About our Foundation

Supporting the club and allowing our donor’s resources to go further, in 2005 we formed a separate, sustaining organization, the Rotary Club of Shawnee Foundation, Inc.  This 501c3 organization financially organizes events and becomes the donor organization to benefactors supported by the club and approved by the Foundation’s Board of Directors.

This Foundation allows the generosity of Club members to go further towards our goals by utilizing the tax-deductible nature of contributions to more efficiently allocate member contributions. The RCSF supports several local and international projects.
Semi-Annual Grants
Twice each year in April and October the RCSF announces its semi-annual donation awards. Applications are due by the second Tuesday of March and September.
Annual Fundraising Event Grants
Each Spring the Shawnee Rotary Club hosts its annual fundraising event, Taste of Shawnee. Proceeds from this event are shared with international and local partner 501(c)(3) organizations that assist the club in organizing and driving attendance to the event. More information on Taste of Shawnee is available at www.tasteofshawnee.wix.com/2017.