Dan opened the meeting at 11:50
We sang O Canada, and the Rotary Grace.
Introduction of Guests:
Health of the Club – Paul says to his knowledge -  Perfect
  • Next Gala meeting is next Wednesday
  • Next Executive is Tomorrow (Tuesday).
  • Lou held a planning meeting with her executive on the weekend.
  • Park Cleanup May 13 being organized by the Air Cadets.  They would be happy to have your assistance if you want to assist.
Mikkel's Report – inbound exchange student
  • Last Friday – Sheila’s Parents – visited the Badlands, Hoodoos, and Dinosaur Museum.
  • Then to Waterton National Park
  • Went to Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump – really cool.
  • Gavin’s Birthday Party
  • Yesterday – went with the Taylor’s to Edmonton to visit the Danish Church, where he met some people with close connections to his family.
  • East Indian Restaurant.
  • Imax Movie about China.
Volunteer Week Photo
  • Jenn – In the vision of Participaction everyone needs to stand up, stretch and then walk to the corner of the room for a photo for Volunteer Week.
Greeters and Happy Bucks -  Ken and David T.
  • Ray – Week vacation in Victoria (Purchased at last year’s Gala).
  • Jenn – Eldest – finished university except for one more year.
    • Going to Vulcan for a friends funeral – sad but very happy long life complete with a Pig Roast.
  • David Tailor – Elaine and David got to spend the day with Mikkel.
    • Celebrating Volunteerism – David’s home town he step niece won the Niagara region volunteer of the year.
  • Shirley – Happy for a month in Arizona.  Her friend John is on Mount Everest right now.
  • Lou – Thanks Dan for stealing Westlock’s Banner and for taking all the photos for Facebook to create good will and better friendships.
  • Bonita – announced Augustana Spring Soiree tomorrow night (Tuesday, April 25th, 2017).
  • Tony – Two greeters here today and on time.
  • Jeff - Oilers making it to the second round.  Canadian Tire will have car flags as of Wednesday.
  • Kim – Nice trip to visit Grand Kids before Easter – and she had a birthday last week.
  • Donna – three months in Arizona.
  • Grant was as at a safe access convention.  Thanked Canada for being open and respecting the will of the people.
  • Dan – got to be the Easter Bunny in the hallway over Easter.  The fun he had with the kids was amazing.  Dawn says that next year it will be a week long gig…
  • Ken – fined those two who were late.
Westlock Banner Update – Dan Stole the banner from Westlock. 
  • David said “it is probably not a great idea” – then walked away…...
  • Dan took photos of the Westlock Banner with all our club projects in Camrose.
  • These photos, along with information about the projects are being posted to the Camrose Facebook site and linked to the Westlock Club page.
  • It seems to be generating a lot of good will.
  • The banner will be given back if Westlock purchase at least two tickets to our Gala.
  • Who knows what will be stolen next.
    Check them out at:
Guest Speaker – Lou Henderson – Tour of the United States.
Morris and Lou spent two months in Southern California this winter.  Ocean Side and Palm Springs.   They had the opportunity to visit many clubs and club projects while they were away.
Lou described a number of the cubs and their meetings.
Some bigger, some smaller, some more mature.  In the US they start their meetings with the pledge of allegiance – so they don’t have to sing anything. (although one club had a welcome song).
The Four Way Test is more often done at the start of the meeting rather than at the end.
They were made to feel very welcome everywhere they went. 
In the Palm Spring club they had an option for just desert and coffee for $8 rather than lunch for 20,
Most clubs had some form of 50/50 or progressive draw (black marble).  At one club Lou won the prize of over $300.  Everyone got something if their name was drawn – even if they didn’t pull the black marble.
There was a really strong focus on having fun at every meeting.
For Valentine’s day, there was a “Newlywed, Not so Newlywed” Game.  They had a lot of fun with it.  At that meeting, there was no business – just a lot of fun.
Another club had a “Dysfunctional Family Feud” – Again a lot of fun.
At the Palm Springs Club they also had a lot of fun.  One example was a history of women in the club.
At Palm Springs they had a fellow in a lab coat and spectacle’s.  He was Dr. IQ.  He would go through the club and ask Rotary Questions – fining people $10.00 if they didn’t get an answer correct.  Apparently the pledge a certain amount at the stat of the year, so the fines come off that total.
Club members varied from medical doctors, to police liaisons, to high school principals, to a Mayor.
The Projects that they hear of.
  • Built a house for a family in Tijuana in a day with their interact club.
  • Brew fest with local craft beers.
  • Food bank drive.  Members asked to fill bags.
  • Sidewalk Chart Art competitions with a mix 3-4 years old – to – professionals.
  • Palm Springs club have a program called Well in the Desert – sponsor meals for homeless.
  • Getting Kids registered in School, but something like 10% of children are effectively homeless.  Another big project is breakfast programs and raising money for these children.  The funding is given to the schools to support the children and help to keep them in school.
  • Angle View School – a school for people with development disabilities.  The Rotary club sponsors a graduation dinner and dance.  The Rotarians set up, serve and clean up.  The kids love it.
  • They also noticed Rotary Charity box’s at the Airport where tourists can deposit their left over US currency.
  • In San Bruno – the Rotary did a time capsule and clock.
  • Rotary Club of Palm Springs has a sandwich board sign which they put out in front of the hotel every meeting day.
  • Another club has a banner with the names of all of their Paul Harris fellows.
  • Lou also showed us photos of various Rotary Projects from both the US and Vancouver Island.
Gala Ticket Sales Update
  • Dawn gave an update on Ticket Sales.
  • Right now they are at 186.  Would like to be at 250+
Next Meeting Monday May 1, 2017 at 11:45 – Camrose Resort Casino.
50/50 Draw
  • Dan drew the ticket – Grant won AGAIN! 
  • The pot is at $295.  Grant drew the King of Hearts.
Rotary Cares Lottery
  • Mikkel drew ticket number 32 – Denny Hanson – sold by Ted Gillespie
Four Way Test
  • The members stood and Grant lead the Four Way Test.
Dan adjourned the meeting at 1:05 pm.