August 12, 2021
One new area of focus for Rotary International is The Environment and The Rotary Club of Salisbury had its first program or project about environmental issues at tonight's meeting.  
James Fisher, communications manger for the Delmarva Chicken Association, described the local multi billion dollar chicken industry and shared information on a recent computer app that allows chicken growers with excess poultry litter (a combination of wood bedding material, excreta, spilled feed, and water) to find crop farmers wishing that locally produced organic fertilizer for their farming operations.  By matching chicken growers with crop farmers, this valuable resource can be used properly. 
Mr. Fisher also described a fairly new air emissions measuring system that is operated by the Maryland Department of the Environment with support from the Delmarva Chicken Association and the Campbell Foundation for the Environment.  The idea is to monitor air emissions in two Lower Eastern Shore chicken growing areas and compare those data with similarly gathered data in a non-chicken area of Maryland and Baltimore City.
Our newest member, Chris Hardy, on the left, was inducted into the club by president Bill Satterfield and his sponsor BJ Summers.
Interested in joining the growing number of members of The Rotary Club of Salisbury and becoming one of our People of Action?  Contact Ginnie Malone at 410-251-6188 or  The club meets Thursday nights at 6:10 at the Rotary Scout and Community Center at 1715 Riverside Drive, Salisbury, Maryland.