Reclaim Power Over Your Life with M*S*G
Jun 14, 2022
Sally Wagner
Reclaim Power Over Your Life with M*S*G

Sallie Wagner is a speaker, author, lawyer, real estate broker and instructor, and life coach.

Sallie’s signature coaching program is REBOOT Your Thinking:  How to Install and Uninstall Mind Apps.  This comprehensive program guides you to achieve life-altering, mind-bending results, as you identify and get rid of Mind Apps (paradigms) so you can move forward with the life you choose and create for yourself!

Sallie’s continuing mission is to impact lives as she coaches and guides you to get rid of behaviors, beliefs, and decisions that hold you back, so you can fully embrace and integrate the challenges that life brings, in order to discover, create, and live the life that makes you come alive!

Sallie spent the majority of her law career in the corporate world, in various industries.  She currently provides broker and contract compliance services to real estate brokerages throughout Florida. Sallie also owns and operates a real estate school.

A native of North Carolina, long time resident of Kansas City (Missouri), Sallie finally found the ruby slippers.  She currently headquarters in the Tampa Bay Area, Florida, USA.

Reclaim Power Over Your Life with M*S*G

M*S*G stands for Mindset, Skillset, Get Off Your Asset.

M*S*G is your secret to making conscious choices in your life. Are you struggling with habits, behaviors, fears, phobias, limiting beliefs, and decisions that make you feel like you’re living your life on autopilot, reacting, rather than responding to your own life? Audience members will learn 3 simple steps, plus some bonus steps, they can take to reclaim the power of conscious choice.

When you discover your unique M*S*G, your Mindset and Skillset will empower you to take action and reclaim the power of conscious choice over your own life so you can take consistent action based on those choices, in order to make lasting change and live the life that you choose and create for yourself.