March 19, 2020

Recent developments regarding Covid-19 have had a profound impact not only on our own community but around the world. As an international service club, Rotary International recognizes how important it is to act now and work together supporting efforts to stop the spread of this dangerous virus.  Rotary International President, Mark Daniel Maloney has asked all Rotary clubs around the globe to immediately begin working with their communities and implement the recommendations of their local health authorities that will assist in preventing further spread of this disease.

The Rotary Club of Athabasca has already taken steps to participate in social distancing by suspending all future club and executive meetings until further notice. We will look at options that will allow our club to continue to communicate and operate without having the personal contact.

We will be examining future planned events by our club with a view to either postpone the event or cancel it altogether. We will be reaching out to our community leaders to offer assistance and collaborate on any initiatives that will strengthen the efforts to keep our community safe when and if we can.


Howard Peterson


Rotary Club of Athabasca