part of my exchange is the people I met! Here I made best friends who are part of my family now, our connection is so strong that it's like I was supposed to find them one day. Also, everyone around me has been really welcoming and friendly, I'm still amazed by the hospitality. 
One of my dreams is to become a professional actor and in my school here, Foothill High School, I've been learning a lot with choir and drama. And being a part of the school productions has been an incredible experience and full of learning. 
Of course, a great part of the exchange program is the trips we make. I still haven't traveled a lot, because most of my trips are now, in the second semester. However, I always love to go to San Francisco. I can't wait for my choir tour to Disneyland and for my New York trip with other exchange students. 
Going on exchange is an amazing experience! You learn a new language and a new culture. You meet people from all over the world and make awesome friends. And, what I find the most beautiful part of it, you see how you can help the world become one big unit, help other people to see that differences are a good thing!! I can say without hesitation that my exchange year will always be one of the best years in my life, the memories I'm making will always make me happy and hopeful."
PNR is very active sponsoring and hosting high school students as part of the outstanding Rotary International Youth Exchange program.
The students are now five months into their exchange, and ups and downs occur, yet in the end it balances out to be an amazing adventure that influences students the rest of their lives. I know from experience. I'm still in touch regularly with friends and families from my own exchange as a high schooler 30 years ago. 
Currently, Antoinette Pouteau from Foothill High School here in Pleasanton is living the dream as a student in Sarreguemines, France. She is learning about the culture and sights of France firsthand and documents her experience  on the following blog, which you should check out: http://patch.com/users/antoinette-pouteau

Antoinette (right) and her Argentinian friend Agustina (left) at the cathedral in Nancy, France. 
Our club is also sponsoring San Jose's Nicole Solomon, who is attending school in Italy and improving her Italian day by day!  Read more about Nicole's time in Italy on her blog here: https://nicolesolomon.blogspot.it/
Nicole and friends made this fun video "grading" American candies from the distinguished Italian palate perspective.

Look for updates soon from our inbound (hosted here in Pleasanton) students Bea from Italy and Daniel from Brazil.
Pleasanton North Rotary's annual Pasta Feed was again a great success.

The event brought together local citizens and students, Rotarians and family members for a enjoyable evening of food fun and community.

Here are a few pictures from the fun evening. Speak with Tina Oellrich to find out about how you can be involved in next year's event.

Rotarians are a busy, service-minded bunch. That said, there are some PNR members that stand above and beyond through their efforts.
Each month during his presidency, Slick has awarded a Rotarian of the Month pin to a certain committed PNR member.

Today was a day of “catch up” for Slick, and multiple Rotarians of the Month were recognized. 
Congratulations to the following Rotarians of the Month:
Mark Linsky - Rotarian of the Month, December 2016
Kevin Greenlee - Rotarian of the Month, November 2016
Dave Pitcher - Rotarian of the Month, October 2016
Dominic Pipitone - Rotarian of the Month, September 2016

President Slick and the one and only Dominic Pipitone

President Slick and Dave "Fiscal Responsibility" Pitcher

President Slick and Mark "Youth Services Dynamo" Linsky
In today’s meeting we had three PNR members receive their Paul Harris pins.

Paul Harris pins represent a concrete, monetary commitment to Rotary International, and our global organization’s goals and activities.
Congratulations Celia Mason, Ryan Spuller and Kevin Greenlee on the recognition and thank you for your commitment!
On January 13th Pleasanton North Rotary officially welcomed Michelle Mikatarian to our club.
Welcome, Michelle—You’ve just joined the World's Greatest Rotary Club!

Esteemed PNR colleagues:

The Pasta Feed is right around the corner. We are well on our way to finishing everything up for this  great annual event. Please attend, and invite your friends and family, drop it at church, your hairdresser, you name it. It will be an outstanding and old-fashioned family evening of fun.

Come join us!

On Saturday, January 14th, Pleasanton North Rotary members and supporters staffed the Rotary booth at the annual "Make a Difference Festival" event, held at the Pleasanton Library. 
Throughout the busy four-hour event there was a constant stream of Pleasanton and Tri-Valley citizens young and old alike, looking to engage with Rotary and make their own unique contribution to community service.   
Our booth at the event had something for everyone:
Pleasanton students learned about scholarships, speech contests, the exchange program, RYLA and of course the Interact Club at their high school.
Working professionals and retirees checked out the work and community support we do locally, regionally and farther afield, as they consider attending and joining our club.
For others with a unique background or affiliation, including the many groups exhibiting at the Festival, we discussed having the organization's leader potentially coming to speak at an upcoming PNR meeting
From beginning to end, the booth was a beehive of activity and interested citizens looking to "put a little bit in" and make a difference. 
Thanks to all who helped in some way, and especially to Mark Linsky, Lara Golden and Nagisa Smalheiser for taking time out of your busy schedules to staff the booth.  
At this week's Club meeting we held our annual youth speech contest.

There were five outstanding participants who clearly worked very hard to prepare and practice for their presentations. A hearty congratulations to you all. This year's participants and winners were all from Foothill High School here in town. 
Winner Andy Li will advance to the next round and speak at the regional contest to be held at the Tri-Valley Rotary Club meeting on March 16th from 5:30pm at Castlewood Country Club here in Pleasanton. 
Our Club meeting that week may be pulled off the calendar so all members can instead support and attend the speech contest. 
1st Place - Andy Li - $100 prize
2nd Place - Mikayla Tran - $50 prize
3rd Place - Samantha Do - $25 prize
Again congratulations to all participants for your efforts and speeches. We were all very impressed.
Left to Right: PNR president David Eisenhauer, PNR Youth Services lead Mark Linsky, students Justin Huang, Andy Li, Mikayla Tran, Samantha Do, Daniel Costa
Today we welcomed two new Rotarians (Red Badgers) to the Club Vineet Sharma and Carlos Rodriguez.

We look forward to learning more about you and to working shoulder to shoulder with you both on upcoming community service projects.
And Welcome to the World's greatest Rotary Club, gentlemen. 
In December, we announced our December student of the month Mikayla Tran. 
Mikayla is Co-President and Area Director of the Foothill High School Interact Club, and has been a very active youth leader in the community, participating in a number of community service events.
Mikayla was praised for her academic drive, passion for learning, and her insatiable interest in both supporting and leading others, particularly those in need.
Earlier this week a hearty group of PNR Rotarians and their kinder visited a Berkeley men’s shelter and cooked a meal for the residents.
Despite the inclement weather and multiple challenges, chicken was fried outside in Ed's turkey fryer (in the chilly rain and wind!) by Ed and PNR’s newest member, Sean Kyle. Shelter patrons and staff greatly enjoyed PNR’s visit.
The menu of the day:
Homemade fried chicken
Homemade fresh coleslaw
Homemade mashed potatoes
Homemade cornbread
Fresh corn

The group that cooked at men's shelter in Berkeley during this most recent visit. Left to right: Andres Hall, Tom Hall, André Wright, Ariana Hall, Ed Golden, André Wright II, Sean Kyle
At our Dec. 2nd meeting we were pleasantly surprised by the Amador Valley High School Music for Change Club and the wonderful Christmas carol from the ensemble, in three-part harmony.

Thanks Mr. Aubel and the Club--it was fantastic.  

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! 
Amador Valley High School graduate Lexi Ewanich spent the last school year abroad in France as one of Pleasanton North Rotary’s exchange students.
Through her slideshow and presentation today as our featured speaker, Lexi shared that she lived with multiple families in Valence and the surrounding areas, and had an outstanding experience overall. The slideshow was fabulous and Lexi is a very poised, confident young speaker.
Lexi is off to college in Boston after the holidays.

From your PNR family here in Pleasanton, we wish you the very best of luck with your next adventure Lexi!

Today Pleasanton North Rotary officially welcomed Sean Kyle to the club.
Sean comes to PNR via good friend Ed Golden, and has made many new friends from attending meetings and participating in multiple service projects. 
Professionally, Sean is a systems engineer at Dimension Data, a well-regarded global tech firm.  
Welcome, Sean—You’re a fantastic addition to our club!

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow
October's high school student of the month is Tamara "T" Wilson.
Among reasons for nominating Tamara, Foothill staff note her strong spirit of giving and leadership in the peer advocate group. Tamara goes out of her way daily to support students in need, is a tutor for special education students and heads up Foothill's buddy program for special education students. 
Congratulations on the award, Tamara, you deserve it!
Above: Tamara Wilson is awarded a Pleasanton North Rotary Student of the Month certificate by PNR member Meera Parikh and Foothill Principal Jason Krolikowski.
PNR will hold its annual Richard D. King Youth Speech Contest on Friday January 6th at 12:15 p.m., at Handles Gastropub, at 855 Main St., here in town.

This contest is a *great* way for local high school students to hone their speaking skills in a friendly and competitive environment.  Successful students in the past have come from Drama, Debate, English and Speech programs, but there are no restrictions!

If you know a Pleasanton high school student that would be serious about participating, we’d love to have them register and be there!
This year’s theme is “Rotary Serving Humanity.”

1st Place winner is awarded $100, 2nd Place $50, and 3rd Place $25.
For more details about the contest, including registration, contact Speech Contest Chair Mark Linsky, Pleasanton North Rotary Speech Contest Chair, mslinsky@gmail.com, 925-264-9544.
We hope to have many outstanding contestants this year!

Here are the details:
Where there are calamities or natural disasters, Rotary is sure to spring into service and respond. 
In the wake of Hurricane Matthew's devastating blow to the island nation of Haiti, Rotary members, government authorities and multiple agencies, in close collaboration with Rotary's relief partner  ShelterBox Focused their efforts on emergency shelter and the cholera outbreak in the southern region of the island.
Please visit the main Rotary website and read the full article here:
Photo Credit: Alexis Masciarelli
In a fun and worthwhile exchange that ended up very nicely for both a veteran suicide prevention campaign and for PNR Foundation coffers, President Slick bragged to members that he'd do push-ups for cash...
Things got a bit awkward when Andre, Dave, Jim and Ed bantered around playfully, then President Slick hit the floor and 22 push-ups later, $420 was raised for the Foundation. And the video will be uploaded to the website 22kills.com, a global campaign to show solidarity and support for the alarming rate of veteran suicide here in the U.S.
Talk about commitment.
Thanks President Slick and fellow Rotarians!
During District Governor Jeff Orth’s visit, a select number of PNR members were praised for their ongoing “behind the scenes” work on behalf of the club.

District Governor Orth presented the members with certificates noting their entrance to the Order, and a unique pins commemorating the honor.
During District Governor Orth’s visit, a select number of PNR members were honored for their individual commitments to Rotary International Foundation.

In return, the members were honored with special commemorative pins presented by District Governor Orth.
Stacey Blaney, president of Denali Data Systems, was inducted into Pleasanton North Rotary by District 5170 Governor Orth and PNR President David Eisenhauer.

Welcome to the PNR family, Stacey!
Ed “President Uncle Fester” Golden received his PNR past president badge from current PNR president David “Slick” Eisenhauer and District Governor Jeff Orth. 
Again this year, the annual "A Starry Night" gala was a resounding success.

This year’s event was fantastic, and raised funds for local, regional and international causes....More details on the event to come shortly!
Check out the slideshow below (a new window will open).
Click to play this Smilebox slideshow


Pleasanton North Rotary (PNR) were joined by the Rotary Clubsof Pleasanton, Dublin, Livermore, Livermore Valley, and Tri-Valley Evening Rotary to cook and serve dinner for 775 on Sept. 17 at East Bay Stand Down, a biennial special event that delivers social services to at-risk and homeless U.S. military veterans from nine Bay Area counties.
PNR past president and Army veteran Ed Golden and friend of the club Sean Kyle smoked 550 pounds of brisket for the meal, which signaled the successful completion of the intensive four-day program for about 425 veterans and a support staff of 350.
Several acres of the Alameda County Fairgrounds wereconverted into a military encampment where the vets received social, psychological and substance abuse counseling, medical and dental services, legal and housing assistance, clothing and job counseling.  PNR member Ryan Spuller provided chiropractic services with four other chiropractors at the event. 
The brisket earned rave reviews as the “best ever” entrée to be served in recent memory at the event.  Ed and Sean fired up the smokers at 1 a.m. on Saturday to prepare the meat. PNR member André O. Wright acquired almond wood for smoking. Ed and Sean slept under a full moon at the Stand Down site to tend to the fire and meat.
Most other Rotarians arrived early Saturday afternoon for meal preparations. In addition to Ed, Sean, and Ryan, volunteers from PNR were Jim Brice, Debra Doble, Lara and daughter JuliaGolden, Tami and Bob Hennegan, Celia Mason, Dave Pitcher, Herb Ritter, frequent visiting Rotarian Bob Tucknutt, and Andréand his son André II. 
Volunteers from six of the Tri-Valley Rotary Clubs prepared 300 pounds of fresh green beans, 200 pounds of fresh zucchini squash and peppers and 36 cans of baked beans. Salad, dinner rolls, BBQ sauce, cookies, watermelon, lemonade and iced tea were also served. The six District 5170 Area 4 Rotary Clubs and individual Rotary members donated the food.  Cornerstone Church and the Church of Latter Day Saints supplied the BBQ smokers. 
Pleasanton North Rotary president David "Slick" Eisenhauer named long-time PNR member and past president Dave Cherry Rotarian of the Month. 
Cherry is proprietor of Big O Tires here in town, and President Slick noted that Dave and Big O have responded generously to every PNR fundraising event since Slick joined the club in 1991. 
Thanks for everything you do for the Club and for the community, Dave. 
This past Friday's meeting featured youth galore.

We had Outbound student Antoinette Pouteau join us. She's headed for a year in France very shortly.

We also had parents and prospective future exchange students from Amador join the meeting to learn more about Rotary and Rotary Youth Exchange.

Our two Inbound (i.e. now living in Pleasanton) students Beatrice Sanna from Italy, and Daniel Costa from Brazil join the program to present Rotary flags from their home clubs to Pleasanton North Rotary.

Our guest speaker was Nagisa Smalheiser who just recently returned from an amazing student year abroad in Northern Spain. Smalheiser made a formal presentation to the group, shared of her experiences and insights, and fielded a variety of questions from Rotarians, guests and interested students. 

In the photo below, Beatrice and Daniel present flags from their home clubs to PNR President "Slick" David Eisenhauer, while Youth Exchange Chair Kevin Greenlee couldn't be prouder.

Nagisa Smalheiser presents President "Slick" with a flag from her former host club in Northern Spain...As the Club President in Spain appears to watch over the presentation of the flag personally, from the PowerPoint screen.
PNR is active again this fall sponsoring and hosting high school students for Rotary Youth Exchange.
This fall, Antoinette Pouteau from Foothill High School will be living in France, polishing her french language skills and living her dream, learning the culture of France and seeing the sights of Europe!
PNR is also sponsoring Nicole Solomon, from San Jose.  She will be attending school in Italy, and is busy learning Italian before she boards her plane for her adventure abroad!  Nicole has been active in 4H, raised pigmy goats, and became her club's Public Relations Officer.  In that capacity she developed her public speaking skills and the confidence to become a Rotary Exchange Student!
PNR will be hosting the following two students in Pleasanton this fall:
Beatrice Sanna, is coming from Italy and will be studying at Amador High School.  Her parents introduced her to the exchange program and she decided to take the opportunity to live abroad not as a tourist, but as a full time student to learn the language and culture of the USA!
Daniel Costa will be arriving from Brazil, and will attend Foothill High School. Daniel is training to become a professional actor, and his dream is to return to the USA after his exchange year, and continue his training here.  Then he hopes to take the skills he learns, return to Brazil, and inspire young students to find their passion and live their dreams! 
As always, Pleasanton North Rotary again sponsored many students for this year's Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA)  Camp. 
Following their time at camp participating in team-building activities, significant personal development, and lifelong friend-making, students shared about their experiences this past meeting on Friday, July 22nd. 
Participants pictured in the photo, from left to right: 
Megan Bokhoor, Valentina Im, Kimmy Nguyen, Brianna Mai, Emily Balicanta, Daniel Do, and of course our very own Kevin Greenlee
Former Rotary Youth Exchange Student to Livermore Lorenzo Framba visited PNR this past Friday, to share his perspective on the value and importance of international student exchanges. 
Lorenzo's presentation followed that of PNR’s six RYLA participants this year, making this meeting a vigorous youth-led affair. 
Especially with our own youthful president "Slick" at the wheel.

June's high school student of the month is Sara Sanchez.

Foothill Principal Jason Krolikowski shared from the nomination letter about Sara's kindness, compassion and leadership by example, as well as her impressive commitment to both "We the People" and swimming, all in the face of significant health challenges. 

Congratulations to you Sara, on being named Student of the Month, and best of luck at Scripps College in the fall!

Below: Sara (center) is awarded this school year's final Pleasanton North Rotary Student of the Month certificate by PNR member Meera Parikh (right) as Foothill Principal Jason Krolikowski (left) looks on proudly.

This weekend, Pleasanton North Rotary showed to serve coffee and support our troops at the annual Hometown Pancake Breakfast and Troop Packout at Delucci Park here in town.

Troops and attendees enjoyed a breakfast of pancakes, sausages, orange juice, bagels and donuts...courtesy of the many organizations collaborating with the local Lions Club to make the day a success. 

A rotating cadre of PNR members provided complimentary coffee to attendees. The annual event gives civilians the opportunity to interact with service members, gives vets the chance to catch up with one another, and this year, gave kids the chance to see and learn hands-on all about a Humvee.

A hearty thanks to all who participated, and of course to all those who serve or have served this great nation.
Each year Pleasanton North Rotary awards scholarships to Foothill High School graduating seniors. This year PNR awarded three $1,000 scholarships. The scholarships were  awarded in memory of Chuck Pickens, the first President of Pleasanton North Rotary, Robin Barnett, a former teacher at Foothill High School, and Stephen Parker, a 1978 graduate of Foothill.
This year's three scholarship recipients each are well-rounded, and very engaged youth scholars. Each student has a mix of honors and distinctions, significant athletic and work experience, and commendable community service activities.
This year's three scholarship winners are:
Madison Hobbs – Stephen Parker Scholarship
Snigdha Jayavarapu – Robin Barnett Scholarship
Sophia Brown – Chuck Pickens Scholarship

Congratulations to you three on your accomplishment!
PNR's own Herb Ritter has just announced his candidacy for Pleasanton City Council. On Friday, he will introduce his community-oriented platform of improving education, driving economic vitality, and promoting smart engagement with our environment.
“Pleasanton needs engaged, collaborative and decisive leaders who come to the table bringing both experience and creative approaches,” he commented. “Building on my experience, civic leadership, and ‘roll up my sleeves’ attitude over the past decade, I look forward to serving our increasingly diverse Pleasanton population as a trusted voice but more importantly as an active listener both on the City Council and around town.”
“My passion and care run deep for this amazing community,” he said. “It's never been my intention to get into politics, yet by serving on the council I can increase my engagement with decision-makers in the city and make more significant, enduring contributions to public service. I want to do all I can to preserve our small town feel while driving positive change in Pleasanton, making it an even better place to work, live, raise a family, and retire. I’m all for smart planning for a better city for today and tomorrow.”
The community is invited to celebrate Herb Ritter’s candidacy at an official, public kick-off event on June 23rd. Speak with Herb or visit his website if you'd like more details.
In a weekend where PNR members went two for two, community service project wise, about 15 Pleasanton North Rotarians, friends and family made a significant improvement in the cleanliness and health of the Arroyo between the Sports Park and hwy. 680. 
The project, organized by Kevin Greenlee and led by the tireless Lara Golden, had Rotarians, Interact members, family and friends carefully cleaning the Arroyo and scouring the banks for refuse errant tennis balls, you name it. Overall we worked hard to improve quality of life for the ecosystem. We were even graced by a white egret who flew in towards the end of the project to voice its approval. 
Heartfelt thanks to all who participated. 
Here are some photos:
Yesterday, PNR undertook a significant construction project at Sunflower Hill Gardens at Hagemann Ranch in Livermore. 
More than 15 Rotarians, family and friends turned out for the great event, concrete pouring and all. Under the leadership of community service chair Matt Wilson--thank you Matt!--the event, one of many community service projects with Sunflower Hill, was a big success.  The concrete foundation for a big shed was created and concrete was poured, a picnic table was made, squash was planted, weeds were pulled and a great time was had by all. 
Thanks to all who took part in the project. 
Here are a few photos:
Today we had the pleasure of hosting Creatures of Impulse Directors Mark Duncanson and Jeff Zavattero.

The Club enjoyed a fun session on the power and versatility of improvisation, both on stage and in daily life.

What served as the lively topic and target for the Club to address with its newfound improvisation powers?

Let's see how President "Uncle Fester" (L), David Eisenhauer (C) and Dominic Pipitone (R) improvise and work together to field a "challenging" question from the audience:
This past Friday our Rotary club received a beautiful gift from our sister city of Tulancingo, Mexico.
Pleasanton North Rotary’s Susan DuPree, serving as club liaison to the recent Tulancingo delegation, presented President Ed “Uncle Fester” Golden with a fabulous ornate tray from Tulancingo.
The members of Pleasanton North Rotary look forward to many more years of a strong and very positive relationship with our sister city.
Muchisimas gracias por el regalo que es símbolo de nuestra fuerte amistad.
Thank you for your kind gift, Tulancingo, that represents our strong friendship.
May's high school student of the month is Jasmine Setiyadi.
Among reasons for nominating Jasmine, Foothill staff note a strong impression left on all as a result of Jasmine’s standout performance as a student, as well as her exceptional leadership and passionate, humanistic value-driven approach to school and life.
Congratulations on the award, Jasmine, you deserve it!
Above: Jasmine Setiyadi is awarded a Pleasanton North Rotary Student of the Month certificate by PNR members Lara Golden (left) and President Ed "Uncle Fester" Golden (right).
Pleasanton North Rotary is well known for our unflagging emphasis on "sweat equity" as a way to give back to the community. We truly believe in implementing the "Service Above Self" Rotary motto. 
Here are two upcoming service projects that will get you out into the community serving others. I encourage you to sign up with the project lead and take part.  
Saturday, May 21st, 9am - Sunflower Hill Gardens at Hagemann Ranch, Livermore; construction project; Food and beverages will be provided; if you missed the signup sheet at this past Friday's meeting, talk with Matt Wilson for more details. 
Sunday, May 22nd - Arroyo Clean Up, Pleasanton; PNR, leading local high school youth--Interactors and friends--will be cleaning up a quarter mile of the arroyo near the Sports Park; meet at S. Valley Trails Dr & Haleakala Rd. at 10am Sunday to help out!
Saturday, June 4th - Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Pancake Breakfast; join fellow PNR members in helping serve coffee to those who have served their country, at the Veteran's Hall here in town; speak with Ron Sutton for more details. 
This past week, our very own Richard Flanders pulled off an amazing event that brought together service minded individuals from near and far. The District conference was attended by hundreds if not thousands of Rotarians from not only our District but also around the world. I personally met with members from as far afield as India (a past District Governor) and Nigeria (one of them a Yoruba chief).
Richard, the event was a fantastic showcasing of your amazing organizational and planning skills and attendance was more than double what has been seen in past years. Only second to Richard D. King's year, if I heard correctly, and a very impressive achievement by any measure of the word. I've heard attendees comment that it was the best District Conference they've ever been to.
A heartfelt word of thanks to Richard from the World's Greatest Rotary Club, Pleasanton North Rotary. Our hats are off to you. 🎩🎩🎩
Pleasanton North Rotary's very own Jim Brice had the chance to meet with former exchange student Laura Klein on his recent visit to Europe. PNR reunited with Laura in Alzey, Germany on April 30th. 
Pictured below are, from left: mother Alina Klein, Jim Brice, Laura's brother Fabian Klein, Laura's friend Jonas, Laura's father Günter Klein.
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