2017-11-27 Rotary Buzz - Noon Meeting
Canada 150 Series
Speaker - Dr. Sims
Topic - Chief PīTIKWAHANAPIWīYIN (Poundmaker)

Call to Order:
President Lou called the meeting to order at 11:45.
The meeting was started with the singing of O Canada, and the Rotary Grace.
  • Annual General Meeting of the Rotary Club - President Lou gave Notice of the AGM to be held Dec 18, 2017 at the Best Western Camrose Resort Casino Hotel at 11:45am.    Topics will include:
    • 2016/2017 Financial Statements for approval.
    • Election of the Board of Directors and Officers for the 2018/2019 Term
    • Appointment of a member to examine the financial statements for the 2017/2018 Year, and
    • A Special Resolution to amend the Bylaws of the club to ensure compliance with the Societies Act.
  • Polio Plus - Ray Hook informed us that his wife Elaine is offering her homemade quilt work for sale (at any reasonable donation), with all proceeds going to Polio Plus.  Her work was on display in the meeting room.
  • Board Positions - Dan Macpherson advised the club that he is looking for nominations from the floor for various positions on the Board.  This is a great opportunity for Club Members to become more actively involved in Rotary.  He will be sending out an email to all members with more details. 
  • Speaker Series Sign up - All guests were reminded to either indicate on the attendance sheets provided on each table, or respond to Dan by email, if they plan on attending the future Speaker Series meetings.  It is very important that the hotel know in advance the number of expected guests.  Cooperation is appreciated.
  • Casino Volunteers Needed - Kim Boyko is still looking for volunteers to work the Casino which is Feb 16 and 17, 2017.  There are two shifts, one from 3pm to 9:pm. and the other from 8:30pm to 3am.  Please contact Kim as soon as possible if you are able to work one or more of these shifts, as an application for each volunteer needs to be submitted months prior to the event.
  • Christmas Cheer - Lou reminded the club that there is a Christmas Cheer evening, hosted by Ken and Marnie Roberts on December 15th at the Roberts' home.  Members of the Daybreak and Noon clubs are welcome, along with their guests.  Please bring either a bottle of wine, an appetizer, or a dessert.
  • Rotary Care's Draw - President Lou talked about the Rotary Cares Draw and how it helps raise funds in support of the Air and Army Cadets.  Dr Sim's drew ticket 107 which was sold by Lou Henderson to Ken Ozment.  Lou will contact Ken to advise him that he has won $1000.
  • Paul Harris Society Inductees: Carol Devereux, a member of the Rotary Club of Edmonton South and Paul Harris Society Coordinator discussed the Rotary Foundation and how it provides assistance to people and projects around the world.  The Paul Harris Society is made up of people who have committed to contribute a minimum of $1000US per year to the Rotary Foundation.  Carol and Roy Wallace then welcomed Lou Henderson and Ray Hook into the society.
Ray, Carol and Lou
Introduction of Speaker: Leroy Johnson introduced Dr Daniel Sims
Dr Sims is an Assistant Professor of History and Indigenous Studies at Augustana Campus of the University of Alberta.  He is a member of the Tsay Keh Dene First Nation, who takes an interdisciplinary approach to teaching historical topics from a sociocultural perspective, encouraging critical thinking.  His research focuses on Native-newcomer relations in Western Canada with particular emphasis on the law, the environment and the economy of the time. 
Chief PīTIKWAHANAPIWīYIN (Poundmaker)
Dr Sims gave an excellent presentation, highlighting the life of Chief PīTIKWAHANAPIWīYIN (Poundmaker), during a period of history - rife with conflict and politics
The story is much too complicated and involved to reproduce in this newsletter, however, some highlights were.
PīTIKWAHANAPIWīYIN was born as a Cree but later was adopted by the Blackfoot Chief Crowfoot.  As Crowfoot's son, he gained wealth via horses and influence. 
He was involved in negotiating several important treaties, including treaty 6 which he first challenged and then eventually signed.
Throughout his life, he promoted peace between his peoples, the British and the Federal Government in Ottawa.
Later in life, he became frustrated when Ottawa did not live up to the terms set out in the treaties.  One example was that in 1883 the government in Ottawa, as part of a government economy drive, dismissed many Indian Department employees and reduced rations to the indigenous people who were suffering in famine due to the reduction in the Buffalo Herds.  During the negotiation of Treaty 6, Poundmaker was quoted as saying "From what I can hear and see now, I cannot understand that I shall be able to clothe my children and feed them as long as the sun shines and water runs.”
In spite of Poundmaker's efforts to keep the peace, rebellion broke out.  Poundmaker was charged with treason, but because of his efforts to keep the peace he was not given the death penalty; and was sentenced to three years in prison, of which he served one.  
He was apparently a broken man, both in spirit and in health when he was released.  He died a few months later while visiting his adoptive father.
It was not until after his death that he was recognized as a man who only fought in defensive battles, and who supported peace throughout his life.
More information about Chief Poundmaker can be found here and here.
President Lou Henderson thanked Dr Sims for his presentation, presenting him with a plaque commemorating the Canada 150 Speaker Series, and a certificate confirming that on his behalf the Camrose Rotary Club has sponsored the vaccination of fifty children from polio.
50/50 Draw - $29.00 was won by Arnie Ram
Next meeting - December 4th, 11:45 at the Camrose Resort Casino Hotel
  • The meeting will include a presentation of the "Famous Five" Alberta women who challenged the Canadian Supreme Court - winning the groundbreaking "Person's Case" which was decided in 1929.
  • Please sign up or send Dan an email if you are attending.
  • Please bring a food bank item.
President Lou brought the meeting to a close with the reading of the Rotary Four Way Test.