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Census reminder!
On April 1st, the U.S. Census Bureau will count the population of all 50 states, the District of Columbia and the five U.S. Territories.  The Census is mandated by Article 1, Section 2 of the U.S. Constitution.  Each home will be asked to respond to a short questionnaire by phone, mail or online.
For more information, please visit www.2020census .gov.
Marisa Cunning, Infection Control nurse for Miami County Medical Center, part of the Olathe Health System, shared information on the flu strains this year as well as the Coronavirus.
The best advice she gave our group to keep healthy was:
1.Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water.
2. Keep your hands away from your face.
3. Cough into your sleeve not your hand.
Dr. Jesse Lopez spoke about the beneficial uses of CBD.  If you find a use, be sure that it has a stamp of approval by the US Hemp Authority for purity.
Elizabeth Maxwell from East Central Kansas Aging and Disability Resource Center spoke of all the services they off our county folks 65 and older.
They can be found on the web at, Facebook at, or Twitter at
Andy and Megan Hill shared their memorable experience on their 14 day African Safari in June of 2019.
What great stories of their experience with being 10 feet from lions, giraffes, cheetahs, rhinos and water buffalo.
Chad Austin shared his inspiring book "Make Fitness a Priority". 
Stop using excuses and get moving.
If you are interested in his theories or his training capabilities you can contact him at
Winter sport season is in full swing with wrestling, basketball and boys swimming.  Louisburg has entered into the sport of swimming for the first time this year.  The girls will have their first opportunity in the spring of 2020 to participate in the season as well.
Do you know the Object of Rotary?
The Object of Rotary is to encourage and foster the ideal of service as a basis of worthy enterprise and, in particular, to encourage for service!
Dianna Moore, Executive Director of Louisburg Recreation Commission, spoke on the growth of this organization since inception 2 years ago.
Here is a sample of the many activities offered through this wonderful organization:
Seniors go to "Hollywood Casino"
Labor Day Parade participation
Pie making
Adult kick ball and pickle ball
Volley ball
Flag and tackle football
Fishing club for youth
Kids yoga
You have a need to discuss with Dianna--she can be reached at
Rhonda Kerr, the director of the Louisburg Senior Center, spoke on all the great things that the senior center does for our community as well as Miami County.  They are the only public mode of transportation in Louisburg which invaluable to anyone who has the inability to drive.  They take patrons to doctor appointments, dialysis, the grocery store, etc.  The building is also available for parties and family get togethers for a nominal fee.  They have many activities schedule throughout the week to maintain an active senior community.  New this year is short field trips, last month they went to a casino and this month they will be going to a museum in Overland Park.
The ladies from American Legion Auxiliary also share their history and all that they do for our Veterans.
Be sure to support both of these wonderful endeavors.
Miami County Cancer Foundation is an integral part of a person's needs when cancer reveals itself to a family.  They provide help with nutritional drinks, gas cards and grocery cards.  They also provide transportation to doctor appointments, medical equipment, soft goods like blankets and wigs.
If you know of someone with a need in Miami County, you can reach these wonderful people by phone at 913/294-2050, email:
Our very own, Damon Dennis shared his immense knowledge of ImPACT.  What is ImPACT you ask?  It is a method of testing anyone to get a baseline for their brain function as well as for when a concussion occurs to determine the extent of the injury. This is used in all sport to maintain the health of athlete after a head injury.  If you are interested in taking this test, contact Damon at
LHS Drama students stopped in to delight our sense of hearing with their gorgeous voices. 
We are welcome to see the musical "Thoroughly Modern Millie" on Friday, November 22nd at 7 p.m. and Sunday, November 2 p.m.
Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) organizer, Adrianne Lane is charging the efforts to have the District competition at USD#416 on February 11th from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Anyone interested in helping with the judging of this event, can contact Adrianne at
The Louisburg Library did a fantastic job of informing us of the "One Book, One Burg" information for the year.  If you are looking to participate to any of the festivities for their pick this year, please go to the website and sign up to be included.
Cristi Smith of "Hope Faith" of the homeless assistance campus shared her experience with the homeless and low income in the downtown area.  They are the only facility that offers many amenities for the homeless and low income.   These consist of:
Meals, private showers, devotion, clothing, laundry service, even mail service.
If you have any questions you would like to send Cristi or talk to her about their program she can be reached by email at
Sara McIntire and Kristine Lowry shared information on the Teammates Mentoring program.  If you are looking to spend 30 minutes a week with a student at Broadmoor Elementary during the school year, this program is for you.  You can apply for this opportunity at
Hasan Hamid Ali, owner of Anytime IP Consulting shared his immense knowledge on cyber security.
Did you know that your information is out on the internet on several websites even if you didn't put it there?
Did you know that social media is an avenue for the internet to see what you are buying, looking at and talking about?
The best way to protect yourself is to change your password on a regular basis.
If you have any questions, and want to reach out to Hasan his email address is:
WELCOME to all the NEW teachers of the USD#416 !
We are extremely happy to have you all as part of our Louisburg team and family!
Do you want to be a FREEMASON?
1. You must be a man at least 18 years old.
2. You must have a belief in a Supreme Being of any faith.
3. You should be someone who does, or wants to learn to enjoy the company of other men.
4. You should be coming to Masonry "of your own free will and accord".
5. You must be loyal to your country.
6. You must ask to join.
Brian started out his Presidential year by informing us all on the top 25 facts about 4th of July.  Among other things that we won't mention.  He is a teacher at heart
Janet McRae updated us on the goings on in Miami County, among other political hub bub.  If you would like to be on her distribution list to the receive the Miami County Economic Development information, please send her an email to
Sarah Simmons from the Summer Blessings program spoke of the numerous weekly back packs they are distributing to help the less fortunate in our communities during the summer months when school is out.
They are looking for all kinds of shelf stable foods as well as monetary donations to purchase food.
If you would like to help with this worthy endeavor, Sarah can be reached at 913/710-6748.
Summer Bash from the Louisburg Library is in full swing! 
Coming to a town near you is the Alien Scavenger Hunt! 
Be a great role model and read over the summer, let your kids see you reading, or read a book as a family!
If you are hungry during the lunch hour--the Library has partnered with USD#416 to serve lunch daily to anyone.
Look up the Louisburg Library website and see what great happenings are goings on that you can participate!
2019 Rotary Scholarship recipients Noah Hill and Hallie Hutsell shared their future plans at their respective colleges!
There are so many aspects to the Ministerial Alliance.  Did you know they do all of the following for our Louisburg Community?
Baccalaureate Service and Salt and Light Scholarships
Community Work Day in April
Home Buddies
Christmas gifts
Food pantry, host and staff every month
Nursing Home services each Sunday
Coats for Folks
Community Thanksgiving service and meal
Holy Week activities
National Day of Prayer
Candles for Uplift
Vision Casting
What can you do for your part to help?
Provide food for the food pantry all year long
Collect empty tuna fish cans
Collect candle stubs
Immaculate Conception, the Catholic church in town collects the tuna fish cans and candle stubs to made candles for the homeless downtown Kansas City.
Rob Pearce with Quality Structures, Inc. shared his knowledge of pole buildings.
Did you know that these buildings initially were called pole buildings due to the light poles originally used to build them. 
Over time they learned that wood warps or decomposes over time and can cause some problems.  New materials entered the market to fix that problem.
Looking into this type of building for your property, check out their website at :

Home Page News

No foolin', Sara Caylor was our guest speaker. Sara is a 13-year Rotarian living in Ottawa who works part-time as a membership manager for the Girl Scouts of America in Miami, Franklin and Anderson counties in Kansas. Her list of accomplishments is lengthy as the past mayor and current city commissioner.
Richard Lord joined us from Hometown Feed & Supply. He and his wife Shannon bought out Circle C in mid-2014 and are experiencing success as one of our newest small business owners.
"Craft beer is about telling stories." And today we heard some great stories from beer sommelier Jerrod Nelsen.
Our original program had to cancel due to illness, so your Louisburg Library ladies stepped in to talk about the April 7th election. We will hear from Sara Caylor about the Girl Scouts on March 25th.
Superintendent Dr. Brian Biermann presented a State of the District Address today, with a focus on the local option budget (LOB) mail in ballot question that tax payers received this week.
Today we heard Superintendent Dr. Brian Biermann, who briefed us on the recent lockdown of the middle and high schools and the car accident that impacted three of our elementary school students. Louisburg High School sophomore Carson Tappan took over after that to discuss his film documentary Where the Buffaloed Roam: An Ode to the Kansas Budget.
Scott Walter is a returning Rotarian and Brock Elliott is our newest new member. Today they gave their Classification Talks so that we could learn more about them.
Welcome back! For the second week in a row we have had 50% attendance or better...
This week Paul Luce & Sandy Hartley shared more information about Reflections: A Restorative Gallery at Miami County Medical Center.
Thank you, Dr. Aaron Stohs, for sharing more information about the Wildcat Veterinary office coming to Louisburg in April 2015.
Sheriff Frank Kelly provided an update on the $14.2M Miami County jail.
Last year at this time Denny & Paula Lofstrom from International Health Partners visited us and shared their passion for improving health care in Africa- specifically their project to build a facility in Zinga. We donated $1,000 to their efforts and they returned to report on their progress.

Paul Luce with the Miami County Medical Center shared information about the expansion of Medicaid. He shared a lot of information and statistics to help put the issue into perspective. 
Damon invited Tony & Susan Juarez from Agape's Grace in Louisburg. They started the non-profit organization in 2002 as a way to care for and empower adults with disabilities. 
Did you know that honey is the purest food in the world? Did you know that if there were no bees, humans wouldn't live more than 5 years? Now you do. Rotarian Jessica Putnam brought Beekeeper Terri Weis to inform us about bees, honey and the need to protect both!
Thank you, Craig, for bringing back the funny business. We played Family Feud: Rotary Edition. Of 100 Rotarians surveyed, our groups (Team Peterson and Team McLanahan) answered with their best guesses.
Matt and Jana joined us from Miami County Roads & Bridges to provide information on the upcoming vote to renew the 1/4 cent sales tax that has been in place since 1999 and Beverly Smith shared part of her daughter's journey as a missionary in South Africa. 
Fall coaches from Louisburg High School were out in full force this week, sharing their successes, their challenges and their outlook on the future. Principal Dave Tappan introduced soccer coach Ben York, volleyball coach Jessica Complement, football coach Kyle Littrell and cross country coach John Reece.
Your Louisburg Librarians visited the Rotary Club to discuss and present the selection for One Book, One Burg: Louisburg Reads 2014. This year's title is The Giver by Lois Lowry. It is an award-winner in both Young Adult and Children's categories and was made into a movie that released this summer, starring Jeff Bridges and Meryl Streep. In fact, the Midway Drive-In (between Paola & Osawatomie) has committed to opening their facility for a one-night only showing of the film on Saturday, October 18 - it will be FREE to the public.
Attendance was back up to 51% for the second week in a's good to see everyone again!
McRaymond invited Chris Hope from the Kansas City Flying Club. He is a retired military flight instructor who now spends time transporting patients and families on Angel Flights across the country. They call it Giving Hope Wings - Angel Flight Central  is a national organization that serves people in need in our communities by arranging charitable flights for access to health care and other humanitarian purposes. Chris will tell you it's just the right thing to do, "they are ordinary people dealing with extraordinary circumstances."
State Librarian of Kansas Jo Budler spoke to the club about the importance of reading and creating life-long learners which can help sustain literacy and decrease the crime rate. In some states, Budler said, prisons determine the number of beds they will need based on reading levels. "If we had a nation of readers, crime would be very little. When we educate life-long learners they will make better choices, have more options and be more productive. When we invest in that end, we don't have as many beds in prisons."
President Julie was the program today. She wore her Chamber of Commerce bonnet and shared with us all of the positive developments.
Katie LaBrie was hired in April as the new Chamber Director. When she started there were 52 Chamber members and now there are 94, so she must be doing something right! To off-set her work load, there are two Ambassadors who help her in the office four hours per week, and there is a lot of activity. The one vision the board had for the new director was to focus on Louisburg and provide value to Chamber businesses. Just in the past month, they have partnered with other organizations to bring the Candidate Forum and the New Teacher Luncheon.
Louisburg High School juniors Brooklyn Southard and Hogan Welch shared their RYLA experiences with us. Although the first night was a little "awkward," by the end of the week they had made life-long friends and learned life skills they will always use. 
Our District Governor for District 5710 energized and empowered us at last week's meeting. Debra Rodenbaugh-Schaub got her start in Rotary in 1993 when she answered an advertisement in the Topeka Capital World newspaper to become part of an International Business Exchange program. She made the team and was one of 4 non-Rotarians to spend 6 weeks in Sweden. Everyone was separated by vocation and their Mondays-Fridays were spent in an intensive interactive setting from 7am -8pm exploring economic development, banking and commerce. 
President Julie Baalmann has been on the clock less than a month and has already knocked out the 15th Annual Rotary Golf Tournament, her first board meeting and her Classification Talk & Inaugural Address. She is on the move. Anyone who knows her knows that that is not unusual for Lady Baalmann. 
Happy July! This week we heard from our 2014 Rotary Scholarship winners and Louisburg High School graduates - a $1000 investment in their future. Brandi Feehan and Jessica Brummel will both attend Kansas State University in the fall in Manhattan, Kansas. 
March 2024