International World Service.
Nov 15, 2022
Carolyn Schuetz-Baysdorfer
International World Service.
We are all proud of the work that we do in our Alameda community.
But we should also be proud of our international service activities.
This year, our International Service Committee has approved these exciting projects:
       Support the treatment of two burned children at COANIQUEM rehabilitation center in Chile
       Fund 10 portable solar water heaters in Kenya
       Join Oakland #3 Rotary project to provide clean water for 1,000 students in Kenya
       Join Fremont Rotary in providing sanitary products for school girls in India
These projects are funded either by funds from our Alameda Rotary Endowment Fund or by District Designated Funds.
The District Designated Funds are those returned to the club as a percentage of  our donations to The Foundation of Rotary International.