June 10, 2021
The largest number of members of The Rotary Club of Salisbury since the Covid 19 pandemic began was on hand tonight at our weekly meeting to learn about American involvement in Afghanistan.  U.S. Department of State veteran Jane Messenger, a Salisbury native, shared her impressions and experiences in Afghanistan.  It was an interesting insight into America's 20 years of involvement in that country.
This was the club's last meeting of the Rotary year with a speaker.  Program committee chair Stacy McMichael led the effort to bring interesting speakers to the club's weekly meetings; confounded by no meetings and scheduling changes due to Covid.  Next week's meeting on June 17 will recognize club members for their club contributions while the final meeting of the Rotary year on June 24 will recognize a non-Rotarian as recipient of the 4-Way Test Award, the club's highest award.
Interested in joining the growing number of members of The Rotary Club of Salisbury and becoming one of our People of Action?  Contact Ginnie Malone at 410-251-6188 or gmalone@cbmove.com  The club meets Thursday nights at 6:10 at the Rotary Scout and Community Center at 1715 Riverside Drive, Salisbury, Maryland.