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2018-02-05 Rotary Buzz - Noon Meeting
Speaker -Dawn Anderson
Topic -Gaming Industry

Lou opened the meeting at 11:45 am.
Health of the Club - Roy Fearon is back in Camrose at St. Mary's Hospital, Room 404.  He is getting seeing doctors to further his treatment.
  • A sign-up sheet for Oil Kings game on February 25, 2018.  Please contact Dawn Anderson if Interested.  Tickets are $29 with $11 going to Polio plus.
  • Rotary Day is Feb. 23.  We will be having a fun social evening at Virtual Golf from 5pm-9pm.  Please invite anyone you think would like a fun night out or you think would be a Rotary prospect to see what we're all about.  Please see Tina/Lisa for tickets.
    • There will be pizza, darts, billiards and mini golf, and 9 hole Texas Scramble.
    • $5 tickets for mini golf from 5-7pm.
    • $10 ticket for 9 Hole Texas Scramble from 7-9pm.  Registration at 6:30pm
    • Door prizes as well as 50/50.  Proceeds to go to Habitat for Humanity.
    • Club rentals available if you don't want to bring your own.  Indoor shoes required.
  • Gala Update - Lou will be getting the 50/50 license and finding volunteers to sell
    • David Taylor will be doing the wine sales and is looking for one volunteer.
    • Dan will do the Live Auction.  He already has 2-3 items already and the ask is 5.  He is also lining up the auctioneer.
  • Rotary has a booth at the Camrose Home & Garden Show March 9-11.  Volunteers would be appreciated.
  • Rotary Casino is Feb. 16-17.  Kim will be sending out emails to all the volunteers with their shifts.
  • Spring District Learning is April 6-7 at the Chateau Louis, Edmonton.
  • Leroy Johnson gives out congratulations to Dr Ron Lett.  Dr Lett is spearheading our International project in Tanga building the skills lab.  Dr Lett received the Royal College Teasdale-Corti Humanitarian Award from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.
Speaker - Dawn Anderson, Gaming Industry
In the province of Alberta, there are currently 20 casinos.  The Camrose Resort and Casino is one of them.  The Casino opened on June 2007.  Dawn started working for the casino July 1, 2008.  She is coming up on her tenth anniversary.
The First Nations Land Casinos make up one-fifth of the casinos.  The difference between First Nations and private casinos is that they are their own charity.  In addition, they receive marketing kickbacks.
Further complicating things, there are two types of casinos; Major and Minor.  The difference between those two are Minor casinos have fewer slot machines, no Baccarat, and no Craps.  Camrose falls into the minor category.
Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission (AGLC) has an employed support person in all casinos for their Responsible Gaming Practices.  They are also the caretakers of the slot machines.
Upon initial agreement with AGLC, each casino is offered a fair return on investment.  So far, Camrose has never made a profit in almost 11 years.  They have lost anywhere from between $180, 000 - $700, 000 per year.  The $700,000 was lost the first year Camrose was in business.  This is due in part to percentages pf returns are straight across the board regardless of location, minor or major casinos.
      The Breakdown:
  • Slots
    • For every $1 profit from a slot machine, the casino operator receives only 15%. 
    • The average provincial hold is approximately 20-22%.  Camrose holds 22-23% on average.
    • A 'hold' is the profit made off of the slot machine.
  • Table Games:
    • Tables break down differently.  The casino gets 75% of all table play.
    • Tables are much more volatile and ever-changing.
    • Tables have a lot less play.
    • January 2018, the casino lost money on twelve days.
With the 15% hold on slots and 75% on tables, the casino carries the responsibility for paying all electricity, mortgage, staff, taxes etc.  The monthly mortgage on the casino and hotel is $175, 000, $30, 000 for power, just on the casino side and their payroll varies between $117, 000-$130,000 every two weeks.  The casino employs 127 people in total.
      Odd Tidbits about the Casino:
  • All gaming management, including Dawn, go through a rigorous interview process with AGLC every 3-4 years.
  • The Camrose and St. Albert Casinos are partnered together in regards to charities such as Rotary, being paid out quarterly.  A loose average of payouts per charity per quarter is $18,000.  This means the partnership alone provides not-for-profits $3.2 million per year in funding.
The facility hosts over 25 dinners and launches show yearly, averaging over 6000 people.  Of those 6000, no less than 2500 are from out of town.  The Resort and Casino bring no less than 200 people to Camrose monthly that would not otherwise be here.  This doesn't include their other room specials and events they hold.
50/50 - $564  Ken Roberts drew the 6 of Hearts.
Meeting adjourned at 1:00 pm.
Next meeting - Evening Meeting, February 12, 2018, 6:00pm.
Mayor, Norm Mayer 
Topic - Camrose City Address
Camrose Resort and Casino