Night photo of  Baptiste Lake by Bromley Chamberlain 
Adventures in Photography for Youth & Adults
August 10 to 12, 2018 workshop 
(The workshop is confirmed and applications are still being accepted.)
The Rotary Club of Athabasca, together with Athabasca University and Science Outreach-Athabasca, are excited to offer a redesigned Adventures in Photography program in 2018.
The redesigned program includes:
  • more nature and smart phone photography, in addition to night sky photography
  • a summer week-end workshop during the Perseids meteor shower
  • a workshop site with beautiful grounds 
  • family camping onsite encouraged
  • golfing and other recreation options onsite
  • youth and adult photographers participating together
The workshop will be August 10 to 12, 2018, during the Perseids, the most popular meteor shower of the year, and will also benefit from optimum light conditions with the new moon on August 11.
Adventures in Photography 
The Rotary Club of Athabasca, Athabasca University Geophysical Observatories (AUGO), Science Outreach – Athabasca are pleased to provide this cooperative opportunity for aspiring youth and adult photographers to learn about photography, especially as it applies to astronomy, other low light conditions and natural settings.
As background, the Rotary Adventures in Photography & the Night Sky program started in 2013, and since then, youth from all over the province have participated, including from Athabasca, Barrhead, Beaverlodge, Calgary, Carvel, Edmonton, Elmworth, Grande Prairie, Hastings Lake, Hinton, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, Pickardville, Spruce Grove, Sylvan Lake, Vermilion and Westlock.
During the 2018 week-end workshop, you will learn about nature and low light photography, photographic equipment and techniques, as well as photographing meteors, stars and planets. This Capturing the Light video previews workshop activities.
Participants will use digital SLR cameras to make still photographs of the night sky and other low light vistas and natural objects. An introductory session on using smart phone camera applications will also be included. 
This year, all workshop activities will take place at a private recreational facility that offers beautiful grounds, great vistas, camping spots and ample recreation space, including three types of golfing: disc, soccer and par 3 on a 9-hole golf course, all just four kilometers south of Athabasca (see Rocky Lane Fairways & Recreation page).
The anticipated timetable for the workshop is:
Friday, August 10 - 7 pm to 1 am
Saturday, August 11 - 3 pm to 1 am
Sunday, August 12 - 10 am to 1 pm
Families of participating youth and adults are invited and encouraged to camp at the workshop site, enjoy the beautiful grounds and recreation opportunities, and join workshop participants and volunteers for the Saturday evening BBQ.
Youth who have completed Grades 9 or higher by June 2018 and any adults interested in photography and astronomy may apply. You should be able to get to/from the Athabasca area. Participating youth can also be picked up and returned to the Edmonton airport by Athabasca Rotarians.
For youth attending the workshop without an adult chaperone, the Rotary Club of Athabasca will arrange billeting with a Rotary family (initially plan was supervised dormitory accommodation in single rooms, but this year too few participants need accommodation arranged) in Athabasca. Members of the Rotary Club will transport these youth participants to/from the workshop site. The Rotary Club of Athabasca will also provide all meals, snacks and beverages for these youth participants. 
This program is limited to 12 participants. Youth and adults are encouraged to apply, and youth applicants will receive priority for available spots. Experience with photography is an asset but not a prerequisite.
Camera, tripods, laptops and other equipment will be available for shared use by participants. Bring your own SLR camera, lenses and related equipment, if available, but not point and shoot compacts. As well, bring you Smart Phone for an optional introduction to smart phone photography.
Cost – $375 per participant (includes camping site, recreation fees and Saturday night BBQ for one participant). An extra $50 fee is payable for youth staying in dormitory accommodation. As many Rotary Clubs support youth development programs, interested youth are encouraged to request potential sponsorship from a local Rotary Club. 
Students in the Aspen View Public Schools Division may request full sponsorship from the Rotary Club of Athabasca. Aspen View student sponsor requests should be sent to Athabasca Rotarian Darlene Reimer at
The camping and recreation fees for each workshop participant are included in the workshop fee. Camping and recreation fees are also payable for any family members or friends that stay and enjoy the recreation site throughout the workshop at $50 per person (over the age of 5) for the week-end. As well, family members and friends may purchase tickets for the Saturday evening BBQ at $30 each. These additional fees are to be paid to the Rotary Club of Athabasca on the first day of the workshop week-end. Camping at and enjoying the recreation site before and after the workshop is possible by making arrangements directly with the owner (contact Greg Roszmann at 780-327-9671).
Interested youth and adults are encouraged to apply to attend the workshop using the online application process. The application forms can be accessed through this link or through Downloads on the left side bar. Please complete separate forms for each youth and adult applicant.   
Note: The workshop is confirmed and will definitely be offered. Applications are still being accepted. 
Payments can be made using a credit card or by mailing cheques to the Rotary Club of Athabasca, Box 2021, Athabasca, AB, T9S 2B6.  Please attach a note identifying who the payment is for. 
Bromley Chamberlain, Photographer,, 780-519-9194 [Primary photography contact]
Mavis Jacobs, Rotary Club of Athabasca, , 780-675-7118 [Workshop admin & logistics]
Darlene Reimer, Rotary Club of Athabasca,, 780-327-4432 [Rotary Club Treasurer]
Dr. Robert Holmberg, Science Outreach,
Dr. Martin Connors, Centre for Science, Athabasca University,
Learn about Athabasca University Geophysical Observatories at: 
and AUTUMN Virtual Magnetic Observatory
Painting with Light - Larissa Serson (RC of Westlock) Sept 30, 2016