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2017-11-13 Rotary Buzz - Evening  Meeting
Speaker - District Governor Frank Reitz
Lisa opened the meeting at 6:00 pm.
  • Frank and Barb Reitz
  • Louise Gillespie
  • Leslie Stoddard
  • Daron Yarbrough
Health of the Club 
  • Noon - good
  • Daybreak - Keep Joy and Peter Leblanc in our prayers with his recovery.
Happy Bucks
  • We were a very happy, happy bunch this evening.
Paul Harris Awards
November is Foundation Month and in keeping with this theme, Roy, with the help of the DG, handed out Paul Harris awards.
  • Ray Hook - Paul Harris +7
  • Lou Henderson - Paul Harris +7
  • Roy Ferrin - Paul Harris +4
  • Ted Gillespie - Paul Harris +4
  • Dan MacPherson - Paul Harris +2
  • Paul Pederson - Paul Harris +1
  • Roy Wallace - Paul Harris +1
Message from District Governor, Frank Reitz 
Making a Difference
While Rotary needs to adapt and stay relevant, at our core we cannot and must not change.The essence of Rotary must continue to underline everything Rotarians undertake both locally and around the world.  In doing so, we will continue to support our Foundation, promote membership growth and encourage our clubs to strengthen our community image.
We can do this by reinforcing the criteria presented in the Presidential Citation.  We have a great team of AG's that have been asked to meet with Club Executives.  The emphasis is to heighten the awareness of the importance of Rotary Programs and incorporate the citation criteria in their planning process.
Wayne Kaufman and Wayne McCutcheon, The Wayne and Wayne Roadshow, have been touring around and hs brought a renewed awareness to the importance of Rotarians supporting RI Foundation and the campaign to ensure a polio-free world.
John Germ did an amazing job generating commitments totaling 1.2 billion dollars which included $75 million form the Canadian Government.  The Bill Gates foundation continues to be a significant partner through their 2:1 matching challenge and continues to encourage contributions through our Foundation Programs.
Membership is a strong component of Rotary consideration.  We need to get a lot better at explaining what we expect of our members.  Not so much as a sense of what is Rotary but more in how your club supports Rotary. 
Rotary is not a one size fits all.  We do acknowledge the pride that every club has its own culture.  So why do we expect everyone to do the same damn thing?!  Rotary says to get creative.  We do not mean use "alternative facts" to convince new members that all they have to do is come for lunch or breakfast.  Invitees need to understand there are obligations to membership and if it's not right today, it may work down the road. 
Peace and Conflict Resolution
President Ian Riseley identified this as a primary area of focus.  He maintains that to be sustainable and to be able to carry out various projects of the Five Areas of Focus, peace must prevail in any region that Rotarians endeavor to make a difference.
There will be six additional Peace Conferences, the first to be held in Vancouver in February 2018.  The President is asking all Rotarians to embrace this exciting vision as we move forward to the next century of Rotary and Rotary Foundation.
Sustainability and Environment
The President has also asked clubs to plant one tree per member in their community.  It is a simple gesture but symbolic.  Different communities have different ways to have this kind of thing.  It develops a positive image in our communities and gets leaders involved.
Public Image
Ian Riseley is looking for this year to improve and enhance Rotary's community image.  The projects Rotary clubs have done over the years in their communities is mind boggling and so inspiring.  The challenge is telling our communities this is what we are doing.  We need to be a lot more forthcoming, open and assertive in who we are and what we do for our communities.
We are asking Rotarians to consider and to undertake to find ways to get the signage and the brand out and make people understand Rotary really is here to make a difference.
I am aware the impact Rotary has in Camrose is fantastic.  Your relationship with your City Council., partnerships with other organizations in the community is a true testament to Rotary making a difference.  You are to be commended for your vision and your leadership with such examples of Rotary Making a Difference.
Fort MacMurray Update
Through the District Wildfire Fund, $943,000 was raised.  Both Provincial and National governments gave aid as well.  What we have done is let the Red Cross and other agencies exhaust their resources before we implemented ours.  We made this decision because as the organizations left, a year and a bit later, people are still dealing with the tragedy and trauma of what happened.  We are helping these people and all the others that were left behind.
I thank all Rotarians for your generosity and support.
Thank You.
Tolling of the Bell
The Fort MacMurray Rotary bell and gavel were returned to DG Frank Reitz.   Both Frank and his wife were unaware that it was gone.  Their members were either unaware and thought it was misplaced or embarrassed it was taken and kept silent.  Either way, the club will be fined and proceeds to go to PolioPlus.
Wife Barbara Reitz
  • Executive Board meeting Tuesday, Nov. 21 at Casino 5:15 pm.
  • Sign up sheets for Social events will be coming
    • Dec. 22 - Red Deer Symphony Orchestra at Peter Lougheed Centre
    • Jan. - Ice on Whyte
    • Bailey Theatre sometime in the new year
  • Rotary Cares Raffle tickets are available.  1/4 of tickets haven't been sold, and we need members to please pick up tickets and sell them.
  • Ray and Elain Hook will be attending Ferintosh Xmas Craft and Bake Sale Nov. 25, from 10-3.  Elaine has table runners and hangings for sale and proceeds will be donated to PolioPlus.
  • John Stoddard -  is looking for volunteers to man the Salvation Army Kettle at Walmart and Co-op for a few hours from Nov. 18 until Christmas.
  • Carol Davies-Peterson - Days for Girls raffle tickets available 1/$5 or 5/$20.
  • Lisa - Daybreak Exec. Meeting with DG at 7 am Tuesday.  The following Tuesday is a speaker that may have another project for them to consider.
Wine Survivor Winners
Thanks to everyone who played!
Consolation Prize - Team Reisling Stars - 10 bottles
5th Place - Simply Red - 25 bottles
4th Place - One Tooth Wine O's - 40 bottles
3rd Place - Zin It to Win It - 55 bottles
2nd Place - Scrapin and Wine - 70 bottles
1st Place - Reisling Rubies - 100 bottles
50/50 - Kim Boyco won $15.
Meeting adjourned at 8:15 pm.
Next Meeting - November 20, 2017
Noon Meeting - 11:45 am Planning Session for Fundraiser
Evening Meeting - 6:00 pm Canada 150 Speaker, John Short on Normie Kwong
Camrose Resort & Casino