We all have a choice as to where we spend our often-precious time.  Like perhaps many of you, we run or manage companies, sit on non-profit Boards, volunteer with faith organizations, and hope to squeeze in enough time for family and fitness.   
Why Rotary?   There have been very few opportunities in my professional career to become acquainted with so many talented, engaged, and community minded individuals, all with a common purpose:  to engage and promote service for the common good.  And when you get all those people focused, locally, regionally, and internationally, things get done. 
  • Internationally, the eradication of polio would not happen without Rotary.And with that goal every so closely met, Rotary is now focused on new global agendas that will make just a big an impact.
  • Locally, our Overland Park Rotary Club, through its affiliated Foundation, has raised and distributed over $117,000 to local charities in the last two years.  We’ve also facilitated the donation of over 175,000 books to students and seniors throughout the metropolitan area, a contribution well in excess of $1million.
My seven years with the Overland Park Rotary club have proven to be an extremely rewarding experience, both on a personal as well as professional level.   If you would like to learn more about our club, consider attending one of our meetings as my guest.  Please feel free to contact me or our Membership Chair, David Stallings, at
Michael Tracy                                                                                                      
President, Rotary Club of Overland Park