Jun 07, 2022
Dorothy Kakimoto
Alternative In Violence Project

Dorothy Kakimoto, retired Oakland Unified School District administrator, an Alameda Resident. Dorothy has volunteered for Alternatives To Violence Project-AVP as a facilitator for about 20 years. She Has volunteered in many California Correctional facilities, including Delta Fire Camp in Suisun, Solano State Prison in Vacaville, San Francisco City Jail in San Bruno, Chowchilla Women’s Prison, and both Old and New Folsom near Sacramento. More than half of the facilitators in the AVP are inmates themselves. Dorothy also has conducted Community workshops so that the public can learn about the program. She has worked numerous communities in Northern California and she is looking forward to a new program in Vallejo.

 The Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) is a wholly volunteer organization that offers workshops in over 30 states and 40 countries. Its work is based on the belief that while conflict is unavoidable, violence is not. While the program began its work in US prisons, it is offered in communities and schools around the world.