June 2, 2022
A relatively new youth services program in the Salisbury area was the subject of tonight's meeting of The Rotary Club of Salisbury.  Vanessa Lyon with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metropolitan Baltimore joined us to enlighten us about this new organization to help children become better human beings.
During the last Rotary year, dozens of veteran club members shared their life and Rotary stories during our Get Acquainted...Get Reacquainted presentations.  Club members who joined between 1969 and 1997 spent a few minutes to allow new members know who they are while helping longer-time members learn more about them.  It proved to be a popular part of our weekly meetings.  Our final presenter was Kathleen McLain, a very valuable member who joined the club in 1997.
Next week our members will be involved in the removal of wisteria at the Pemberton Park and in the dedication of a Rotary Club of Salisbury-sponsored peace labyrinth in downtown Salisbury.  Rotarians...People of Action