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Welcome to our Second Annual 2018 Wine Survivor Raffle!  This is a "fun"draiser, with the proceeds going to both Camrose Rotary Clubs.  To play, you pay $20 plus a bottle of wine.  You will be on a team with 4 other people.  Starting on November 5, we will start elimination draws, and keep drawing names until only one team is left "on the island".  That team will win 100 bottles of wine, to be shared amongst the 5 team members.  Even if your name is drawn, and you are eliminated, you are not out of the game, as your team can still win as long as one player is still in the game.  The rest of the wine collected will be shared out between the 2nd to 5th place teams, with a consolation prize of 10 bottles to the first team eliminated.
Tickets on sale until November 2, 2018, or earlier if we sell out. Winners will be announced on November 12, 2018.  Maximum 300 players.  Tickets are going fast so get signed up quickly.  Contact any member of the Rotary Clubs of Camrose, email, or call me at (780) 678-5135.
To see complete raffle rules, click on the document under "Files".
Good luck to everyone, and thanks for playing!
Lou Henderson,
Rotary Club of Camrose