This week we hear from Ashley White and her upcoming exchange trip to Austria.
The Buzz – June 13, 2016
This week we have a Youth Exchange Presentation by Ashley White who will be going to Vienna, Austria in the fall.  In conjunction with her presentation, our evening meeting is Austrian themed with classical music, schnitzel and apple strudel as part of our fare.
Meeting called to order at 6:00 pm with the playing of both the Austrian and Canadian National Anthem.
Guests:  Elaine Hook, Elaine Taylor, Vivienne Grue, Warren Phillips, Jerry Blanchette, Patricia Stetar, Darren Herle, Ashley White's grandparents Joy and Peter.
Health of the club is good.
Tony Hladun – Greeter List has been sent out.
Dawn Anderson – As this is our last evening meeting, a vote was taken to continue with it for 2016-2017 Rotary Year.  It was a resounding Yes from club members.
Happy Bucks – It was a very happy night indeed as there were many ranging from gardening, being Canadian to becoming a great great grandparent for the sixth time.
Guest Speaker:  Donna introduced our speaker, Rotary Exchange Student, Ashley White.
Ashley is a sixteen-year-old, grade 10 student at Our Lady of Mount Pleasant School.  She is a member of the Camrose Air Cadets and is an active member in her community.  She is a friendly and outgoing young lady who will be doing her level 5 piano, enjoys swimming, skiing, and was a past member of the swim team and won several medals.  She was chosen as Camrose Rotary Exchange Student, embodying the strengths and beliefs inline with Rotary.
Ashley will be going to Vienna, Austria for her exchange, which was her first choice of host countries.  She is excited and a little anxious as the day approaches when she will be fully immersed in Austrian culture with no family contact with in the first few weeks.  Ashley's presentation is on her research of Austria as she prepares herself to head to a country she will embrace for the next year.
Ashley opened her presentation introducing herself in German showing us how her grasp of the language is coming along.  She tells us her host club will be Weinschwechat in District 1910, Vienna.
Ashley explains the history of Austria, touching on points of the first people in 15 BC were Celtic tribes, to the rule of Charlemagne, the Habsburg's coming to power in 1278, and becoming Emperor's of the Holy Roman Empire in 1452. 
Ashley explains the Habsburg line split into Spain and Austria, the 30-year war where the Habsburg's start losing power, the French revolution and Franz 1 declaring himself Emperor.  She continues on into the World wars in which Austria was annexed into Nazi Germany, the Soviets liberating them, and to Austria declaring itself neutral in 1955.
Ashley then brings us into modern day, by explaining their government, economy, transportation, religious and ethnic makeup, and what their nine states are known for.   She tells us of their cultural highlights such as the Spanish Riding School where they have trained Lipizzaner horses for the last 400 years, Schönbrunn Palace, Imperial home of the Habsburg's, the Vienna Opera Ball and the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, known as the number 1 classical orchestra in the world.
Ashley concludes by telling us her goals of learning to speak and listen in German more fluently before she leaves, and while in Austria, to become an active member in her host club and community, as well as a contributing member to her host family.
Roy thanked Ashley for her presentation and for being an excellent representative of the Camrose Rotary club.
50/50 Draw – No winner.
Meeting adjourned at 8:00pm.
Next Meeting - Monday, June 20th at 1145 am.

Guest Speakers - Rotary Youth Canoe Trip participants
Greeters/Judges - Dan O and Paul P.