Theo Thirsk was presented with an honorary Paul Harris Fellowship for contributions to his community.

On Monday, November 26, Theo Thirsk was presented with an honorary Paul Harris Fellowship in recognition of his many contributions to the community.

Theo has been a leader in the Seed Farm business for 45 years in the Kelsey district managing Thirsk Seed Farms. Prior to that he worked for the Federal Government in the Department of Agriculture after receiving his Agriculture degree form the University of Alberta. He and his wife Margo have three children.

Theo Thirsk has demonstrated extraordinary service in the promotion and furtherance of Theatre in the Camrose area.  His position as President of the Camrose Arts Society is an indication of the leadership in the Arts; but even more important are his numerous years behind the scenes as a stage and lighting manager and handyman extrordinaire helping numerous drama/theatre groups to suceed including:  The Church Mice Theatre, About Time Productions, Kelsey Drama Productions, and the Bailey Theatre productions where he continues to help in practical stage management issues.  A Director of the Alberta Drama Association, Theo is also a strong promoter of the Camrose Performaning Arts Centre project on the Augustana campus.

Theo exemplifies the Rotary motto of "Service Above Self" and is a worthy recipient of a Paul Harris Fellowship.