Posted by Edward (Ted) Gillespie on Jun 26, 2017
2017-06-26 Rotary Noon Meeting – Camrose Resort Casino
President Induction
    Dan opened the meeting at 11:45am
    We sang O'Canada, and then, the Rotary Grace.
    Introduction of Guests:
    • Lou’s husband, Morris.
    Health of the Club – Paul reported everyone is OK
    • We received letters from the students who went to Rypen
    • July 3rd meeting is cancelled.
    • July 10th is the next meeting – it is an evening meeting and will be run by the Morning Club.
    • Dues are due.  $250, or $257.50 if paid by Credit Card or Square.
    • BVJ Parade – looking for volunteers for judges.  Talk to Kim if you would like to volunteer.
    • Tree Planting at 4-Season Park at 7:00 p.m.  Please go and help the stewardship committee.
    • Sign-up sheet for a Farewell party for Mikkel.  The date is Monday, July 3rd.  Show up at Lou’s house any time after 4:00.  BYOB/Drinks and bring a lawn chair.
    • #EndPolio virtual reality viewer.  Video was one small act.  If anyone wants to view it in 3d – talk to Lou.
    Ray Hook
    • on behalf of District Governors – thanks Dan for a great year as president, and congratulates Lou for her new year.
    • Ray’s house has not sold, and likely will not – so Ray may stay on to finish his three-year stint as Assistant District Governor.
    Business Items
    • Moved by Grant Burgess and seconded by Lou Henderson to approve the Rotary Club of Camrose 2017-2018 Budget and Operational Plan.                                                                     CARRIED
    • Moved by Dawn Anderson and seconded by Sheila Herle, that the Rotary Club of Camrose will support the City of Camrose Adventure Playground in the amount of $10,000 per year over the next 4 years, subject to CFEP grant approval. In the event the CFEP grant comes through with sufficient funds to complete the playground, the Rotary funding will be withdrawn. What constitutes sufficient funds will be solely determined by the Rotary Club of Camrose.           
    Mikkel's Report – inbound exchange student
    • Mikkel is now living with Lou and Morris
    • Mikkel played soccer in Ponoka
    • He went to Monica’s parents’ acreage for camping (his second camping experience).
    • Sunday they went to the Danish Museum.
    • Barbecue at Dawn’s.
    • Tomorrow, Lou and Morris are taking him to Calgary and Ponoka Stampede.
    • On Canada Day, they may go to Edmonton.
    Greeters and Happy Bucks
    • Ray – Vegreville for Lobster Fest Gala Fundraiser.
    • Lou – Wonderful time at Rotary Convention in Atlanta
      • Mikkel is back staying with them.
    • Sheila – Sherwood Park Meal Packaging event.
      • Grandson’s birthday Party
      • Yesterday she played slow pitch.
    • Mikkel – For Dawn – because she had to leave to get the keys for her new house.
    • Maurice – Moose Jaw international Car Show
    • Jim – back to his home town for sports day and beef supper.  They built a little arena and had a kids rodeo for kids under 10.
    • Kim – 10-day vacation to PEI – very beautiful.  She has now been to all the maritime provinces.
    • Dan – watching Mikkel play soccer
      • Camping – Mikkel knows how to stoke a great fire.
    • Donna – it is her last meeting until September – they will be at Emma Lake in Saskatchewan.  They have a spare room and enjoy visitors.
    Paul Harris Award – Dan presented a Paul Harris award to Ted
    Dan talked about his year as president, and introduced Lou as our 2017/18 president.
    Has it been a year already?
    It seems just like yesterday that I passed the 2015-16 Rotary theme banner to Tony and unveiled “Rotary Serving Humanity” as the theme for the past year.
    So much has happened over the past 52 weeks that it’s hard to remember everything that our members have accomplished. I could try to list them all off, but items of note include increasing the momentum on the Tanzania obstetrics project, updating our club bylaws, bringing both Camrose Rotary clubs closer together, helping a number of community groups with funding, exposed Camrose to the good of Rotary, enhanced the lives of local youth and we’ve continued our fight to end polio.
    We’ve had engaging speakers, great social opportunities and, of course, members have gotten to know Mikkel on a personal basis to where he’s more than just “the kid from Denmark.”
    It’s been incredibly encouraging as well to see the work of the parks committee result in not only a great leap forward to become an active partner in the Four Season’s Park redevelopment, but also begin work on the Rotary Youth Exchange forest so that all Rotary exchange students have a little piece of Camrose they can call their own.
    Our members have also exemplified the ideal of “Service above Self” in their dedication to Rotary. Whether it’s been on an individual basis – like Kim Boyko stepping up to be Assistant District Governor, or as a club – where an amazing number of members attended training at locally and at the district level, and Camrose had a great contingent at the International Convention in Atlanta and District conference in Westlock – I thank each and every one of you for what you bring to Rotary no matter how big or how small... it all makes a difference and it is all appreciated.
    ... and speaking of Westlock I know I’ll never forget the banner antics shared between our two clubs – what started out as an innocent act turned into an amazing way to profile our clubs throughout the district and “build good will and better friendships”.
     Through our weekly happy bucks we’ve also shared in our member’s triumphs and successes, losses and defeats... we are not just the Rotary Club of Camrose, but we are the Rotary Family of Camrose as well.
    I must admit that sometimes the end of my Rotary year seemed like a pinpoint of light on the dark horizon, while other times it quickly approached like the light of a freight train racing through a tunnel...and I was running as fast as I could to avoid getting run down. But here I am... the train is at the station and I’m looking forward to seeing where the Past-President express leads. I do know that my biggest task will be to work with president Lou and president-elect Ted to ensure a full contingent of directors and executive members for the 2018-19 Rotary when you get my phone call asking for you to elevating your role in the club – please consider this as an opportunity to becoming more active in Rotary and help define Rotary not just for today, but for years to come.
    But now that it’s here, I know that this club is in good hands lead by Lou -  starting with the early adoption of the strategic plan a budget, our club is well on our way to another successful year serving the needs of not just our membership, but the needs of others locally and internationally.
    President Elect, Lou, you have been chosen by your fellow Rotarians to be President of the Rotary Club of Camrose for the upcoming year.
    The appointment is not made lightly as it is the highest honour within the powers of the Club to bestow upon you, but it is made in recognition of your service to Rotary in general and to this Club in particular.
    With the Presidency you are assuming new duties, new obligations and new responsibilities, which will make severe demands upon your thoughts time and energy. We are confident you will carry out your tasks with the same zeal you have always shown in Rotary and you are assured of the utmost cooperation from every one of your members.
     Rotary's Object, with its five avenues of service, will, I know, be your constant guide, and you will always be sustained by the fellowship and esteem of us all.
    With this pin, I induct you as President of the Rotary Club of Camrose for the 2017-2018 Rotary year. I also present you with the club gavel, may you use it to maintain order and direction for our club.
    On behalf of the members of the Rotary Club of Camrose and all who are here today, I congratulate you and wish you a happy and rewarding year in office.
    Guests and Fellow Rotarians, I present to you, your new President Lou Henderson
    Lou took the podium and explained that her first task is to induct the incoming officers and directors. 
    • She introduced the new directors, and also thanked the outgoing directors as well as Ray Hook, the outgoing District Governor.
    • Lou said she is proud to serve as President, and is glad of all the support from the members.
    • She also thanked Dan for the amazing job he has done over the past year.
    • Lou talked about some of the things on the agenda for the upcoming year.
      • The theme for the rotary year is “Rotary Making a Difference”
      • Try to leave things better than you found them.  That is her hope for the next year.
      • Lou wants to help every member and the members of the board to make things better.
      • The new brand for Rotary is Rotary – people of action.  This is appropriate.  We need opportunities to act, so they are reaching out to other members in the community to look for opportunities.  Partnerships are extremely important.  Partnerships in the Polio project for instance has been so important.  We need to create more partnerships in our local community.
      • Make it personal – is the theme for the upcoming district conference
    Rotary Cares Draw – Ticket #241 Jeff sold the ticket to Dave Jewell, who won the draw!
    50/50 Draw – The draw is for approximately $400. 
    • Mikkel drew number 789 which was Carmen’s number.
    • Carmen drew the 4 of Diamonds, so the pot continues to grow, but Lou gave him a consolation prize – a people of Action water bottle.
    Four Way Test
    • The members stood and Carmen lead the group to recite the Four Way Test.
    Dan adjourned the meeting at 1:00 pm.
    Next Meeting – July 10, 2017, 6:00pm.  Camrose Resort Casino
    • It is an evening meeting hosted by the Morning Club.