As we near the 3 - 4 week mark of sheltering in place, we will check in via Zoom at noon Wednesday.
With respect to members, we are aware of the following circumstances:
Keep Sharon Coulter (and Ed) in mind as she recovers at home following orthopedic surgery.
Remember our front-line colleagues: Chief Lopez, JOCO FD; Chief Hadley, Mission PD; and their team members.
Dahnika's husband Hazen sees patients his practice and at KU.
Lisa Battani staffs the audiology clinic.
Jeff Jennings supervises various teams at Quest, as all scramble to meet needs.
Roger Beason in the office, overseeing the ministries at Countryside Christian Church, which includes the Child Care Development Center. The CDC is open in a limited capacity with about half to a third of the usual families, which provides space to meet the current requirements.
Greg Amos and his staff are trained to deal with contagious/infectious situations.
Ewan Shortess remains on the job with BNSF.
#stayathome, #staysafe, #washyourhands, #socialdistance